The Top 10 Best Selling Female Artists

Contributed by StilettoSadist:

Keith Caulfield of fielded questions from readers and was asked who are the top 10 best-selling female artists of all time. “Barbra Streisand is out in front with more than 70 million units. She’s followed by and then according to an RAII statement issued July 6 announcing certifications issued in June. With Madonna, who is now No. 2, planning to release a new studio album later this year and Carey’s latest continuing to sell strongly, these numbers will most definitely change in a few months.”

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216 thoughts on “The Top 10 Best Selling Female Artists

  1. your daddy says:

    madonna total album and singles exceed 400 million

  2. what about my daddy? says:

    Keith Caulfield was talking about album sales. You are talking about album AND single sales. Big difference.

  3. markus says:

    I think Madonna will exceed Barbra Streisand’s record in the US because Madge keeps on selling albums. And with her tie up with Live Nation Label she’s like starting a new era of albums again. For Mariah’s last effort it didn’t sell as expected in the US territory, no one listens to her songs anymore, duh her latest single Obsessed plunges down the charts this week.

  4. Koolkatt says:

    markus just JEALOUs. Mariah is the Bxtch weather ya like it or not. Markus lieing everyone has a Mariah CD in their collection. Her obessed song was a diss song and how is that it’s a hit smh. How you have a diss hit song. Ur a hater. Get with it or get lost. The nerve of u.

  5. john says:

    Britney Spears Has sold more than 85 Million Albums (10 year career), And Madonna (30 Year career) an Mariah(20 Year career) have sold well over 200 Million.

    Soo, I am guessing all 3 of these people beat out Barbra

  6. Markus says:


    Definitely I’m a hater, well only a HATER FOR MARIAH and FANS like you, idiot. and why the hell would I be jealous? idiot. MADONNA’s last tour is nowehere Mariah’s effort. like 285 million for Madonna, idiot. and this Diss song you’re talking about “Obese”? well it’s not doing well anywhere, like no one likes it except of course you lame lambs. Like what’s top of the charts? BEP and Miley Cyrus. and of course it’s the US Charts, hometown for Mimi! well she’s stuck outside the top 10 for her latest single which she said it’s one of her favorite songs of all time, like who cares? it’s deragned song from a deragned mental breakdown patient dedicated to a deranged flunking career eminem, they definitely need each other now. OFF TO THE LOONEY BIN for Mariah and EMINEM. FREDDY vs JASON part duh.

    MADONNA RULES! 285 million 2009
    mariah zero 2009

  7. Madonna Fr Evah! says:

    it’s definitely Madonna because among all female artists in the world she’s had the most No. 1’s and the most million sellers. Plus she continues to reign as the Queen Of Pop because in every decade she’s in she’s always a leaving a mark behind to prove status as an icon wheras people like Barbra(1960’s), Mariah(1990’s), Celine(1980’s-1990’s), Whitney(1980’s), Dolly(1960’s), etc.. reigned supreme primarilly in the decade that their carrers began in. However, I am still a fan of all these women so I won’t say anything negative about them.

    Except for the fact that Mariah is a total bitch because she discriminates Filipinos through verbal abuse in media but still thinks she can get away with it.

    Madonna sold over 250 million records, everyone else was lower than 230 (Mariah doesn’t even go past the 190 million mark)

  8. Rubyblue says:

    Nana Mouskouri has sold more than any of the women mentioned already.

  9. ken says:

    BRITNEY SPEARS will be the BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST in another 10 years …

    As of today .. Britney sold:

    85 million albums worldwide

    40 million DVD and VHS sales worldwide

    30+ million for all singles sold


    total of 155+ million in 11 yrs.

    Her new album will be released October 27, 2009
    which consists of her singles past and present

  10. lars says:

    Celine Dion is the best selling female artist of all time. no one beats her….. she has sold over a 200 millon albums, the singles is not counted. an no other has sold near as much. Only male singers. such as Elvis and Michael Jackson.

  11. Tim says:

    Whitney only reigned supreme in the 1980s? You better rethink that one, buddy. Whitney reigned supreme in the 80s and 90s. In the 80s alone, her “Whitney Houston” album did 25 million and her “Whitney” album did 22 million. In the 90s, her “The Bodyguard” album did 42 million worldwide (best selling album by a female artist and more than most peoples albums -male or female-combined). For good measure, she also has “The Preacher’s Wife” at 7 million (best selling Gospel album ever), Madonna and Mariah would never risk recording a Gospel or Christian album for fear of it bringing down their sales, but Whitney isn’t that shallow; “I’m Your Baby Tonight” at 12 million and “My Love Is Your Love” at 11 million. So Whitney ran the 80s and the 90s. And is back in the 2000s. And if she had decided to release a commercial album after the 42 million selling “The Bodyguard” instead of a Gospel album, then that commercial album surely would have sold at least 25 million on the heels of “The Bodyguard”. So it’s lucky for Mariah and Madonna that Whitney is not so vain as they are.

    But between Madonna and Mariah, I have to give the edge to Madonna. Some say Mariah has sold slightly more albums than Madonna, but Madonna trounces her in the touring department. So overall, Madonna comes out over Mariah.

  12. hey. says:

    Someone said Madonna has sold 400M albums & singles. Seriously? You’re delusional, no female artist has sold that many records. Also, someone mentioned Nana Mouskouri (don’t know if I spelt it right) but although she has 300 platinum and gold certifications, does that mean she has sold 300M records, no. Sometimes a gold certification can be like 25K, so that’s not right.

    For me, there are 3 possible female recording artists who could take the title and they are: Mariah, Celine & Madonna.

    Madonna – 170M ALBUMS WW .. 70M SINGLES WW .. 285M for her latest worldwide tour (biggest for any female artist) and a career spanning almost 3 decades.

    Celine – 190M ALBUMS WW .. 30M SINGLES WW .. 200M+ for her latest worldwide tour, which is impressive. Career spanning 25 years. Has two albums that have sold over 30M copies and two others that have sold 20M+ and she has the biggest selling french album of all time: Deux – 9M copies sold.

    Mariah – 175M ALBUMS WW .. 50M-70M SINGLES WW (i’m not sure on the exact figure.) You can check Billboard, Mariah has sold almost 30M singles alone in the US. 18 #1s in US (most for any solo artist,) I think it is 27 Top 10 hits in the US (5th all time, but second to Madonna in female category).

    Madonna – 200M – 240M WW sales.
    Celine – 200M – 230M WW sales.
    Mariah – 200M – 245M WW sales.

    Although this is long, I actually don’t care about sales. I just don’t see why people inflate sales where people are like ‘400M WW’ when that’s just completely untrue. I just prefer to listen to good music rather than like someone based on their accolades and achievements. I like Mariah’s MUSIC! She could see 50M albums and I would still listen to her. So yeah, it’s personal preference really. This is really long, haha.

  13. HaHa. says:

    Haha. You all dumb. its all about beyonce!! she has sold 15 million by her own since 2001. that’s what? 8 years? let alone, don’t forget Destiny’s Child. she was the heart of the band. they sold 70 million. BEYONCE IS THE BEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME!

  14. hey. says:

    Beyonce is not the best female artist of all time. She has sold approximately 50M (albums, singles, dvds) whilst being solo and another 50M with DC so it’s easy to believe she has sold 100M records. One of the best selling female artists, and in my opinion, the overall most popular at this CURRENT time. But overall, no, she’s not the best.

  15. markus says:


    245M FOR MARIAH?
    240 FOR MADONNA?






  16. markus says:

    some lame lambs continue to post delusional numbers, how misleading. no wonder your idol’s album “Memoirs of an imperfect pig” has disappointed the media critics. 165 million on first week, 65 million on second week

    total: less than 1 million
    effect: glitter part 2

  17. ryan teder says:

    EXCUSE ME!!!
    MARIAH CAREY – $315,039,257.00
    MADONNA – $298,335,486.00
    BRITNEY SPEARS – $282,225,698.00
    CELINE DION – $231,635,258.00
    TAYLOR SWIFT – $222,153,358.00


  18. Rayville says:

    Where did that 315k for Mariah Carey come from?… Never heard of that lol…

  19. Tom says:

    Don’t forget about Stevie Nicks! She has sold about 80 million solo albums, but that does not include her work with Fleetwood Mac. After all, she wrote and sang most of their hits. The Mac’s Rumours is the 6th best selling album of all time.

  20. Abdul Latif says:

    Whitney is the biggest female artis in the world
    Album 1 – 33 million worldwide
    Album 2 – 25 million worldwide
    Album 3 – 17 million worldwide
    Album 4 – 47 million worldwide
    Album 5 – 21 million
    Album 5 – 13 million
    Album 6 – 17 million
    Album 7 – 19 million
    Album 8 – 5 million
    Album 9 – 2.5 million
    Album 10 – Still in progress
    No other female artis can reach that highest point except Whitney Houston.

