The Osbourne Kids Spotted With Mandy Moore

The New York Post reports Jack and Kelly Osbourne were spotted drinking Frozen Hot Chocolate with at Serendipity 3. Must have been several days ago as Mandy has been in Hawaii on vacation.

Vacationing To Get Tan

May 26, 2002 – Mandy checked in with fans on her official site Sunday from her vacation spot in Hawaii. Mandy was asked about whether she gets tan lines and replied, “I came here with the sole purpose of getting a tan lol (I am pale and used to be tan when I was young and at the beach every few months). Well, I needed a tan and some R&R/bonding time with [her brother] Scottie. Although I ALWAYS burn first, we are both up to baking all day (even at the crack of dawn…. j/k). My Neutrogena SPF 45 [Mandy plugs the product she endorses] has helped, but do they make aloe? Oh well, we are off to Cali tomorrow (I can’t wait to get to work, and hair cutting. ‘How to Deal’ [her latest movie to shoot] requires a shorter / punkier / darker do — YEAH!!). You’ll see at the MTV Movie Awards. Oh, so much to get done. Until then, take care and bless.”

Checks In From Kona

May 25, 2002 – Mandy posted on her official website Friday night from her vacation stop in Hawaii. Mandy said, “I am in Kona vacationing with my brother Scott. I promise I will be back soon though. I would love to see more of Hawaii… it’s insane.”

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