The Sun Leading With Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Split

is on the cover of Monday’s issue of The Sun, with news broke Sunday by the New York Post saying the pop princess has split with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. They report the reason for the split was pals of Justin say he is frustrated because he never gets to see Britney because of their hectic schedules. Also, a pal added, “They rarely see each other these days and he is a bit tired of all the inquiries into his and Britney’s sex life. It must be very frustrating for him. What goes on in their bedroom is the most talked about aspect of their relationship.”

Angie Stone & To Duet

March 10, 2002 – Contributed by Fan: Source: April 2002 issue of ‘Sister 2 Sister’ magazine.

So what are you up to these days?

Angie: I am doing a duet with Justin Timberlake. He requested that. I am doing anther duet with Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. I am doing a duet with Robin Thicke, who is a new artist.

Britney Spears & The Before?

March 10, 2002 – Jon Stewart joked when hosting Saturday Night Live during the monologue, “I had the Grammys last week. But it left me with a very interesting question — are Justin and Britney the before and Kid Rock and Pam Anderson the after? Does anyone know?”

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2 thoughts on “The Sun Leading With Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Split

  1. EndIsNear says:

    It’s indeed a rumor, made up by Britney and Jason.
    Especially by Jason, because the Timberlake plan isn’t working very well, so he needs to play old and new tricks to sell some copies of his so great, so long awaited, so fantastic solo cd.

  2. suresch says:

    I didn’t want to even read this nonsense,but feeling so repulsive from all this Britney-Justin publicity business,that I have to post few words.
    Popdirt,would you be kind enough to transfer our messages to Britney and Justin.
    We,your faithful readers,are not stupid as B-J public relation team might think and we have enough of the “soap opera”stories around B-J.
    I would never ever buy any of the CD’s from these two.
    What is too much is too much.Give us a break Britney and Justin.

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