  21. baey says:

    GUYS!!! >>>>
    HERE ARE THE TOP 5 in regards of “ALBUM SALES” worldwide

    1. Madonna – 200,000,000 million (age 51)
    2. Celine Dion – 200,000,000 million (age 41)
    2. Nana Mouskouri – 200,000,000 miilion (age 75)
    3. Whitney Houston – 150,000,000 million (age 46)
    3. Mariah Carey – 150,000,000 million (age 39)
    4. Barbra Streisand – 140,000,000 million (age 67)
    5. Britney Spears – 86,000,000 million (age 27)

  22. Anderson says:

    Wrong things…
    You should know that…
    USA put the list of the best selling artisti of all time
    And Madonna is on 4º while Mariah is 5º
    Celine dion is on 7º wiht Elthon Khon
    And so sorry to tell you Madonna’s fans…
    But all music critics, most of artists and musical producter considered Mariah as the best selling of all time, because shw sold a lot of albuns, in short time thant Madonna or celine
    Madonna – 285 millions
    Mariah – 250 millions
    Celine – 230 – 235 millions
    And so there is the diference…
    Madonna – 30 years of carrer and sold 285 millions
    Celline – Something like Madonna, and sold 30 millions
    And Mariah… – she will complet 20 years next year
    So bettewn Madonna and Mariah there is 11 years of carrer
    madonna takes 30 years to sold a lot, but Mariah a looot in a short time than Madonna
    Just iamgine if Mariah apearead first than Madonna?
    i think she coudl sold more than her…
    Indeed, Madonna sold more than Celine and than Mariah
    But Mariah is considered the best selling artist

  23. abdul Latif says:

    Why all of you seems so stupid. I said Whitney is the biggest selling female artis in the world because total album sales for 1 and 4 album already reach 33 and 47 million worlwide. Whitney only have 7 / 8 albums not like Madonna and Mariah already have nearly 20 albums. Can you imagine if Whitney produce 1 album every year like Madonna and Mariah. I Think total album sales for Whitney maybe nearly 600 million worldwide. With 7 / 8 album Whitney already have nearly 200 million sales wordldwide.
    No other female artis can reach 33 million and 47 million album sales for one album worldwide until now except whitney. The highest point for Madonna only like a virgin album worldwide sales only 23 million(1983) and the greatest hit collection 25 million (1990). Mariah only hohest music box total album sales 27 million worldwide and daydream album 23 million album sales wordldwide. Celline dion oly highest point for titanic 27 million worldwide with supporting by titacnic movie. Without titanic movie maybe total sales lower than 20 million and falling in tio you album 25 million also. No body until now can beat Whitney firt album 33 million and 4th album 47 million. So think carefullu, don just think about total album sales for all album, but think about the quality, award and vocal performance natural. That is Whitney.

  24. Naturalist says:

    You’re wrong Latif. Bottomline is that in what context you’re looking at in terms of the best selling female artist of all time. For instance, is it in terms of total world sales, is it in the US market alone, is it in terms of average sales per albums or so on.

    One glearing example, Barbara Streisand seems to be the best selling female artise of all times in the context of US market. So everything depends on your definition of “best selling female artists of all times.”

  25. MARKUS says:

    It’s not a question on whether who came first in the music scene when comparing Madonna with Mariah, some bitter lambs always make it an excuse that the oly fact that Madonna still dominates Mariah in terms of album and singles sales is the reason Madonna came in earlier like 6 years.

    yeah right! like who cares? I’ll be even more impressed with Mariah if she on just 20 years she beat madona on sales like Madonna did with the likes of Aretha, Whitney, Cher, Barbra, who among other females who came after and along with her, she all beats them all. Till now she holds the record, evident on Guinness, IFPI, RIAA, and Billboard Charts.

    Madonna is not limited on Billboard charts, she continues her success on tours, film, books and fashion. But in Music she is a dominant force along side ELVIS PRESLEY, THE BEATLES, AND MICHAEL JACKSON, all with WORLDWIDE APPEAL.

    Hands down to Madonna, Sorry but Mariah is now on her last years of success, her chart topping feat is now flawed, funny what’s her fall back? she can’t even do concerts like what MADONNA does.

  26. Mark Anthony says:

    Celine Dion Reign because until now she has a concert tour..,around the world

    and the selling of the album still going up..,and up
    ??That’s the performer and true artist!!!?

    Love it!! Love you Celine..,
    You’re the best
    ?Celine is Second to Madonna I agree because that is the truth!!and the Truth still remains?

  27. cory says:

    MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes she has sold over 400 million!!!!! copies. Her fame is so great that it tends to get over looked because she’s still around, but one day she will be reconized not only as queen of pop but one of the most popular people to have ever walk the face of the earth. Think that’s a stretch? We will see.

  28. cory says:

    Watch the virgin tour in 1985!!!!!!!! The finest girl ever!!

  29. Markis says:

    Mariah … please dress appropriately for your age! You ain’t no spring chicken…

  30. Todd Gearou says:

    In talent, Streisand blows all Mariah and Madonna and Britney out of the water. Come on…

  31. Kitty Kat says:

    Maybe Mariah is big in the US… and I’m sure the fans will inform me she is just as big here in Oz… but I’m having a music themed birthday, and I wanted to go as the most popular female pop artist ever… and the two names that came to mind were Britney and Madonna. Celine Dion and whitney… I know they’re very popular, but they are a little old for my taste. and Mariah never crossed my mind. it wasn’t til I hit this site that I even considered Mariah. Sorry guys, but when someone says Mariah carey… The only thing that comes to mind is Glitter (and associated words like “complete flop”)

  32. Mariah is rubbish says:

    Koolkatt – Now your the one telling lies “everyone has a Mariah CD in their collection”.

    Not everyone has a Mariah CD in their collection!! I can’t stand Fatiah Carey, Madonna is the “Worlds Biggest Selling Female Artist”

    Mariah tried to top herself because she could never match Madonna’s Album & Single sales.

    Madonna has never been dropped by a record label because of crap sales – yes Mariah’s crap sales.

    Mariah will never sell more than Madonna, just look at Madonna’s Tours – Mariah will never match Madonna Tours either. Fatiah Carey’s website had to “lie” by saying fatiah carey is the biggest selling female artist, fatiah carey & her record label had to lie by saying this, in hoping to increase sales, but Fatiah Carey is one big belly flop.

    Mariah will just fade of the radar again like she has done many many times before.

    Madonna is “The Worlds Biggest Selling Female Artist Off All Time!

    Thank You & Goodnight

  33. Gorkem says:

    BRITNEY is the biggest selling of all time according to the period.. 80 millions in 5 years…

  34. daniel says:

    ok, look it up, Celine Dion is the biggest selling female artist in the world, she has the world music award for it, not to mention 42 no 1 hits worldwide, and a 4 year sell out Vegas show, she has just completed her taking chabnces world tour which was a phenomenom worldwide selling out stadiums and arenas, has 6 fragrances, which according to wilkipedia have grossed sales of over 500 million dollars, Celine is officially the worlds best selling femaLE ARTIST IN THE WORLD, ITS OFFICIAL

  35. big man says:

    i think Janet Jackson she really good at singing and dancing

  36. Truth says:

    I don’t like Madonna..but she’s still the highest selling female of all time (before and after Soundscan@ RIAA era)..

    I would say Celine #2 and Mariah #3. I mean everyone knows Mariah has 4 flopped albums so far compared to Madonna.

  37. Celine Fan says:

    Keith Caulfied is a Lamb!!!

    Since he is no longer the man behind the Billboard, notice Mariah is hardly managed to secure herself even in the Top 10 position.

    This man is a fluke and shameful.

  38. Mm.Lauren says:

    What ! Yall Snorted. Where Beyonce , Whitney , Jennifer Hudson. Wow ;

  39. #1 lamb says:

    marcus your a dumb bitch that doesn’t know sh** about Mariah Carey fyi Mariah has sold more albums than any other female artist in history which nobody can top her she has a voice to die for ur just a fu**ing hater and no one gives a fu** about Eminem hes just an ugly fu**ing bitch and Eminem is coward cause a rapper hacked the fu** out if his ass and he didn’t reply and fyi I am Mariah Careys #1 fan so don’t play with me you playin with the wrong one

  40. lisfgkjjji0j98jkywnwd says:

    i love em all.celine is the best selling female her 41 she can sing perfectly.mariah hasn’t sold that much as Celine and Madonna have but she does it well.her latest album failed to sell copies enough TO GET GOLD CERTIFICATION

  41. jack says:

    I’d just like to point out that here in the UK (the now second largest music market in the world) Mariah Carey hasn’t even sold over 10 million albums!! Madonna on the other hand has sold over 49 million albums and 26.5 million singles, not bad for a small island nation with a population of 70 million. But you go around the globe and nations like France, Germany, Japan, Holland, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Soth Africa, Canada, Italy, Greece, Eire, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand ALL certify that Madonna is the biggest selling and most succesful female act ever. Add up ALL those countries sales and they DWARF those of America! So in the scheme of things, Madonna is WAY out in fron of ALL those others like Barbara Streisand, Mariah, Whitney and yes, even little tiny selling Britney! Last count globally Madonna had shifted 220 million albums, that however was in 1999 and was officially posted on Warners website as a thankyou to Madonna for all she had achieved. They then went on to wish her a happy new Millenium. SO add to that the GLOBAL sales of Music, GHV2, American Life, I’m Going To Tell You A Secret (CD), Remixed & Re-Visited, Confessions On A Dancefloor, The Confessions Tour (CD), Hard Candy and her new hits compilation Celebration and…well, you have more than 350 million album sales GLOBALLY! And that’s not accounting for the sales of her back catalogue albums which continue to sell over time at a steady pace (3-3.5 million a year). Why else do Elvis and The Beatles still keep selling even in death? Wake up people and stop denying, be a hater but don’t deny FACT! Madonna sells! AND HOW!!

  42. jack says:

    Seems to me anyone on here is just posting what they call fact, to the guy who says Madonna has sold 170,000,000 albums is delusional and an out and out liar! Madonna had surpassed that amount way back in 1990 following the release of The Immaculate Collection which has now globally sold 29 million copies. Mariah’s sales tally globally now reach 207,000,806 albums. Madonna according to the United Chart stands at a staggering 338,500,890 with Celine the closest at 280,406,090. These figures will always change as all of those artists have a back catalogue which continually sells. ABBA have sold a staggering 364,000,390 albums according to The United World Chart! People need to stop lying just because they love their idol! You can’t argue with fact and at the end of the day no one will ever truthfully know acurate album sales as they are always continually selling. But one things for sure, Madonna has sold more than any other female. Mariah is a US phenomenon only, Celine is the same, none have achieved the global sales of Madonna, none.

  43. itee says:

    i think Madonna;s is the greatest seller. I love love Whitney n celinhe dion, they r simply great. I think marcus id the most stupid guy in d world. Mariah no one even Whitney sings lyk her, she has made her mark. n she makes really good music I mean really good. so get a life n make a mark.

