The Real Truth About Nick Carter

First of all, any Nick Carter or fan knows honestly that Nick would never have hit Paris Hilton. The facts are totally obvious. He loved that girl to death and his fans finally started respecting the fact that they were in love.

Now, when Miss Hilton cries wolf, everyone’s jumping to conclusions about the situation. I mean come on. What woman who gets beat up by any man is going to go out in public, show off her bruises to the media. Every female I’ve ever known who’s been beat up by her boyfriend hides them with make up and clothing. The only one type of woman who would do that is Paris. Because she’s a media craving woman. She has to have everyone pointing at her in all angles. And well it’s quite sad.

Nick dated for almost 4 1/2 years. There were many signs of physical abuse in their relationship. And they weren’t in Nick’s area. She beat the crap out of him for 4 years and Nick never once touched her. Doesn’t that show anything.

Secondly, IF he did hit her. Why wouldn’t her family be pressing charges already. Come on think of it this way. If your daughter got beat up by her boyfriend. Wouldn’t you be to the police in your area in a heartbeat. I think so. Because anyone who truly loves their child would do that. No matter the issue.

And every story on here about something new. Nick beating up Paris. Nick grabbing Lindsay Lohan’s breast. It’s getting old. And really stupid. Nick fans know how Nick is. And if you’re a true fan. You would be standing by him right now. Not just believing everything you hear. Most of the sources are Star, Enquirer, and SUN Magazine. Get real people. Those magazines announce things like `Woman has alien baby` .. ` Big Foot Seen In My Backyard `. It’s quite immature and sad on your part if you believe anything unless you hear it from Nick’s mouth or Paris’ mouth.

So I suggest if you are a Backstreet / Nick fan. That you rethink your thoughts on this issue. Because if you’re siding with a Hilton. You’re obviously not a true fan.

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