The Saturdays Valentine’s Day Memories

The Saturdays Valentine's Day

Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Wiseman, Mollie King, Una Healy, Vanessa White of The Saturdays checked in with VEVO Lift, talking about their Valentine’s Day memories, which of late include the girls spending time with each other due to their busy work schedule.

Rochelle said, “I love Valentine’s Day. I really do. It reminds me of being at school. My mom still writes me one every year, so, I probably shouldn’t admit that, but she still does. I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but we usually spend it with each other.”

Frankie added, “One of my main Valentine’s Day memories was being at school, and I got one from my boyfriend at the time. I used to always wear a red beret to school, because that’s just how I rolled. Liam Kelly wrote me a Valentine’s Day card and I’ve still got it and the picture on the front was me with my red beret.”

Mollie shared, “Just once I went out with my mom. I actually didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. I was younger. We went out to the cinema, and everyone around us were couples and it was just me and mom there. It was an awful movie, that’s why we walked out.”

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