  44. JamesUK says:

    Mariah #1 song/album in major markets in Europe:-

    Germany: Without You (1994..never since)
    UK: Against all odds (2000..never since)
    France: never had a #1 single
    Italy: never had a #1 single
    Spain: never had a #1 single

    Germany: Daydream (last 1995..never again)
    UK: Daydream (1995)
    France: Rainbow (1999)
    Italy: never had a #1 album
    Spain: never had a #1 album

    How come Mariah is the best selling? Tsk tsk..Lambs..stop spreading garbage.

  45. Rob says:

    If you are including the entire world I would say NANA MOUSKOURI. The surveys are usually weighted in favor of US singers. Mouskouri has been a superstar especially in Europe and Spanish-speaking countries for five decades. I hope some future study accurately counts sales in less affluent countries.

  46. Robyn says:

    this if for #1 lamb:

    What can we expect for a crazy Mariah fan, you are not being objective, just your nickname says it all.
    You are dumb ! Mariah is not the biggest selling female artist of all time, the millenium award was irrelevant for millions of people and not known for many others hahah, Madonna without that award is still recognized by the major part of the world as the biggest selling female artist in history, and don’t be idiot ! Madonna and Mariah have only 7 years of diference of career, and they have already the same quantity of studio albums and still Mariah didn’t pass 200 million, while Madonna has almost 400 millions sold.
    You may say whatever, but facts speaks by themselves, Madonna does not need an award to prove it. Mariah with that award keeps on being irrelevant and not recognized as the highest seller , just for her lambs hahaha.

    For Britney fan :

    She will never be the biggest selling female artist of all time hahaha
    And they considerate only the sales of albums, not dvds, typical Britney fan who cannot accept that also in this decade Madonna beats her princess and you cannot face it, so that’s why you try to inflate with whatever you want ?
    Let me remind you that also Madonna was more in her first years of career than Britney in her first years, but now Madonna is still beating hard Britney Spears LOL
    Britney won’t be history moreover, sorry :(

  47. Rocco says:

    ? The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson (750 Millions Of Albums Sold)
    ? The Queen Of Pop: Madonna (400 Millions Of Albums Sold)

    – King Of Rock & Roll: Elvis Presley (400 Million Albums Sold)
    – Rock & Roll Historical Group: The Beach Boys (100 Million Albums Sold)
    – Pop/Rock Historical Group: The Beatles (500 Million Albums Sold)
    – Rock Historical Group: The Rolling Stones (250 Million Albums Sold)
    – Pop Historical Group: Abba (350 Million Albums Sold)
    – Greatest Divas Of Pop: Whitney Houston (230 Million Albums Sold), Celine Dion (200 Million Albums Sold) & Cher (180 Million Albums Sold)
    – Divas Of Pop: Janet Jaxkson (100 Million Albums Sold), Kylie Minogue (90 Million Albums Sold) & Gwen Stefani (40 Million Albums Sold)
    – Divas Of R&B: Mariah Carey (175 Million Albums Sold) & Beyoncé Knowles (50 Million Albums Sold)
    – Princes Of Pop: Prince (80 Million Albums Sold), Robbie Williams (55 Million Albums Sold) & Justin Timberlake (17 Million Albums Sold)
    – Princesses Of Pop: Christina Aguilera (42 Million Albums Sold) & Britney Spears (63 Million Albums Sold)
    – Princess Of R&B: Rihanna (12 Million Albums Sold)
    – Diva Of Folklore: Nelly Furtado (18 Million Albums Sold)
    – Divas Of Electro Pop: Katy Perry (5 Million Albums Sold) & Lady Gaga (4 Million Albums Sold)
    – Divas Of Punk/Rock: P!nk (31 Million Albums Sold) & Avril Lavigne (30 Million Albums Sold)
    – Female Singers In A Band: Amy Lee – Evanescence (18 Million Albums Sold) & Hayley Williams – Paramore (2 Million Albums Sold)
    – Pop Teen Group: Backstreet Boys (75 Million Albums Sold) & Jonas Brothers (8 Million Albums Sold)
    – Princesses Of Pop From Disney Channel: Hilary Duff (6 Million Albums Sold) & Miley Cyrus (3.5 Million Albums Sold)

  48. For Anderson says:

    it’s not a pretext and between Madonna and Mariah there are only 7 years , not 11 idiot, count well.
    And Madonna sold more than 400 million and that is not true about what you said about the critics.
    I’m sorry, but you’re out and 4 being a liar, nobody took your answer to fact

  49. Bob says:

    Actually, I’m not a Madonna fan but I believe Madonna is the highest selling according to figures her label published. I don’t know why people are saying Celine is next, because if you look up her global sales, she comes 3rd after Mariah Carey. There’s also the possibility that Mariah has sold the most as apparently Madonna owns her own label and lies about her sales (but I doubt that.) Oh, and Mariah Carey is also very big in South America as well. And apparently there’s this woman called Nana Maskouri but I havn’t properly researched her.

  50. Alexis says:

    I’m sorry Bob, but Mariah Carey is not big in South America. The maximum success of her there is in Brazil with the songs I want to know what love is, but still, Madonna is much more huge in South America in has much more success in the charts not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina, Chile,etc…. Mexico (well, actually MEXICO is not of South America, but still she is huge there)

  51. Alexis says:

    A typical liar Britney Spears fan came out here with his bull sh**s LOL
    Madonna beats Britney Spears even in this decade according to real sources with actual information.

    Britney never sold 80 million in 5 years, it was in 10 years, but according to the last informations of Forbes, she has sold 62 millions so far

  52. KODY says:

    Are y’all ready to hear the truth.

    Barbra Streiand (285 million sold)
    Celine Dion (200 million sold)
    Madonna (180 million sold)
    Mariah Carey (170 million sold)
    Cher (145 million sold)
    Dolly Parton (125 million sold)
    Reba McEntire (95 million sold)
    Shania Twain (80 million sold)
    Brittney Spears (45 million sold)
    Beyonce (35 million sold)
    Barbara Mandrell (28 million sold)

    Barbra Sreisand holds the record for the most #1 albums (15) and Reba McEntire comes in 2nd (13 number one albums). Reba holds the record for the most #1 hits (41) by a female artist.

    Are y’all happy now!

  53. KODY says:

    I saw a comment saying Michael Jackson sold 750 million albums and he actually sold 315 million albums. And Elvis sold between 450 and 500 million.

  54. KODY says:

    Cher’s album, Believe, sold 52 million copies. Rebas albums, Greatest Hits Vol 2, sold 9 million copies. Dollys, 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs, album sold 10 million copies. Loretta Lynns album, Coal Miners Daughter, from 1971 sold 5 million copies.

  55. Alexis says:


    I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are such a LIAR

    Everything you wrote is a lie, except the sales of MR. MICHAEL JACKSON (HE SOLD 750 MILLIONS IN MORE THAN 40 YEARS OF CAREER……..TRUE LEGEND!!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!)

    Cher never sold 52 million copies, she sold 32 million copies and let me remind ya that it is the only successful album of cher.

    The one of the comment # 4

    You are not only a LIAR, but you don’t know how to write neither.
    And obviously you are the jealous one.

  56. Kimirana says:


    Yeah, you are the comment # 4 and you are not only a HUGE LIAR, but also you don’t know how to write.

    AND you are the jealous one, not Markus, who by the way is totally right

    NO matter what haters say, but actually, MADONNA is the one who wins and that is so obvious, and that is not gonna change never
    Moreover, just make a simple poll and most people would rather choose Madonna than Mariah, barbra , Britney, even Lady Gaga, so come on! be realistic

  57. LEE says:

    these r certified numbers!!!!!
    Mariah Carey 200millon
    Celine Dion 220million
    madonna 200million
    it would b reasonable 2 say that it is either Celine or Madonna. Madonna has the laregest tour 4 a sols artist ever with ticket sales of $280,000,000 celines comes in 2nd with $230,000,000. also Celine is the highest selling artist of the past decade (2000-2010) according to LA times her album sales ,concert tours etc tallied more thn $750,000,000. Madonna may b it as well as she’s has one of the most successful careers of all time!!!!!!. Celine was given a world music award 4 being the biggest selling female artist of all time in 2004!
    mariah cnt compete with these 2 with earnings but with success & album sales she mite be able 2!. however I still think its Celine she records in french & English 35 albums!
    nt 2 mention 2 albums with sales of more thn 30 million each!!
    though it could b Madonna due to the fact she has the longest career!!!!

  58. Celine! says:

    Celine dion has sold now 300,000,000 copies not including singles dumbasses. She just won the best selling female artist award and the legend award! She has sold 350 million retards. She is a fabulous woman with a awesome life story. Shut your mouths and look up the truth because you all just heard it. GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  59. Martha says:

    Ha ! Ha! Ha! Celine Dion sold 350 million? where you found this sh**?You should have a minimum respect for the readers of this Blog. Even in your daydreams,it would be impossible. Would it because of her nasal voice or her pull faces? Ha! Ha! ha!it’s hilarious!If Celine could really sell 350 million records,how many albums did Mariah Carey and Madonna Celine Dion sold ?at last 400 million units!

