The Problem With Show Business Today

Contributed anonymously:

This is my second essay, and unlike some “anonymous” writers on this site I always put my name because I stand by my words. Anyways, the problem with show business today is that almost anyone can get in it. It seems as though you don’t really have to have any talent to get into the music industry. As long as you have a relative or friend in there, you are guaranteed a spot, regardless of your artistic abilities or the lack of them. Show business has turned into a big mess and it’s losing the artistic significance. I mean, just look at the people who have been recording CDs lately, need I say more.

On the other hand, we have ‘American Idol’. This show has the most talented singers out there today. Anyone of the contestants is better vocally and artistically than most pop stars we know. But can they get through easily? No. They have to go through rounds of hell to prove that they have talent. There is absolutely no space left for them because almost all of it is occupied by someone’s relative or friend. It’s not fair to both the talented artists and us, the audience. The public doesn’t have much control over what is shown on TV and that is why we must “swallow” what we are offered.

I am sick of seeing people flaunting their lack of talent with a disgusting amusement of knowing that they can get away with it. Entertainer, just like any other professional should be hired based on his/her skills, not by their connections. But what really makes this whole thing awful is the covering up of the artistic flaws with technology. Artists lose their true meaning because they are overshadowed with this phoniness created by the less talented. I find it both humorous and appalling that you can make millions of dollars on music and you don’t even have to sing or know what music is. I am sad to say that there may be two or three entertainers today who deserve to be called artists, and even those few are constantly being trashed by incompetent competitors who try to take their place.

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