The Queen Of Entertainment: Janet Jackson

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The Queen of Pop title is a title that has never ever been fitted to one person, but undoubtedly Janet Jackson is the woman that best epitomizes that. Her influence is on artist today is undeniable. Though Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera always cite Madonna as their main influence, Janet’s molding of them is more evident. Through Britney’s choreographed dance steps to Christina’s newfound independence in the music industry. True Madonna was a woman that used her sexuality to get her places but if you can go back to the 80’s Madonna you’d remember that she was not singing about independence and such.

Janet was the one saying she was in control of her life, her music, her career. She built her career on her talent and charisma. Much the same as people like to single out Britney and Christina they do the same to Janet. Her Super Bowl incident was just that, an incident. She’s not to blame, she was so embarrassed about it that after the performance, she left the venue, meanwhile Justin Timberlake, who stood beside her and snatched the clothing off, stayed and partied and got no kind of flack for it.

But Janet’s back and stronger than ever, she has something to teach Britney, Madonna, and any other doubters. Over 30 years in the industry and still going, she’s the real legend not Madonna.

Janet Jackson’s Backdoor Admission

June 29, 2004 – An attendee at Janet’s performance at Dance 18 for Gay Pride Week in New York City tells Jeannette Walls of the singer got a rise out of the crowd when she provided some intimate details about her sex life. “At one point, she said something like, ‘Who out there is a bottom? Raise your hand’,” the source explained. “And then after some people in the audience raised their hands, she raised hers too, and started giggling. The crowd went absolutely wild.”

Janet Jackson Off The Leash

June 29, 2004 – The New York Post reports Janet and BET will be combining forces live tonight for the fourth annual BET Awards. “We have every confidence in our production and every confidence in our talent,” said Black Entertainment Television spokesman Michael Llewellyn. “We’ve always done this show live, and we see no reason to change it at this point.”

Janet Jackson Performs Free Gig For Gay NYC Fans

June 29, 2004 – The New York Post reports Janet flew herself and 10 dancers to New York, paid for hotel rooms for her dancers, and then performed for free Saturday at the Chelsea Piers for The 18th Heritage of Pride Dance on the Pier. “She sang her AIDS anthem, ‘Together Again’,” a source revealed. “And then she thanked the boys for always being so supportive and said, ‘how many bottoms here?'” Check out pictures from the gig at FilmMagic.

Nutritionist Helps Janet Jackson Battle The Bulge

June 26, 2004 – In Touch Weekly spoke with Dr. Tony Perrone, author of ‘Body-Fat Breakthru!’ about his work with Janet to conquer her yo-yo weight problems in December of 2000. “She had tried every diet in the book and hammered her metabolism to pieces,” Perrone said. “She was a significantly larger size than she is now. She came with a tear in the eye and said, ‘I can’t be like this anymore’.” Perrone put Jackson on a liquid meal plan, switching her to vegetables, berries, and frozen yogurt helping the singer lose four sizes.

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