  60. Stacy says:

    Ha!Ha! Ha! it’s funny!The list of best-selling female artists on earth is:

    1-Mariah Carey/Madonna (I not sure of which of the both)
    2-Celine Dion
    3-Whitney Houston
    4-Nana Mouskouri

  61. To Markus,James UK, Robyn,"Mariah is rubbish" & Alexis, says:

    Markus,you are just a bulls****t and fu**ed males!.You’re jealous cause you know that Mariah is better than all others and she’s the real best selling female artist of all times.Insulting a Diva ,it’s not a male behavior. You don’t behave like men,it’s a shame.You prove that you’re less than real men,without balls.How real men coulb petty enough to make lies and insults to a beautiful diva because of jealousy.You are cowards,you can’t bring arguments,you just know insulting, you’d better get out of here, You’re sucks.Madonna will never can sing like Mariah, ever! Mariah is the best female singer of all time.You d’better say to Madonna’s fans who claim she sold 400 million albums that it’s a lie, instead of saying to Mariah’s fans that Mariah is popular only in Brazil.
    Morever ,It’s not today that Mariah is successful in Brazil. It’s since her debut in 1990l. She’s also popular in Costa Rica and Mexico since “ Till the end of time “realeased from her second album Emotions.
    you are a f**ck fans of Madonna. By what right you dare insult Lambs ? Do you think you’re better than themm because of your lies? Don’t try frighten us,you’re too little and you don’t have balls at all.
    The real list of 10 Top selling divas is :
    1- Mariah Carey 230 million
    2- Whitney Houston 200 million
    3- Madonna 200 million
    4- Celine Dion 185 million
    5- Barbra Streisand 130 million
    6- Aretha Franklin 110 million
    7- Britney Spears 100 million
    8- Shania Twain 91 million
    9- Janet Jackson 80 million
    10- Toni Braxton 80 million

  62. The objective one's says:

    The most influential female singers of all times.
    1- Madonna (image & entertaining style)
    2- Mariah Carey (voice & singing style)
    3- Whitney Houston (voice & singing style)
    4- Janet Jackson (dancing style)
    5- Britney Spears (image & entertaining style)

    The most skilful female singers of all times.
    1- Mariah Carey
    2- Whitney Houston
    3- Celine Dion
    4- Aretha Franklin
    5- Toni Braxton
    6- Christina Aguilera
    7- Regine Velasquez
    8- Leona Lewis
    9- Kelly Clarkson
    10- Beyonce Knowles

    The best dancing songstresses of all times
    1- Janet Jackson
    2- Madonna
    3- Jennifer Lopez
    4- Shakira
    5- Beyonce Knowles

    The best female vocalists of all times.
    1- Mariah Carey
    2- Whitney Houston
    3- Celine Dion
    4- Aretha Franklin
    5- Barbra Streisand

    The most powerful female voices of all times.
    1- Mariah Carey
    2- Whitney Houston
    3- Celine Dion
    4- Aretha Franklin
    5- Christina Aguilera
    The most extended female voices ever.
    1- Mariah Carey
    2- Christina Aguilera
    3- Aretha Franklin
    4- Whitney Houston
    5- Celine Dion

    The 10 best selling female artist of all times.
    1- Mariah Carey
    2- Madonna
    3- Celine Dion
    4- Whitney Houston
    5- Tina Turner
    6- Janet Jackson
    7- Barbra Streisand
    8- Donna Summer
    9- Alla Puchagueva
    10- Britney Spears

    The most beautiful female singers of all times ( at their 22 – 30 years old)
    1- Britney Spears
    2- Mariah Carey
    3- Beyonce Knowles
    4- Madonna
    5- Shakira
    6- Jennifer Lopez
    7- Whitney Houston
    8- Leona Lewis
    9- Vanessa Williams
    10- Christina Aguilera

    The most sexy female singers of all times.
    1- Madonna
    2- Mariah carey
    3- Beyonce Knowles
    4- Christina Aguilera
    5- Britney Spears

    The best- selling albums ( from female artists) of all times.
    1- The Bodyguard 43 million ( Whitney Houston)
    2- Come on over 36 million (Shania Twain)
    3- Jagged little pill 33 million ( Alanis Morissette)
    4- Let’s talk about love 30 million ( Celine Dion )
    5- Falling into you 30 million ( Celine Dion)
    6- Music Box 30 million ( Mariah Carey)
    7- Oops! I did it again 28 million ( Britney Spears)
    8- The Immaculate Collection 26 million ( Madonna)
    9- Daydream 25 million ( Mariah Carey)
    10- Baby one more time 25 million (Britney Spears)

  63. Talent!!! says:

    Why not talk about talent which is what really matters. Madonna is not vocally talented period. She never has been or ever will. Not only that but she beat out Celine Dion, Whitney, and Madonna for the artist of the decade award. She is also the single most succesful artist of all time in question of number one singles on the Billboard hot 100. She also has the most succesful song of the decade for “We Belong Together.” Having said all of this she is clearly more talented than Madonna.

  64. NICeliniac says:

    Celine is the ” Best Selling Female Artist of All-Time” and was proven by Billboard.
    If you want to search the real fact, visit the website of Wikipedia and find what’s the truth.

  65. Meredith says:

    Not at all,Celine Dion isn’t the best selling female artist,all facts prove it.And don’t refer anyone to Wikipedia,it’s the worse source you could cite to support your assertion.Everybody know that Wikipedia is no more a reliable source.It is exactly the main website who show that it have a huge favouritism to Celine Dion and a particular hostility against Mariah Carey.Anyone who’s perceptive and objective can notice and discern that.There is many other like this, but Wikipedia is the worse among all the others.Wikipedia became exactly like Celine Dion fan sites.They try to present Celine as better than Mariah in everything : voice,talent,album sales,chart performances,etc…with a complete ignorance of obvious facts.They falsify some datas on increasing Celine Dion’s sales and on decreasing Mariah Carey’s sales.
    According to the facts,Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of the world.And the facts exist before Wikipedia.Besides,Wikipedia is biased and partial today( about Celine Dion and Mariah Carey).Celine Dion 1980’s album sales are useless and doesn’t reach more than 1,5 million sales.Mariah Carey album sales beat Celine Dion’s at the 1990 decade and the 2000 decade .In which country Celine Dion is the best selling female artist?In USA,Mariah Carey and Madonna are the second best selling female artists behind Barbra Streisand.In Canada and Australia,Mariah Carey is the second best selling female artist behind Madonna.At Europe,Madonna is the best selling female artist.In Asia ,Mariah Carey is the best selling western artist (China,Japan,Taiwan,Hong Kong,South Korea,Singapore,etc…).At Latin America,Brasil and West Indies support Mariah Carey particulary.The level of success of Mariah Carey,Madonna and Celine Dion at the rest world countries is approximately the same( with very slight differences ).Celine’s world greatest market still Europe ,but her total sales in this continent is approximalety the same than Mariah’s.And for the singles sales,Mariah sold much more than Celine anywhere worldwide.Mariah Carey got much more # 1 singles Than Celine Dion at USA and Asia.She also got most #1 singles in Canada,New Zealand and Brasil.Mariah got approximately the same total of # 1 hits than Celine Dion at Europe and Australia.So Mariah wins for total albums sales and total singles sales.Mariah sold approximately the same total of albums worldwide than Madonna (200-210 million).As Mariah got a shorter time at musical industry than Madonna (20 years to Mariah and 27 years to Madonna) and also less releases (18 to Mariah and 22 to Madonna),Mariah wins.Therefore, Mariah is the best selling female artist of all times.

  66. Martha says:

    To NICeliniac & others Celine Dion fans

    Celine Dion the best selling female artist of all times? Don’t joke,if you’re serious you are very retarded to say these ridiculous words.You must know that Mariah Carey get the title of best selling recording artist of all times in the facts.The facts are exist before Wikipedia. Wikipedia it’s a biased and partial encyclopedia who increase exaggerately Celine Dion’s figure sales .Celine is not more than a nasal voice who got zero talent.Without Afanasieff,Foster,Warren,Doelp, Goldman, Luprano,etc she’s nothing. Why do you think she could the best selling female recording artist of all times? Because of her pull faces or her nasal screams? These are not enough to make her the best selling female artist of all times. How many number 1 singles got Celine in U.S ,Europe, Asia , Brazil , Canada, Australia ? Do you think that Celine Dion can compete at Single Hits with Mariah Carey,Whitney Houston or Madonna? Infortunately no.Facts: Celine Dion 1980 decade albums doesn’t reach 1 million sold,cause border only at state of Quebec.Mariah Carey albums sales beat Celine Dion’s at 1990 decade and 2000 decade.FACTS_ Already in 1997, Guinness book of records ( French version) was presented Mariah Carey as THE FEMALE ARTIST WITH THE MOST ALBUMS SALES at this decade.In 1998, at the VH1 Divas Live Show ,among Aretha Franklin,Celine Dion,Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain ,Mariah Carey was presented as THE BEST SELLING ARTIST OF 1990 DECADE. In 2001,Mariah Carey total of albums selling was 150 million worldwide and she won THE MILLENNIUM AWARD.In 2002, at the prestigious Super Bowls show in U.S debut,she was claimed as the BIGGEST FEMALE RECORDING ARTIST IN HISTORY .In 2003,Mariah got the Chopard Diamond Award for the BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIMES. Mariah Carey sold more albums at 2000 decade than Celine Dion.
    Celine Dion’s achievement are huge and surpass the others divas just and only in biased and partial websites like Wikipedia,but not in the real facts.

  67. Zac says:

    ok Mariah is the most selling female artist of all time I mean seriously look at these sales:
    Mariah Carey 18 mil
    Emotions 12 mil
    MTV UNplugged 10 mil
    Music Box 32 mil
    Merry Christmas 15 mil
    Daydream 25 mil
    Butterfly 16
    Rainbow 14 mil
    #1’s 17 mil
    Glitter 4 mil
    Greatest Hits 4 mil
    Charmbracelet 5 mil
    The Emancipation of Mimi 10 mil
    E=MC2 3 mil
    Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel 2 mil

    Album Sales= 187 mil

    Best Selling Singles

    Vision of Love 3 mil
    Emotions 3 mil
    Ill Be There 3.5 mil
    Dreamlover 4 mil
    Hero 5 mil
    Without You 7 mil
    All I Want For Christmas Is You 10 mil
    Fantasy 5 mil
    One Sweey Day 5 mil
    Honey 3 mil
    My All 3 mil
    When You Believe 5 mil
    We Belong Together 7 mil

    Best Seling Sales= 62.5 mil

    Overall Sales: 249.5 mil worldwide

  68. MOFF says:

    Hahaha Zac!!

    Now I know what you mean.
    I thought you know who is really the bigegst selling female artist now. But you know that only in the Topic “Mariah Careys vs. Madonna” on Popdirt.

    But here??? What are you talking about ?
    You’re saying that Mariah is the most selling female artist of all times.

    Zac, I’ve already told you that: It’s wrong.

    Calculate all Madonna sales, you’ll get more than Mariah’s!!
    It doesn’t matter what silly awards say, calculate album sales, calculate single sales.. PLEASE every MADONNA HATER DO IT NOW!!


