The Ting Tings Create “Varied, Eclectic Record” On Sophomore Effort

Iain Lee of Absolute Radio in London spoke with Katie White and Jules de Martino about touring, Germany, cherries, biscuits, cats, their band name’s funny meaning in Japanese, collecting bird noises, the secret title to their new album, and more. “We really wanted to make an album that kind of stood for how we listen to music,” Jules explained. “So we kind of sat in a studio in Berlin and nobody bother us, just made a record where we felt like if they played it, it didn’t have to be a Ting Tings track. We didn’t want to get caught up in like, everyone’s like ‘You have to make another Ting Tings record.’ We’re just gonna make a record, so we made a really varied, eclectic record that has been inspired by bands like TLC, which Katie loved like ’90s R&B.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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