The Real Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

I promised myself I would never write one of these “essays” but as a fan I feel I should. Some of you may know I am a huge Britney fan but I urge you to read this with an open, mature mind and then give an honest, mature opinion. The Britney I admire is a goofy, determined, and successful 22 year old who has achieved more in her young life than any of us probably ever will. I like Britney because I love her style of music, dance tunes aren’t as common as they used to be. Basically, Madonna, Janet, and Britney are the only ones doing this type of music. I like the carefree, fun style to Britney’s music. When I put a disc in I want to feel good and have fun and Britney does it every time. “Stripped” and “Mizundastood” are both excellent discs but deal with subjects that I don’t want to think about when I am chilling and getting ready to go to a club(abuse, betrayal, hurt, etc..). Pop music is supposed to be care free and light.

* Lip syncing-a huge topic of debate on this site. My thought is, WHO CARES? Britney isn’t and doesn’t claim to be a super-vocalist. Her fans (at least ones with brains) don’t view her as a super-vocalist. She has a nice, sexy voice that sounds great on record but isn’t the strongest nor does it have the vocal range necessary to sing live while doing the choreography. I could honestly care less. She sounds great on “In The Zone” and her live performances are breathtaking. When she sings ballads she does sing live and as she proved on SNL that she sounds great doing it. Fact is, she is a performer, and entertainer, not a vocalist. She never says “Oh my voice is amazing” blah blah blah. Heck, she even said she wishes she had Christina Aguilera’s voice. How humble do you have to be to say that on national television?

* Fakeness, Britney flip-flops her views sometimes(virginity, marriage, etc.) but who doesn’t-heck, I change my mind from day to day- she is growing up in the public eye so every move she makes is scrutinized. She is only 22, I am 25 and still don’t know myself completely. I firmly believe, and I am a good judge of people, she is a down to earth, sweet, sometimes confused, girl who has amazing talent and star power.

* As a fan, she has entertained and interested me from way back in 1999. If she continues to keep her fan base and gain new ones while entertaining and causing some harmless controversy then what does it hurt. Why is it so bad that she is successful and doing what she loves? Obviously people love it or she wouldn’t debut at number one every time and still be headlining tours. So, I will shut up now and leave you all with one more thought…fan or not, hater or not, there is room enough for everyone and give the girl a break for once. Nobody is forcing you to listen to her but as long as people are listening to her-show some respect for talent and give some props to a regular girl who is out there entertaining millions and doing what she loves. I think we can all agree on one thing-life is too short to be negative and hateful.

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