The Ting Tings Release ‘That’s Not My Name’

Katie White of checked in with fans on the British indie pop group’s blog at MySpace (@thetingtings) on Sunday (May 11). White writes:

‘That’s Not My Name’ is available for download today so please get off your arses, step away from the Torrent/Blog version that you have probably been bopping to for 6 month’s and go buy a decent recording of our song! This is one of my favorite songs on the album and was written when Jules and myself were skint, feeling down and un-confident after a horrible experience in another band. Although on the face of it, it is chantey and upbeat it actually means a lot to us as it has some really frustrated lyrics/emotion in it that I still find so easy to drag back up when performing it… So yeah, I don’t want to spoil the throw away party song vibe for all you guys who want to dance but it’s a ‘fu** you!’ style song as well, one that we meant every word of when we wrote it. I’m sure you have all felt sh** about yourself at some point, so I imagine you will identify with that part of the song anyway.

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