The Remixes Drama

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It seems that there is not a bit of friendship between Sony Music and , even when just a few weeks ago Sony announced that Mariah included non-Sony tracks in the contractual obligation album “The Remixes.”

The compilation album was supposed to hit stores in United States on October 14 but hundreds of fans have reported that they can’t buy the album because there is not an album to buy; Sony Music failed to ship enough copies.

I talked to a manager of a Wal-Mart store in Arizona, where the album is not on sale yet. He was very confused because he knows Mariah’s career. “Mariah’s albums have sold out every time she releases something new. Sony didn’t ship any copies, at least for this Wal-Mart.”

Some other potential buyers e-mailed me asking about the album. All I could answer is that the album is supposed to be on sale now. In many cities in the United States the album is selling out but don’t get excited yet, there were few copies. Some buyers got their money back in stores such as K-Mart, Wal-Mart and online stores.

Did Sony music sabotage the album in the US? Even when we all already know the album was going to be something special for fans and collectors, it really surprises us how bad this album can do. “The Remixes” really had a potential to sell higher sales than “Greatest Hits” – the album was fresh and featured new stuff, as well as a new Mariah.

“The Remixes” is long-waited in several countries,and in the United Kingdom the album reached higher positions than “Charmbracelet.”

What it is important to understand is that this album is great because of Mariah’s music, the album is for fans, it contains music that can be really hard to find for people from other countries. If this album flops in US, it is because of Sony Music and it doesn’t really effect Mariah’s career or Mariah herself, who is currently writing for a new album that is supposed to sound late next year.

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6 thoughts on “The Remixes Drama

  1. MistySl says:

    If Bally’s Plays this damn CD, one more time, With her Screaming vocals, I’ll SCREAM

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    That’s really sad. I can’t believe Sony would do her like that. I tried buying the album at Target and the guy said they never received a shipment for the album. That really sucks for her.

  3. MistySl says:

    Don’t you people get it. She is blackballed, the public is scared of her. She made a mess out of her relationship with Columbia, fought to get off the label, got fired from Sony, and Charmbracelet was a modest hit. Glitter was also a Hit, it was a soundtrack CD that sold over a million copies, yet they hate on it, because she’s blackballed. The public thinks she’s a mental case. Her music on Charmbracelet was not as universal as her previous efforts. The same thing is happening to 112, they bad-mouthed their label and look what’s happening, no air-play, no hits. Toni Braxton bad mouthed her label and her last CD flopped. The music industry is a tight little group of men, who decide who will have a hit and who won’t. Mariah won’t let go of her dream and that’s the only reason they have not destroyed her totally.

  4. cheer_tech says:

    I kind of agree with you…it seems like everyone hates Mariah…i think it’s up to the fans…us…to get her back on top…cause that’s who has the biggest say…if she has number one songs and number one albums…ya know…i think she’ll be around for a long time no matter what…cause you can hate on her all you want…but as soon as people do…they forget about her voice and then when she opens her mouth to sing…it shuts everyone up cause she has one of the best voices to date…to me, that’s her saving grace…that’s what’s gonna keep her around for a long time… I am looking forward to her new CD… I can’t wait.

  5. joxee says:

    For the first time Misty, I’m going to agree with you. But she wasn’t fired by Sony, she was released after she told Tommy she’s tell what he had done to her, stealing her ideas and giving it to the hoe.

  6. monarc20 says:

    Sony didn’t promote it so they could make money of it and try to damage her relationship with Island Def Jam. The Funny thing is it won’t work cause we will always be here to support Mariah.

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