‘The Sweet Escape’ Underperforms

Gwen Stefani 'The Sweet Escape' album cover

This week’s Billboard 200 featured the anticipated new CD from Gwen Stefani ‘The Sweet Escape’ entering the charts at #3, behind Eminem and Ciara who respectively claimed the silver and gold. Gwen’s last solo effort ‘L.A.M.B.’ entered the chart in 7th place with 310, 000 sold. Although ‘Escape’ charts four spots higher, it sold a modest 243, 000, a little below studio expectations and a moderate 22% decrease from ‘L.A.M.B”s debut week. The album narrowly defeated Hannah Montana’s TV Soundtrack in its seventh week by a few hundred copies for a spot in the coveted top 3. The album belly flopped on the UK charts, coming in at 26th place! With so-so reviews and an average debut, the road ahead doesn’t look so clear for ‘The Sweet Escape’. The pop singer stated in interviews that she plans to reunite with No Doubt to make a record for 2008.

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5 thoughts on “‘The Sweet Escape’ Underperforms

  1. champagne_dancer says:

    Ugh! I hate Gwen’s solo CDs. They’re made for 12-year-old girls who failed to make’, ‘their cheerleading squads. Gwen is too talented to keep doing junk like this. Bring back No Doubt, please! No more marching bands or yodeling, please, please, please!

  2. divinah says:

    Point is: Gwen STILL made it to the charts and on radio. . .’, ‘The Corpse who came up with a laughable dance album for old people last year is still the Queen of Underperformance and Failure. Where is the hag on radio and the charts? NOWHERE!

  3. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    I liked Gwen’s last album L.A.M.B much better, and I’m glad she is reuniting with No doubt.

  4. EdwardAlex says:

    Yep and it went to number 1 in more countries then any other artist or musical act EVER EAT UP FATTY

  5. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    No, I didn’t see that but i’ll take your word for it. It does suck’, ‘though because I really like Gwen and I liked LAMB but her new album is disappointing. The only songs I like on this album r “The Sweet Escape” & “Early Winter”. Thank god she is getting back with No doubt though, so all hope is not lost.

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