  69. MOFF says:


    You always say that Mariah Carey is the bigegst selling artist. Ok you say it. But can you prove it?

    Give me a list of Madonna’s, Mariah’s and Celine’s album sales.

    And NOW: The sales don’t need to be exact. They can vary 1 or 2 million maximal 4 million.

    Put only album sales on the list. Singles are too complex and too many. We know that Madonna has sold more singles by far.

    OK? Only album sales.


    Madonna – Like a virgin – 20 million

    Mariah – Daydream – 23 million (although it has sold less or more, I said you can vary)

    Put studio albums, Compilations, Soundtracks and Live albums in the list.

    I await them

  70. MARTHA says:

    Celine Dion’s Album sales In Million
    1981-1989 French albums 1,9
    1990 Unison 4
    1991 Dion chante Plamondo 2,7
    1992 Celine Dion 5,8
    1993 The colour of my love 17,2
    1995 D’eux The French album 9
    1996 Falling into you 32
    1997 Let’s talk about love 32
    1998 These are special times 11
    1999 S’il suffisait d’aimer 5
    1999 All the way… A decade of songs 21
    2000 The collector series 2
    2002 A new day has come 11,3
    2003 One heart 4,3
    2003 On ne change pas 1,5
    2004 A new day…Live in Las Vegas 1
    2004 Miracle 2,5
    2007 Taking chances 3,5
    2008 D’elles 1,5
    2009 My love: Essential Collection 1

    Total : 172,7 million

    Mariah Carey’s Albums sales In Million

    1990 Mariah Carey 18
    1991 Emotions 13
    1992 MTV Unplugged EP 12
    1993 Music Box 30,5
    1994 Merry Christmas 16,5
    1995 Daydream 25,6
    1997 Butterfly 17
    1998 # 1’ S 19
    1999 Rainbow 14
    2000 Valentines 0,6
    2001 Greatest Hits 6
    2001 Glitter 4
    2002 Charmbracelet 5
    2003 The Remixes 1
    2005 The Emancipation of Mimi 12,7
    2008 E=MC 2 3
    2008 The ballads 0,8
    2009 Memoirs of an imperfect Angel 2
    Total : 200,4 million

    Madonna ‘s album sales in million
    Madonna 9,5
    Like a virgin 20,6
    True Blue 22,5
    Who’s that girl 5,6
    You can dance 6
    Like a prayer 15
    I’m Breathless 6,8
    The Immaculate Collection 29
    Erotica 6,1
    Bedtimes Stories 8
    Something to Remember 9
    Evita 10 million
    Ray of light 17 million
    Music 14,3
    GHV2 6,5
    American Life 4,6
    Remixed and Revisited 1,1
    Confessions On A Dance Floor 10,2
    I’m Going to tell You A Secret 1,5
    The Confessions Tour 1,8
    Hard Candy 3,5
    Celebration 1,5
    Total : 210,2 million

    Moff.You say that we know Madonna’s singles sales surpass Mariah’s and Celine’s by far. However,I hope you also know that Mariah is one of best seller of singles in the world .All I want for Christmas is you is one of best selling singles of all times ( more than 11 million sold).But as we talk about albums sales, you see that Mariah’s albums sales surpass Celine’s by far !Even though there was a irregularity of few million between Mariah’s and Celine Dion’s sales ,Mariah still got advantage over Celine and her sales always surpass Celine’s.And with singles sales,Mariah would beat Celine even better.Zac’s list of Mariah’s best selling singles already gives you an idea of Mariah ‘s total singles sales ( Mariah released more than 50 singles ).Even when she’s in her less successful period,her singles sold good (Obssessed reached 1 million since last year.

  71. MOFF says:

    Yeah, thank you very much Martha.
    You’re list is good although we can fight for some sales

    (especially sales of
    – Confessions on a Dancefloor vs. The Emancipation of Mimi
    – Daydream (over 25 million?)
    – Music Box vs. The Immaculate Collection

    But one thing you did wrong is:

    Memoirs of an imperfect angel didn’t sell more than Celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    But Celebration has (by the end of 2009) sold over 1,4 million!!!!!

    So I think Celebration has by now sold more than 2 million copies and Memoirs of an imperfect angel about 1,2 million.!!

    Some sales of Madonna are very old.. (Hard Candy 3,5 and E=MC2 even 3…)

    But I also know that Mariah is one of the best selling single artists, yeah I know that and I don’t deny it.
    But Madonna sells much more!

  72. MOFF says:

    I recently found on

    There are albums of Madonna which sold more than Mariahs

    True Blue has sold more than Daydream, Rainbow is too high.

    I think overall the sales of Mariah are too high.

    But Martha, I said you can vary and you did. Thanks.

    So do you now believe that Mariah is NOT the best selling artist?

  73. Martha says:

    We never said that she was in genea

    I know that Mariah is the second best selling female artist of all times.But,if we’d consider the number of years that she got at musical industry (just 20) and the number of her releases relatively to other’s great seller female artists ,she would be the best selling female artist of all times.And True Blue never sold more than Daydream,we all know it.As everybody know,There are sources who claim everithing ,but fortunatelly,we know what to believe or not.And it’s false ,sales of Mariah are not too high at all.They are average as they even surpass 201 million ,and we know that Mariah’s total albums sales is at least 200 million,as I show it in my post # 290 .

  74. MOFF says:

    Ok martha,
    what do you think about Nana Mouskouri?
    Many people think that she is the 2nd best selling female.
    Before Mariah!

    I donT think that Mariahs album sales can surpass 200 million.
    Many sources are lower than yours and record companies don’t say Mariahs album sales reached the 200 million mark. If they would reach 200 million her total sales would be higher than 250 million becausee of her single sales.
    But that cannot be.
    But whatever..
    Madonna is the best selling female artist and I don’t hate Mariah.

  75. Stacy says:

    Moff,you’re crafty and insolent! You dare challenge the 25 ,6 million sales of Daydream ????? You are so stupid and you think you’re intelligent !! Let me say you that Daydream sold more than 16 million copies in just 6 months ! Even Wikipedia put more than 25 million sold for Daydream.Music Box and Daydream are both in the top 10 best selling albums by female artists ! About Confessions on a dance Floor,everybody know that it sold less than The Emancipation Of Mimi,so it useless to discuss on this.And Music Box sold at least 30 million copies worldwide ! You challenge the 30,5 million of Music box ,but you accept the 32 million of Falling into You & Let’s talk About Love !!!?Why didn’t you challenged FIY & LTAL sales face to The Immaculate Collection’s ? When it’s about Mariah’s sales,you are always ready to challenge.Personnally,I find that Martha’s list of Celine Dion’s figure sales too much high (Unison,Celine Dion,D’eux,FIY,LTAL,Taking chances,etc…) There’s also some Madonna’s sales who are too high ( The Immaculate Collection,Madonna , Evita…).I never saw that TIM sold at 29 million,I usually see that it sold at 26 million,sometimes I see on maximum 28 million.But for Music Box,I usually see 30 or 31 million of sales ,and sometimes 28 million on minimum.Now about Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel,YOU LIE !!!!!! since the first month of it release,MOAIA (Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel )sold at 800 000 copies!!!At the end of the year,it obviously reached 1 million copies sold worldwide !! So now ,MOAIA reach 2 million copies worldwide!! How can you be so petty??? When you hate someone,it’s like that you treat him ? Personnally,I don’t hate Madonna even though I don’t like her music.But it seems that you do about Mariah because you don’t like her music anymore.It’s your right and your choice to dislike who you want but,don’t deny her achievements for that.And you don’t stop on sayin’ that Madonna sell much more ( than Mariah).Much more of what did Madonna sell than Mariah ? So now Moff,please give us a list of Mariah’s ,Madonna’s and Celine’s sales ,so that we could see what you really mean.

  76. MOFF says:

    Dear Stacy,

    I am really now insolent at all!!
    But I like the way you express yourself.. WHATEVER.

    I know the “The IMaculate Collection – Music Box” topic is hard. But I think we don’t have to discuss any more because we can’t get a step closer to our destination who are really the 10 biggest selling female artists.
    Soo the full sales of TEOM are calculated for the year 2005 but because COADF was released on November 2005 the sales must be cut in a half. NOW COADF has sold the same as TEOM or more!
    Why don’t I fight for Let’s talk about love or Falling into you?
    Because I know and THE WHOLE WORLD knows that they both reached sales over 31 million copies.
    We know even details: (FIY has sold a little bit more than LTAL)

    And most sources don’t say that Daydream sold more 25 million copies.
    They are about 22-24 million but not more!

  77. MOFF says:


    It even didn’t reach the 1 million mark at the end of 2009!!

    Celebration, we know that, has sold more 1,4 million copies at the END of 2009, whil MOAIA didn’t reach 1 million.
    But NOW it surely has reached 1 million.
    OK IF MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL HAD SOLD 1 MILLION, how much has Celebration sold by now? 2,5 million? 3 million?

    Now the sales you wished:

    For Celine Dion:
    Unison 4 (about)
    Dion chante Plamondo 2,7 (I don’t know)
    Celine Dion 5,8 (right)
    The colour of my love 18 I think even more!
    D’eux 9 (right)
    Falling Into You 32
    Let’s talk about love 31,5
    These are special times: about 10
    S’il suffisait d’aimer 5 (I don’t know)
    All the way… A decade of songs 22
    The collector series 2
    A new day has come 11
    One heart 5
    On ne change pas 1,5
    A new day…Live in Las Vegas 1 or more
    Miracle 2,5
    Taking chances 3,5
    D’elles 1,5
    My love Essential Collection 1,6

    TOTAL: 169,6 million + French albums

    Album sales Mariah C.

