The Princess Is Now The Queen

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After Britney Spears went up the silver staircase and finished her reptile-headlined performance during the 2001 VMA, everything went downhill for the supposed pop princess. All her singles from her third album flopped, thus, her album itself even failed to sell half of what her previous efforts sold. Her debut movie didn’t do well as expected from a ‘pop superstar.’ So-many a time she was reported to have been booed by her fans, flashing a middle-finger, being drunk, or just crying over her ‘historic’ break-up with Justin Timberlake. It seemed over for Ms. Britney Spears. After all the backlash and failures, all Ms. Spears can do was to call a hiatus and walk away from the spotlight.

It was very ironic though that Spears failed to sizzle when her Mousekeeter pals, Christina and Justin, were actually able to do what she was suppose to have done – conquer the pop charts. It was this time when Spears sunk to her lowest low. If Christina or Justin can pull off Top 10 Billboard singles, why can’t Britney even chart any single in the Top 100?

Nonetheless, as if there really was magic behind the letters B-R-I-T-N-E-Y, the night of the VMA 2003 finally saw the spark of Spears’ dimming career. When everything seemed to have been successfully grabbed away by from Britney spears – the Billboard domination, the concert queen, even the crown of pop princess itself – Spears stole everything back in just a second – in just one kiss. Yes, all the backlash, all the failures were compensated by The Kiss between The Queen and the Princess – Madonna and Britney. True star power was genuinely witnessed by the whole world as Ms. Britney Spears was officially passed the baton of pop domination with ‘Me Against The Music,’ the first cut off Spears’ comeback effort, In The Zone.

True enough, when Madonna suddenly disappeared in the video for ‘Me Against The Music,’ after the long chase and all, everything was left to Britney Spears. She is now where Madonna is. Finally, the princess is now the queen.

Full of character, overflowing with sex-appeal, raunching with pulsating rhythms that go beyond the borders of conventional self-expression, Spears is armed with what Madonna had back when she was on top of the pop royalty. ‘In The Zone’ is the gateway to greater, bolder, more daring things for Ms. Spears. Truly, this Southern girl knows her thing, and she does it well. Her ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ is reminiscent of Madonna’s most controversial tours – performances that gave her the title of the True Blonde Ambition – The One and Only Madonna. And she passed her crown, not to Beyonce, nor Christina, but to the girl known as Britney Spears – she rocks the world.

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