The Princess And The Paparazzi

Writer and director Stephen King looked at the recent appearance of on ‘Dateline’ in a column for Entertainment Weekly. “She has never projected a tenth of Madonna’s savoir faire, getting by on a kind of puffy cheerleader charm that isn’t in the same league as the Material Girl’s come-here-darling-and-let-me-eat-you-alive sensuality, but that doesn’t make her stupid,” King writes. “She began setting off flashbulbs at the age of 17, in that oh-baby schoolgirl’s outfit. Now she’s stuck trying to explain pics of herself driving with her child in her lap and looking like Ms. Yuma Trailer Park of 2006. It’s a little embarrassing, but hey, anyone who appears on national TV in a low-cut see-through purple maternity blouse can apparently deal with embarrassment.” Read more.

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