    Mariah Carey 15,2
    Emotions 10
    MTV unplugged EP 7,5
    Music box 28,5
    Merry Christmas 14,2
    Daydream 24
    Butterfly 12,6
    Number ones 17
    Rainbow 10
    Valentines 0,6
    Greatest Hits 6
    Glitter 3
    Charmbracelet 4
    the remixes 1
    The emancipation of Mimi 12
    E=Mc² 2,8
    The ballads 0,8
    Memoirs of an imperfect angel 1,5

    Mariah’s total sales: 170,7 million


    Madonna 9,5
    Like a virgin 21
    True Blue 23,5
    Who’s that girl 5,6
    You can dance 6
    Like a prayer 14
    I’m Breathless 6,8
    The Immaculate Collection 26,5 – 30 (Don’t wanna fight)
    Erotica 6,6
    Bedtimes Stories 8
    Something to Remember 9
    Evita 11 million
    Ray of light 17 million
    Music 11,5
    GHV2 7
    American Life 4,5
    Remixed and Revisited 1,1
    Confessions On A Dance Floor 12
    I’m Going to tell You A Secret 1,5
    The Confessions Tour 1
    Hard Candy 3,8
    Celebration 2
    Sticky & Sweet 0,3

    TOTAL sales for Madonna: 209,4 million (For TIC I did 27 million, ok?)

    So.. Celine is close to Mariah in opinion
    And I think you’ll get very angry if you see this list.
    BUT: I have to say I don’t prefer anybody!

    Although I like Madonna more, I can live if Mariah has sold more and you should be happy, too if Madonna is the more successful singer. But you fight, you fight until you win, Why?

    The world knows that Madonna is the best selling female artist of the world.

    For Mariah sales: Even Wikipedia accords lower sales for Mariah!!

  78. MARTHA says:

    (to Moff in comment # 74)
    Why that cannot be ? Don’t you forget that it’s rightly the total sales number you said for Celine Dion, which nevertheless, can’t even reach 180 million albums sold in real facts ? There is a law claiming that Mariah’s album’s sales shouldn’t reach or surpass 200 million ? As facts show it and prove it,therefore that’s it. It’s the detailed sales and the facts who must prove the total size of an artist’s sales above of all ( Most Sources put what they want or favourise the artists that they want to ),so the more reliable is the figure sales and the facts.As we see it ,the total of Mariah’s album sales already reach 200 million ( Logically,200 million is also the right number for Mariah as I show it in my comment # 290 at Madonna vs Mariah Blog).About Mariah’s total single sales,it’s approximatively 100-120 million (not bad for one of best sellers of singles worldwide ).So, Mariah sold a total of 300-320 million records worldwide( albums & singles). About Nana Mouskouri,I know nothing about her.I even don’t know who is it.

  79. MEREDITH says:

    Moff you are wrong, Martha is right at 100%. Let’s the facts talk by themlseves.As you said at entry Madonna vs Mariah Carey “IF WE LOOK AT THE SALES OF AN ARTIST WE CAN DECIDE WHICH ARTIST IS MORE OR LESS SUCCESSFUL” ,and any law forbidden Mariah Carey to sell 200 million or more albums. .Morever,Moff why you talk about Nana mouskouri right now? Who will you next face to Mariah after Nana Mouskouri ? Tina Turner? WHO MOFF ? Once ,when the lambs were accept your lies about Madonna ( before the forcefull arguments of me ,Martha and many other well-advised lambs showing the slight sales advantage of Madonna over Mariah’s )then you claimed that Celine Dion’s sales surpass Mariah’s.Well,after that we prove by many facts the opposite , now you put Nana Mouskouri before Mariah ,nevertheless,you’d never put Nana before Celine Dion when you claimed that Celine was the second best selling female artist and that her sales surpassed Mariah’s.It’s only when facts prove Mariah’s supremacy sale over Celine that you remember Nana would be the second best selling artist. Excuse me Moff,but It seems like your problem is Mariah Carey herself.But anyway,let me tell you about Nana Mouskouri :
    First, all the sources claiming Nana Mouskouri as one of best-selling female artist of all times, put her before Madonna.In accordance with these sources,Nana Mouskouri is the best selling female artist of all times,not Madonna. Madonna is ranked second behind Nana .Moreover, Mariah Carey is ranked third,Celine Dion fourth,Whitney Houston fifth ( So you’d also must take the order that the artists are ranked into account ).
    Second : Nana Mouskouri isn’t really one of best selling female artists of the world,she’s even not one of top 20 best selling female artists worldwide!!! Europeans ( specially Frenchs ) know it better than anyone else ! The only argument usually used by subjective persons in favour of Nana is her oldness.But,they just forget that Nana is not at all the only artist who got oldness in the world!!!If it was really the case,What say about Aretha Franklin,Barbra Streisand,Tina Turner,etc…? In the real facts,they are all much more successful than Nana Mouskouri,and so much popular worldwide!!! Just in USA,these female artist sold more than 40 million records.Nevertheless,they never claimed that they was even in the top 4 best selling female artists worldwide.However,they got several gold certifications (which worth 500 000 copies sold)and many platinum certifications ( 1 million copies sold).So,oldness is not really a determinant factor for success (it is only for artists who already get huge success).
    Facts : Nana Mouskouri really sold approximately 30- 40 million albums worldwide (Believe me,this number is very generous ).She never had more than 3 albums surpassing 3 million sales worldwide.Moreover,all her gold certificated discs are counted as if they’re worth 500 000 copies …
    The problem is that most of Nana’s gold certificated discs come from Europe ,in which some of little countries like Lettonia,Bulgary,etc… Gold discs in this countries worth only 5 thousand copies…
    INTERESTING FACTS : Nana Mouskouri never had any certification from USA and never admit in US TV shows while all her entire career.Besides,any of her albums never included the US charts. Europe is the best market for Nana,particulary France.In facts,France was and still the greatest market for Nana .Nevertheless,her total sales in this country reach only 5 million with several releases .Then ,her second best market is her home-country Greece .As there is relatively a few of people in Greece,the music market of this country is very weak ( less than 0,0001 % of world market ).Nana’s sales in Greece reach 2 million (although,she’s the best selling artist in this country ). In United Kingdom,she managed to rank some albums for a total of 1 million sales .In Australia,Canada and USA,Nana never had show and concerts in huge stadiums … her shows are refused by instigators,cause often,they noted that nobody know her.She never sang in front of 3 million peoples contrary to Mariah ,Madonna,Celine,Whitney,etc…A poll made by New York Times confirmed that only 24 persons among 5420 managed to identify a song of Nana in 2 minutes.However,a average number of 4800 peoples identified a song of Mariah Carey,Whitney Houston,Madonna and Celine Dion.Many other male & female artists were parts of this poll.Nana Mouskouri was second to last,just before Mireille Mathieu who get 0 identification from peoples( This poll took into account artists who claim to sold more than 100 million albums worldwide ). Nana’s third greatest market is Canada ( Quebec), but her total sales in this country exceed only 1 million,again with numerous releases.Although she sang in more than 10 different languages,her sales worldwide are very insignificants.She tried Asia,but had never succeed to break through in this continent.She’s even not in the list of 50 best selling western artists in Asia. Therefore,Nana isn’t a part of best selling female artists of all times.
    Moff,can you cite to me 5,or 3 hit songs from Nana Mouskouri ( without consult in the web ) ? How many of you can cite 5 albums of Nana Mouskouri ( she release more than 60 albums) ? How many songs from Nana Mouskouri do you know ( she sing in more than 10 different languages,it should make easier to know her songs)? For someone who is in the top 3 world best selling female artists,it should be very easy to cite and know at least 3 songs from her !!! How many people just know her ( If it’s not in biased websites ranking her among the best selling female artists)? So Moff,don’t just repeat what you read or hear anywhere.As I always say,this is the facts which must guide us mainly in our reasonings .Mariah Carey is the second best selling female artist of all times (And she got many other records and achievements over all other female artists).

  80. MOFF says:

    Yeah Maredith and Martha!

    And I repeat it if you didn’t recognized it:

    Don’t call somebody a liar if one tells not the truth in your opinion. They are sometimes just opinions so you have to lump it.

    Nana Mosukouri:
    Don’t pick me on because I mentioned her!

    I just asked what your opnion to Nana was!
    I often read articles about her and they always claim that she is the second biggest selling female artists.
    I cannot understand it, too!! Like you!

    Soo why fight?

    I also know that Nana hasn’t the success in case of sales, charts and tours, even popularity.
    But I just mentioned it. I wanted to know what you thought about her, maybe you got some details and more information, so Meredith thanks.

    Soo we are one step closer:
    nana isn’t in the top 10 of the bigegst selling female artists!

    Although I still think you claim Mariah’s total sales too high, I must be fine ’cause you finally accept that Madonna has sold more records in her entire carer than Mariah.
    You said that Mariah has sold about 100-120 million singles.
    How many, in your opinion, has Madonna sold, when Mariah’s sales are up to 120m ?

    And we still didn’t declare Madonna’s total sales.
    We know that she has sold mroe than 210 million albums.


    The Ten biggest selling female artists (that’s our topic)

    1. definitive Madonna
    2. Mariah Carey
    3. Celine Dion
    4. Whitney? Cher?

  81. MOFF says:

    Ok Meredith, How many songs do I know from Nana Mouskouri?

    I know:

    1. Weiße Rosen aus Athen (White roses of athens)
    2. Guten Morgen Sonnenschein (Good morning sunshine)

    I only know these two songs ( I didn’t look them up)

    How many do you know?

  82. MARTHA says:

    Moff,I can’t believe that you give this figure sales for Mariah,after all the arguments and proofs which show that she sold 200 million albums.Now,I know what kind of people you are.Don’t you have a little bit of truthness ? You decrease Mariah’s albums without even have a few shame.In accordance with your total sales,this is Madonna and Celine Dion who would be the best selling artists at 1990 decade. Why are you so petty? Now I know that you ’ll never be sincere and that you never was.So,I drop the debate.At least,truth were come to light because of me ,Meredith and many others.And I hope that everyone who searching for it could find it,although there always will be people like you,and like all other Mariah’s haters ( disguised or definited ) who will manage to hide Mariah’s achievements and records.

