The Saturdays Show Support For Jade Goody

British girl group The Saturdays are showing their support for Jade Goody, as the 27-year-old reality star documents her battle with terminal cancer on TV in a bid to raise money for her children.

“I think no one can pass judgment on her,” said. “If you’re not in that position, you’re in no position to make any sort of judgment. I think she’s in perfect position to make as money as she can for her children, and I think that’s the correct way. For her, it’s a really bad situation and she probably wants to help other women.”

Watch the comments below.

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One thought on “The Saturdays Show Support For Jade Goody

  1. Donna Seaman says:

    My heart gose out to Jade,if I was in her shoes I would wont to make all the money I could to provide for my family before I go, even now I try to saver what I can as nobody knows what is round the next corner. Good on you Jade you keep going for you boys future.I wish I was a guest at your wedding I voted for you on Big Brother you are a star. You use to live just round the corner from me in Harlow Church Langley. You take care Love Donna Seaman xxxxxxx

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