The Thing That’s Annoying About Britney Spears Fans

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I’ve been on this website a few times, and every time I see an article that talks about something negative about , some of you fans go, “I doubt that is true,” “oh that’s so not true,” or “oh, Britney would never do Playboy,” or “oh Britney is not like that, this is so completely false!” And you know what, it makes some of you fans look so ridiculous and makes it seem as if you don’t have a mind of your own to make your own judgments about your idol without feeling as if you always have to defend everything negative she does by acting as if you know her enough to say that she would never do or say this and that. It’s ridiculous you know, and at times it’s so funny.

Many of you Brit fans act as if Britney is your friend, your sister, your aunt, your girlfriend, or somehow related to you that you have to react and take it to heart when somebody bashes her, or when there’s a rumor that she’s married or that she’s going to pose on Playboy. And it’s even more hilarious when some of you say to other people, “You don’t know her, it’s her life, leave her alone!” when y’all don’t even know her yourself. That makes you look like hypocrites when you say that, and even more pathetic.

What do you know about Britney besides her being a sweet southern girl that has a pretty face, sexy body, and is a very successful pop icon? Has she ever come to you personally and confessed everything about why she cancels her tours, why she lip-syncs, why she does silly antics without having any responsible or mature explanations, and everything about her personal life and what she thinks is right and wrong for her? Is she related to you? Does her image matter more to you than what Britney thinks of it herself? I swear, some of you act more like you’re fans to Britney and Britney’s image rather than being a fan of her MUSIC, or act as if it’s your relative or your girlfriend that is in the public eye and doing silly things that you seem to either try to defend by saying, “Oh well at least she doesn’t do this and that compared to whoever.”

And it makes you more pathetic when you have to always make Britney look great and innocent and act as if her dating men who have pregnant wives, being half nude in photo shoots, and getting married for less than 55 hours is not bad or wrong compared to other things, and acting as if everything she does half-nude is “tasteful” while you bash or other models for being half nude or for being in Playboy. Again, that makes you hypocritical, and it’s annoying.

Some of you Britney fans need to grow up already. When you are a fan of somebody you’re supposed to be a fan of their MUSIC, not a fan of the artist’s image. That seems to be the only reason why you take her too heart and defend her so much when people have something negative to say about Britney. And it’s ridiculous. Like I said, many of you act as if you are related or married to her or something. None of you fans know her as a person or as a human being, you just know her as an image that you think is sweet and innocent just because she talks sweetly in interviews, and does “tasteful” photo shoots.

Unless you are related to her, then you have every right to say whatever about Britney to defend her when she can’t even be woman or responsible enough to talk to her fans and support her reasons of doing things. But telling Britney haters that they should leave Britney alone because its her life, or telling them that they don’t know her to have a right to say anything, or just always trying to support Britney or deny every fault or error of her ways in the media and such seriously makes you less of a fan and more like hypocrites and obsessive people who don’t ever grow up, who don’t ever accept the fact that not everybody is going to like or love Britney regardless of how famous or how many billions she makes, and that you don’t know her just as much as Britney doesn’t even know you.

So in conclusion, many of you Britney fans need to grow up and stop acting as if you know the girl, it’s getting hilarious yet ridiculous and annoying at this point.

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3 thoughts on “The Thing That’s Annoying About Britney Spears Fans

  1. Laura says:

    Britney Spears has some issues of course. Has she done stuff I majorly disagree with (yes duh) I don’t act like she’s my friend, nor aunt, nor anything else. Do I think she gets over criticized…of course. Do I defend her constantly? No. She is a singer whose music I happen to love. Britney is one of few artist who I can put in a CD and like more then a 1 or 2 songs. I wont apologize for liking this artist; Britney can defend her self she’s a big girl. I think its a little lame you have several blogs about Britney Spears.. I mean obsessed much?

  2. joey says:

    so true, many people project their own feelings on idols like Britney Spears or in politics instead of looking at the stone cold reality

  3. Natalie Jones says:

    Didn’t even bother reading past the first sentence. Frankly, Britney fans don’t really care about what you think.

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