The Problems With Popstars

Contributed anonymously:

All popstars are different, one does that and another does this. But ALL have certain problems and here is my top six popstars and their problems.

1) Britney Spears

Britney suffers from over exposure (she cries for privacy, but on NATIONAL tv), when she was still young her life wasn’t over the place and when you open a magazine now you only see Britney and has a negative effect on her career. Yes she will only make THE COMEBACK in 2007, but by then maybe she will have grown up,dump K-Fed, and have a huge pop album which will shut up her critics.


Christina has a great voice and she seems to have grown up in the past three years, but there is a problem: her fans. Her fans attack anyone that they hate (Britney,Mariah). Why?they want to prove that their star is the best. They should grow up because you guys are horrible( what you guys write about Britney and Mariah), remember your star has grown up, so should You!!!!


She lives to shock it seems. The Confessions tour is really successful but she goes over the top (the Cross), I mean women, you have a kids and just because you think you the body, NO ONE wants to see that old body. Stop trying shock and just do want you do best: DANCE

4) Mariah Carey

This women thinks she is royalty just because she can sing. The ways she acts she thinks she the perfect women. Remember that she thought GLITTER was gonna be huge, looked what happened

5) Paris Hilton

I don’t think Paris belongs on this list since she isn’t a popstar. But this chick is stupid and also thinks she is royalty. Hello money can buy you fame, but not brains and decency. Her song isn’t that bad, but when you go the a studio, miracles can happen


This women must not think she can act. I mean Dukes of Hazzard was terrible and she was go for acting lessons. She must stick to what she does, which is redoing another peoples songs and ruining them.

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