  83. MEREDITH says:

    Moff, I admit that you disappoint me by this list !!! So, you try to ruin all proofs and forceful arguments that me ,Martha ,Stacy,and all others had bring in this entry ,showing clearly that Mariah’s albums sales reach 200 million copies worldwide ? You would be ashamed of this.Martha’s list is right,but yours is clearly wrong.In facts,why do you hide the sales of Celine’s French albums and just combined them all together ,without even show their total ? If you can’t give a complete list,so don’t give any list at all.Nevertheless,Martha list show all the detailed sales of Celine’s French albums .In fact,who do you think would believe this list that you clearly rig ? Celine’s fans and Madonna’s fans ? It would be too easy to falsify datas if the procedures were as simple as you you do.But ,as And you decrease all Mariah’s sales.You see ? As everyone can see it,we ( fans of Mariah Carey ) don’t hate Madonna at all (we never deny any of her achievements since facts prove them ).However,You (fans of Madonna),you hate so very much Mariah,even though some of you claim that you don’t hate her,it’s obvious that you do.It’s not enough to said that you don’t hate her,you must recognize her accomplishments when they are proved and don’t decrease them . But ,you do the opposite of all records that Mariah beat Madonna.Nevertheless, we (lambs) accept that Madonna sold more than Mariah (with a slight difference), while you never accept Mariah’s records that Madonna haven’t ( exept for her voice and her talent that you can’t deny because it’s so obvious for everyone). But,generally ,either you deny her records either you decrease them.
    For example,at first,you claimed that Celine sold 200 million albums and more than Mariah ( Then,you doesn’t felt necessary to got proof supporting this number of 200 million ).But ,when it proved that Mariah sold more albums than Celine ,you claim that’s with a slight difference.Moreover, you challenge the number of 200 million albums sold by Mariah although everything prove it ! Just Martha proved it at her post # 290.Nevertheless,you claimed rightly the same number for Celine as if it was known and established.Whatever you say, everything prove that you just hate Mariah and will never recognize her accomplishments.

  84. MOFF says:

    OK Martha and Meredith:

    First of all:

    I recognize your truly answering to my list and your opinions to many of my comments.
    But some thing you said were totally unproved.
    All record companies and other sources say Mariah hasn’t sold 200 million albums.
    Ok Martha and Meredith I really can understand u.
    Both of you are Mariah Carey fans and try to do everything to get a summary of 200 million.
    And if not – congratulations – you did it.

    First: You had the problem that for you Mariah was the best selling artist of the beginning of that debate.
    But step by step – why did you finally realized Madonna has sold more records? That sounds a little bit weird to me.
    Soo same here: I first didn’t know how many records Madonna has sold. I also didn’t know how many for Mariah Carey.
    Soo I first started calculating the sales.
    I sure – I’m honestly have to say that I prefer Madonna’s music and I can’t deny it – I really don’t like Mariah’s music now. I loved her- I really loved her in the early 90s with such beautiful songs like Without You, Fantasy, Hero, and so on.
    Soo now back:
    I started calculating the sales with a first look to IFPI, RIAA and of course – Wikipedia, even I know that can’t be true. But although Wikipedia has unreal sales they are estimations and estimations vary.
    So what did I do?
    I checked the real sales out on different music/record companies.
    RIAA is focusing America, IFPI mainly Europe and other countries, there is also not to forget ARIA.
    But they are official companies and you can’t get more information as they released.
    Soo I chose other websites.. more and more and I checked things out.
    Today I knew that Madonna has sold over 200 m albums.
    I calculated them and I got about 210 million. IFPI and other websited also say she has sold ’bout 200 million so I am able to say: Yeah, I counted right!

    I did the same with Mariah Carey. It’s false to say I am MARIAH HATER.
    That is not true and I ban you to say this again.
    Mariah has good songs, I know that. Honestly, I don’t like the music of Elvis Presly but I respect his work and I must be happy that he has sold more records than Madonna.
    Sources are claiming that Mariah has old over 150 and over 200million records.
    What did I do?
    I checked it out and calculated sales.
    Can it be?
    Has she sold more? Has she sold less?
    I counted all albums with looking to adequate sales.
    So many sources are lower than yours!
    I checked everything out to get a summary of 200 million albums ONLY but I only got about 160-170 million albums sold.
    Soo Meredith or Martha whoever did this list, how can you get a summary of 200 million albums?
    If you put every sale of album a little higher and you did. I said you can vary and you did but alomost every album 1-4 million higher than normal!
    Soo it’s obvious that You get 200 million albums.
    If we look at some sources to Madonna’s album sales, some accord over 200 million albums sold so that’s probably right.
    If Mariah was the best selling female recording artist of all time, why did Celine Dion also get the Diamond Award for being the best selling female artist?
    We know that Awards are unimportant.
    Madonna- you know that- doesn’t need to prove who she really is, namely Madonna, the best seller.
    It’s a impudentness from you to say this list or what I said is false and I cannot be ashamed of what I relinguished.
    Martha and Meredith I respect both of you and I know you both are interested in music and who has sold more as whoever, Dont get insulting as some who already got.

    Your specifications of Mariah Carey are too high.
    But don’t let us discuss more abut this topic it doesn’t make sense any more.

    Celine Dion:
    I also like Celine Dion (maybe you, too)
    The fact to sales over 200 million records came from that I awaited you look it up by your own. Maybe you didn’t know that and maybe, if I claim it, you check it out by your own so I didn’t need to prove anything.
    I said that Celine sold more than Carey, right?

    Soo if we assume that the list is right ( which is not in your opinions), Celine has sold the same number of STudio albums than Carey.
    Advantage for Dion: She has sold more than 10 million french albums becaue she has sold so many french albums which has sold each 250 thousand or more.
    Soo the number of Dion would be higher,
    But if you think I’m wrong, ok, let it be, you’re right.


    I didn’t decreased any Mariah sales it’s truth!

  85. MOFF says:

    And you still didn’t reply my question of Nana Mosukouri

  86. Meredith says:

    I recognize I lost my temper in my previous post,I’m sorry .Forget my personal attacks on you guys . Thanks ,Moff for The Nana’s songs you cited.Personally,I also only know 2 songs from Her : “Quand tu Chantes “and “Meme si ca ne vaut pas la peine” .Now, I hope that everyone know the truth about Nana.She’s not one of 10 world best selling female artists of all times .She’s just a average selling artist who sing in many different languages, and who got oldness.You see that I was right about her ?But I have many reasons to challenge your Mariah’s total sales : First-Mariah got 10 albums surpassing 10 million (Mariah is rightly the only female artist who got 10 albums certified 4 x platinum or better)nevertheless in your list ,it’s just 7 or 8.Moreover,almost all Mariah’s albums are decreased in your list ( for example,it’s known by everyone that Merry Christmas sold 16 million copies since early 2006 .It’s not a list which would make swallow a lower number now,we use to know it.Besides,Mariah’s total sales surpass Celine’s.In your list,you put all Celine’s french albums ,except her 1980’s whom totalized less than 1,8 ( all together).IT’S KNOWN BY EVERYONE.You refuse to admit that Mariah’s albums sales surpass Celine’s. I don’t agree with your Mariah’s total sales for that many other reasons.Why don’t you want to understand this logical aspect : SINCE 2001,MARIAH’S TOTAL ALBUMS REACHED 150 MILLION SALES ( MILLENNIUM AWARD & TITLE OF BEST SELLING ARTIST OVERALL OF THE 1990’S).WHEN THIS NUMBER IS ADDED TO HER 2000’s SALES,IT’S ALREADY SURPASS 185 MILLION SALES ( approximatelly 33-38 million albums sold in the 2000 decade).AND THIS WOULD BE WITHOUT INCLUDIND THE SALE INCREASE OF ALL HER 1990’s ALBUMS SINCE THIS TIME ( 2001) TILL TODAY.AS FOR EVERY ARTISTS,HER SALES GROWS THROUGH TIME (at last at rate of 15 million per year for all her 1990’s albums combined ).SO ,LOGICALLY,HER TOTAL ALBUMS SALES WORLDWIDE WOULD REAH 200 MILLION NOW.why don’t to admit this logical and reasonable fact ? Mariah Carey is the Second Best selling Female Artist of All times.We know the 4 best selling Female Artists now : 1-Madonna, 2-Mariah Carey, 3-Celine Dion ,4- Whitney Houston(not Cher.Cher is ranked far behind Whitney (Maybe even behind Tina Turner ). Just admit it.
    We all are clear for the 4 top selling female artists of all times.Now ,we’d better searching for the 6 other best selling female artists to complete the list.

  87. MOFF says:

    yeah Meredith, thank you for your nice answer!
    And now I have to believe you in case of Mariahs sales.

    Dont talk anymore bout sales of Madonna, Carey, Dion and Whitney (total sales 180 million?)

    You said Cher cannot reach the sales of Whitney? Maybe even Tina Turner? Lets look it up!

  88. MOFF says:

    Meredith – Cher has sold about nearly 100 million album
    her singles sales reach 50 million

  89. STACY says:

    It’s right,Moff.Cher is the 5th best selling female artist of all times.Whitney sold 170 million albums and more than 60 million of singles.So Meredith and you are right.Now we know the top 5 best selling female artists of all times.

