The Neverland 5

Diane Dimond provided her weekly commentary for The New York Post on Sunday in the case. Dimond writes, “I call them The Neverland Five. They are three of the King of Pop’s former security guards, his former bedroom maid and his former office manager. The judge in the Michael Jackson child-molestation case will rule in a week whether their testimony – potentially the most explosive of the trial – will be heard by the jury.”

St. Patrick’s Day Is Just Around The Corner

March 16, 2005 – Craig Ferguson joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Yes. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. You can tell because was caught dangling a leprechaun… Toys R’ Us, news today, they’re about to go bankrupt. You see what happens when Michael Jackson stops dating?”

DA Helped Dimond Out Of A ‘Hard’ Spot

March 16, 2005 – Lloyd Grove of The New York Daily News has learned that Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon played a key role in killing a slander suit that filed against Diane Dimond a decade ago.

Why Michael Jackson Will Go Free

March 16, 2005 – The National Enquirer has obtained bombshell documents and other new information that will damage the credibility of the accuser’s family in the child molestation case against Michael. “Jackson’s lawyer Thomas Mesereau is going to argue that this whole family is a bunch of con artists, liars and fakers who were out to take Michael for a ride,” an inside source declared. “And it wasn’t on the Neverland Ferris wheel! His lawyer is confident: Jackson will go free.”

Michael Jackson Accuser Inconsistent

March 16, 2005 – During cross-examination, Michael’s accuser admitted he once told a teacher the singer had not touched him. Watch reports filed Tuesday morning from CBS News correspondent Jennifer Miller via below the cut.

Jackson Trial Showdown

March 15, 2005 – A showdown was expected in the Michael Jackson trial between Jackson’s attorney and his young accuser during more cross-examination on Monday. CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales previewed Monday’s testimony for ‘The Early Show’. Watch the report via below.

Claim: Dimond Helped Prosecutors Gather Evidence

March 15, 2005 – New Jersey businessman Henry Vaccaro Sr. claims CourtTV’s Diane Dimond helped prosecutors gather evidence in the Michael Jackson case last March, vowing to alert Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon after discovering a pair of soiled Calvin Klein briefs – presumably Jackson’s – among the items in Vaccaro’s extensive collection of Jackson family memorabilia in a warehouse in Asbury Park.

Jackson Explains Late Court Arrival

March 13, 2005 – Last night’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Weekend Update reported: “Michael Jackson arrived over an hour late for his trial Thursday. Jackson explained that on the way to court he got stuck in a 12-year-old.”

D.A. Has Jacko’s Finances Wrong

March 13, 2005 – Santa Barbara Assistant District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss is wrong about his contention that Michael Jackson is near bankrupt, according to Roger Friedman of He points out that there is a deal awaiting him that clears up his $275 million debt to Bank of America, leaving him with a substantial percentage interest in Sony/ATV Music Publishing and freeing up collateral of $100 million in cash. Read more.

Michael Jackson Allowed To Make ‘Rebuttal’ TV Show

March 12, 2005 – The New York Daily News reports Michael is $300 million in the hole, prosecutors said, but the King of Pop got the okay on Friday to make a “rebuttal” TV show that could add millions to his bank account. “Right now, rebutting his critics is a prime way of earning a living,” said Jackson lawyer Brian Oxman. “Enormous money is being offered for rebuttal programs and we’d like to take advantage of that.”

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