The Poem That Made Britney Spears Cry

In the new edition of Us Weekly magazine, there’s a small article about the poem that made cry at her November 18th New York City CD signing. Inside the article it talks about the girl who wrote the poem (Jennifer Brown, 24) and what she said to Spears when her idol broke down in tears. Because there is no link to a website where the article has been scanned, I’ll do everyone here a favor and type up the poem myself. The Britney fan in me thinks its sweet that she was so touched by her fan’s words. The writer in me thinks the poem sucks and I could have written a much better poem.

Untitled by Jennifer Brown

Beauty comes from within…
You are beautiful.
Talent is a gift…
You are a gift to your fans.
Painters create masterpieces…
You are one.
Words are slander…
You don’t let them hurt you.
Inspirations drive us…
You’re inspiration.
You’re so many things and more…
Thank you for being you.

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11 thoughts on “The Poem That Made Britney Spears Cry

  1. Hotstar says:

    The poem is lame as hell but the story is sweet…and it shows Britney is a sweetheart and a softie and that’s one the reason I like her so much. And the haters should let it go, but I am sure they won’t; they have nothing better to do than bitch about every Britney article!

  2. Fairycute7 says:

    Awe, that’s sweet. I’m glad that girl wrote it for her. Britney needs to hear about her positive influences instead of the negative things said by the press.

  3. Jive says:

    I believe they have this poem with the exact picture on I just read it yesterday. Anyway, thanks and that shows Britney fans still believes in Britney.

  4. perfectly-imperfect says:

    It’s not the best poem but it’s the thought that counts. The poem is very honest and sentimental though.

  5. BritneyFantasy says:

    The poem ain’t that great but its the words that count. they are very nice. that’s sweet somebody made that for Britney and cried. Way to go Brit show em your true side!! lol.

  6. youhavenoidea says:

    It shows maybe Britney’s a better actress than she lets on.. seriously I’m guessing that poem was written by a 10 year old…or Avril Lavigne… either way it’s pretty crappy.

  7. amusicfanofsoul says:

    What a cheesy event. why would anyone cry over this peace of crap? Britney’s talent is a gift.. too bad it’s stuck at the post office and won’t ever make it to Britney. lol!

  8. Jive says:

    You are so stupid. The girl showed it to Britney during her signing in Virgin and she kept it I believe.

  9. xtina_rulz says:

    Wow goes to show that Britney fans are just as untalented as Britney Jennifer Brown don’t give up your day job

  10. EmCass says:

    Why do people feel the need to be so harsh to Jennifer Brown? Maybe you don’t like the poem, fine whatever but the poem was meant to be a PERSONAL message from a fan who loves her dearly. Can people not see that? The poem got some attention because Britney cried and it obviously touched her. Can we not just leave it at that and let Jennifer have her special moment with Britney as a memory without ripping her poem apart? You might not like it and that’s fine but you don’t need to be mean about it. Did you ever think that Jennifer might read the internet? I would feel awful if people were making fun of something I wrote to someone who inspired me. The poem is beautiful because it is from her heart. It got some coverage by the media so people feel it is ok to rip it apart? That is SO not cool. Jennifer, do NOT let these people belittle your poem or your experience. It is sad that people can’t show more respect. ~Em

  11. tia says:

    aww that’s so sweet

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