The Paparazzi Vs. Britney Spears

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Okay, before I start with this thing, I am not a Christina Aguilera or a fan. I am just commenting on what I observe on here. Okay here I go. As you know, Britney gets stalked a lot by paparazzi everyday. But whose fault is that? I mean think about it, esp. you Britney fans. Now, if I were a fan of somebody that I really loved, I wouldn’t want to admit their flaws either. But seriously, some of you act as if you are going against God if you admit the flaws of your favorite idol. Just admit it, it’s not going to kill you or anybody else.

But anyways…don’t some of you ever think WHY Britney gets the bad press? And no, it’s not the media’s fault or the publics fault. And lately I been seeing things like, “well, she has to make her money somehow…”, now c’mon, when some of you talk like that you act as if this girl is living by her last dollar. Britney, and every celebrity out there, are worth MILLIONS, I wouldn’t exactly think that they need to do whatever they can for money. If you are worth millions, you don’t necessarily need to degrade yourself or what not to get more money.

Just because this is the real world, and that everybody out there is trying to make money, doesn’t mean that to make money that you have to abate the content of your character and try to do so many ridiculous stunts that people lose count of how many there were. For Britney’s (and any celebrity’s case) none of them need to go so far to make a buck. They are worth enough already, why would they need to desperately do ridiculous stuff to make money? Okay…just wanted to get that cleared up.

I wanted to bring that up because I thought that it was quite absurd. Anyways…seriously, think about it….do you ever notice that those that do the most bad and ridiculous PR stunts on stage and offstage are the ones that get stalked by paparazzi 24/7? Those that do are the ones that will get most of the press. And when they do more publicity stunts and then try to get back at them by cursing, throwing stuff at them, etc. the more they will get. The paparazzi isn’t making Britney do her actions, they are just there to take a picture of it.

Now, some of you say that Britney can’t do anything about it. Well…yeah…she can if she seriously wanted to. Seriously, think about it….if Britney received good acclaim for things she did that were actually good, do you think paparazzi would be stalking her? No, they most likely wouldn’t. Paparazzi want nothing but dirt from Britney, not squeaky clean stuff about how she did well on this and did good doing that. So really, the only way that Britney can get out of this ordeal is by

1) When going out in public, LOOK APPROPRIATE, and for once just go out without having this “oh I don’t care what people think” attitude. Because whether you like it or not, that’s the attitude that’s pretty much giving Britney bad press, just the fact that she doesn’t seem to care at all about how she looks in public, KNOWING that she will be followed. Now don’t tell me that with all that money and people she has to make her look nice, that she can’t get her hair done nicely, wear some nice clothes that don’t look as if she slept in it last night, wear some shoes when going out to a public place, etc. You guys need to seriously stop acting as if Britney is forced to wear what she wears and such. Britney could easily prevent herself from being followed by the press if she would simply improve the way she looks. Simple as that, any of us can do it, why cant she. And

2) For once do something that has nothing to do with “shocking” people. Everything she has been doing really has nothing to do with her music, or her love for music, it’s just all about shock value, nothing more. Believe me…if she did more positive things with her image and such, she wouldn’t be getting the bad press. Do you think paparazzi would spend all their time to just get pictures of Britney looking so absolutely perfect and happy? NO, they want to take pictures of her looking as shabby as possible, just like they do with many celebrities.

Well, that’s all I have to say. Now, I am not hater, I am just stating what’s obvious. I am not trying to bash Britney, or her fans. But some of you seriously need to just be real and stop acting soo blind. If you were a real fan you would at least admit that BRITNEY needs to step up and take the effort to improve herself so she wouldn’t be the butt of every joke all the time. If she doesn’t take that effort, and just continues to have this “I don’t care” attitude, then how would you expect the paparazzi to go away and for the haters to not always joke about her all the time?

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