The Ting Tings Delighted About Grammy Nomination

The Ting Tings

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thetingtings) on Thursday (December 3), reacting to news that they’ve been nominated in the Best New Artist category for the upcoming 2010 Grammy Awards. The British indie pop duo write:

Hello everybody,
Just wanted to say we are delighted about being nominated for a Grammy. All that hard touring of the USA did us proud! Thanks to everyone that came to see us and supported us.

We got the news at 5 am this morning as we got up to take a flight from Berlin to LA for some more shows out there. We got into our drivers car in a daze of gobsmacked-ness and forgot to take our bags to the airport… so we ended up missing our flight.

We are currently back in our studio in Berlin, waiting to leave again tomorrow-hopefully more successfully ( :
We have been working on our album for the past 4 weeks. Cant wait to play you some new tunes next year. I think you might like it.

katie and Jules

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One thought on “The Ting Tings Delighted About Grammy Nomination

  1. Mark says:

    Me and my friends have been fans from the beginning and though we love them from the underground, next year they’re gonna be massive… partying hard in Berlin and missing flights…. Special Band.

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