The Overhype Of Mimi

Contributed Anonymously:

I’m sick and tired of everyone overrating Mariah Carey, and then bashing Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. First of all, I will say Mariah is a talented vocalist, but that’s it. She has no acting skills like J.Lo and she can’t dance like Britney. is another singer, plain and simple. J.Lo and Britney are superstars who’re great entertainers and have a down to earth personality. I have seen many interviews of Mariah and she acts like she’s the queen of England. Mariah may have a good voice, but so does Christina Aguilera, and you don’t see people hyping her up as much as they do Mariah. Christina is a great artist and performer who changes her image and has amazing songs. Britney is a down to earth lady with amazing moves and catchy songs, and J.Lo is a great actress, dancer and gorgeous entertainer. Then you have Mariah, who as I said, is just that, a singer.

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