  90. MEREDITH says:

    Hi everybody.Moff,in accordance with all the FACTS,I discover that Whitney Houston sold more records (albums and Singles) than Celine Dion.Whitney beat Celine at Album and Singles sales. Whitney is the female artist who got most platinum singles after Mariah Carey. Celine Dion is not a good Singles seller because unlike Mariah,Whitney or Madonna,her singles never got huge success at Charts,except for “My Heart Will Go On and Because You Loved Me”.All others had very average success or had flopped.As all of us know,Celine Dion had her best at 1990 decade.However,her singles sales was very insignificant .For example,till the end of the year 2000,Celine Dion had only 3 Singles reached Platinum at U.S ,her bigger Market Worldwide(Because you Love Me, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now and I’m your Angel) .She got just 2 Singles reaching Gold (All by Myself and My Heart will Go On).Don’t forget those Singles are her biggests. All others Celine’s Singles Hits reached less than 500.000 units in U.S.
    Whitney Houston sold much than 90 million of Singles Worldwide.Celine Dion Sold about 60 million ones.Don’t forget Whitney released most Singles than Celine although Celine release most Albums than Whitney.Let’s see for their respective albums figures sales.
    1985-Whitney Houston – 25 million
    1987-Whitney – 22 million
    1990-I’m Your Baby Tonight – 15 million
    1992-The Bodyguard – 43 million
    1995-Waiting To Exhale – 16 million
    1996-The Preacher’s Wife– 13 million
    1998-My Love Is Your Love– 17 million
    2000-The Greatest Hits – 10 million
    2001-Love Whitney– 0,7 million
    2002-Just Whitney – 2.5 million
    2003-One Wish, The Holiday Album- 1,5 million
    2007-The Ultimate Collection – 1 million
    2009-I look To You – 2,5 million
    Total : 170,2 million
    Singles : Aproximately 90 million

    1981-1989 French albums 1,9
    1990 Unison 4
    1991 Dion chante Plamondo 2,7
    1992 Celine Dion 5
    1993 The colour of my love 17,2
    1995 D’eux The French album 9
    1996 Falling into you 32
    1997 Let’s talk about love 31
    1998 These are special times 11
    1999 S’il suffisait d’aimer 5
    1999 All the way… A decade of songs 21
    2000 The collector series 2
    2002 A new day has come 11,3
    2003 One heart 3,3
    2003 On ne change pas 1,5
    2004 A new day…Live in Las Vegas 1
    2004 Miracle 2,5
    2007 Taking chances 3,5
    2008 D’elles 1,5
    2009 My love: Essential Collection 1
    Total : 170 million
    Singles: Aproximately 60 million
    Whitney Houston also beat Celine Dion in many other records and achievements ( # 1 Hits Songs worldwide,Voice, Popularity, Influence, etc…).Therefore, contrary to what is usually said, Whitney is a greater artist and a higher superstar than Celine.
    About sales,Whitney Houston is the third BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIMES,not Celine Dion. Celine Dion is ranked behind Whitney Houston.So,the 5 best selling female artists of all times is :
    2-Mariah Carey
    3-Whitney Houston
    4-Celine Dion
    If you agree with this list,let’s search for the 5 others best selling artists.

  91. MOFF says:

    We are one step closer:

    1. Madonna
    2. Mariah Carey
    3. Celine Dion
    4. Whitney Houston
    5. Cher

    Now we are researching the sales for Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and others who can be put to this list.

  92. MOFF says:

    Sorry Meredith, don’t you notice, that when I put something in the Internet, your things are put in first?

    Whatever.. yeah, you’re right =)

  93. all album sales for popdirt says:

    Whitney Houston Album Sales

    Whitney Houston 23 – 25 million
    Whitney 19 – 21 million
    I’m Your Baby Tonight 10 – 13 million
    The Bodyguard 38 – 44 million
    (Waiting to Exhale) 10-13 million
    The Preacher’s Wife 5 – 6 million
    My Love is your Love 8 – 12 million
    Whitney the Greatest Hits 8-10 million
    Love, Whitney 0, 5 – 1 million
    Just Whitney 2 – 3 million
    One Wish, The Holiday Album 1 – 1, 5 million
    The Ultimate Collection 1 – 1, 5 million
    I look to you 2 – 3 million

    Total: 128, 5 – 154 million

    Celine Dion Album Sales

    La voix du bon Dieu 40 000
    Céline Dion chante Noël 40 000
    Tellement j’ai d’amour 190 000
    Les chemins de ma maison 90 000
    Du soleil au cœur 90,000
    Chants et contes de Noël 40 000
    Les oiseaux du Bonheur 90,000
    Mélanie 90 000
    Les plus grands succès de Céline Dion40,000
    C’est pour toi 40 000
    Celine Dion en concert 40,000
    Les chansons en or 40,000
    Incognito 500 000
    The Best Of 300,000

    Unison 3 – 4 million
    Dion chante plamondon 1,5 – 3 million
    Celine Dion 5 – 6 million
    The Color of my Love 19 – 20 million
    A l’Ompia 1 – 1, 5 million
    D’eux 7 – 9 million
    Falling Into you 30 – 32 million
    Live a Paris 2 – 3, 5 million
    Let’s talk about Love 29 – 31, 5 million
    S’il suffisait d’aimer 3 – 3, 5 million
    These are special times 11 – 12 million
    Au Coeur du stade 1, 5 million
    All the way… a decade of songs 20 – 22 million
    The Collector’s Series 2 – 3 million
    A new Day has come 10 – 12 million
    One Heart 5 – 6 million
    1 filles & 4 types 1 million
    A new day, live in LV 1 – 1, 5 million
    Miracle 2 – 3 million
    Taking Chances 3, 5 million
    On ne Change pas 1,5 million
    D’elles 1 – 2 million
    Complete the best 0, 2
    My Love Essential Collection 1, 5 million

    TOTAL: 162, 6 – 186, 1 million albums sold

    * Let’s Talk About Love
    USA : 11.500.000
    Canada : 2.000.000
    Brazil : 200.000
    Mexico : 300.000
    Argentina : 150.000

    Japan : 1.700.000
    Taiwan : 500.000

    Australia : 420.000
    New Zealand : 135.000

    Europe : 9.780.000

    UK : 2.225.000
    Germany : 1.650.000
    France : 1.400.000
    Italy : 1.050.000
    Spain: 450.000
    Switzerland : 340.000
    Austria : 130.000
    Pays-Bas : 550.000
    Sweden : 260.000
    Finland : 98.000
    Belgique : 200.000
    Pologne : 200.000
    Norway : 200.000

    Global sales : 30.300.000

    * Music Box (Mariah Carey)

    USA : 10.300.000
    Canada : 750.000
    Brazil : 250.000+
    Argentina : 60.000

    Australia : 980.000
    New Zealand : 75.000

    Japan : 2.200.000
    Singapur : 180.000
    Korea : 1.100.000
    Philippines : 100.000
    Taiwan : 500.000
    China : 300.000
    Indonesia : 275.000
    Hong Kong : 120.000
    India : #1

    Europe : 7.720.000
    UK : 1.800.000
    France : 1.200.000
    Germany : 1.250.000
    Spain: 450.000
    Italy : 500.000
    Netherlands : 625.000
    Austria : 110.000
    Finland : 47.338
    Sweden : 220.000
    Switzerland : 225.000
    Norway : 40.000
    Denmark : 235.000

    South Africa : 100.000
    Israel : 60.000

    Global sales: 26.300.000

    * The Immaculate Collection (Madonna)

    USA: 12.000.000
    Canada: 850.000
    Brazil: 750.000
    Mexico: 850.000
    Argentina: 300.000
    Colombia: 80.000
    America: 15.100.000

    UK: 4.200.000
    France: 1.050.000
    Germany: 800.000
    Italy: 550.000
    Austria: 60.000
    Belgium: 150.000
    Denmark: 50.000
    Finland: 100.000
    Greece: 120.000
    Netherlands: 270.000
    Poland: 275.000
    Portugal: 40.000
    Spain: 350.000
    Switzerland: 125.000
    Sweden: 150.000
    Europe: 9.230.000

    Australia: 900.000
    New Zealand: 115.000
    Oceania: 1.015.000

    Japan: 1.100.000
    Singapore: 180.000
    Asia: 3.000.000

    South Africa: 50.000

    Total global sales: 29.000.000

  94. RIGHT says:

    Top Selling album artist:
    Every figure stands at 2007 or 2008, add the millions of albums sold.

    1 – Beatles = 346.500.000 (12/2007)
    2 – Michael Jackson = 205.500.000 (09/2008)
    3 – Pink Floyd = 193.700.000 (02/2008)
    4 – Elvis Presley = 187.000.000
    5 – Madonna = 185.300.000 (01/2008)
    6 – Elton John = 177.200.000 (01/2008)
    7 – Queen = 170.100.000 (09/2008)
    8 – Rolling Stones = 169.100.000
    9 – U2 = 166.400.000 (02/2008)
    10 – Led Zeppelin = 165.500.000 (01/2008)
    11 – Celine Dion = 163.000.000 (12/2007)
    12 – Eagles = 147.800.000 (12/2007)
    13 – Mariah Carey = 145.900.000 (12/2007)
    14 – Rod Stewart = 140.100.000 (03/2008)
    15 – Barbra Streisand = 139.800.000 (02/2008)
    16 – Whitney Houston = 134.200.000 (12/2007)
    17 – Garth Brooks = 131.900.000 (02/2008)
    18 – Bruce Springsteen = 130.900.000 (02/2008)
    19 – Eric Clapton = 129.000.000 (02/2008)
    20 – AC/DC = 128.700.000 (11/2007)
    21 – Billy Joel = 124.500.000 (12/2007)
    22 – Bee Gees = 122.100.000 (12/2007)
    23 – Phil Collins = 122.000.000 (12/2007)
    24 – Bob Dylan = 119.800.000 (12/2007)
    25 – Fleetwood Mac = 118.100.000 (12/2007)
    26 – Santana – 117.700.000 (03/2008)
    27 – Neil Diamond = 117.300.000 (02/2008)
    28 – Aerosmith = 113.500.000 (11/2007)
    29 – Bon Jovi = 107.200.000 (12/2007)
    30 – Simon and Garfunkel = 105.100.000 (03/2008)
    31 – ABBA = 104.200.000 (09/2007)
    32 – Paul McCartney – 103.700.000 (02/2008)
    33 – Dire Strait = 102.800.000 (12/2007)
    34 – Metallica – 102.500.000 (01/2008)
    35 – Prince = 99.900.000 (02/2008)
    36 – Genesis = 98.000.000 (12/2007)
    37 – David Bowie = 95.700.000 (12/2007)
    38 – Van Halen = 94.000.000 (02/2008)
    39 – Guns N’ Roses = 93.200.000 (12/2007)
    40 – Kenny Rogers = 90.400.000 (02/2008)
    41 – The Doors = 89.700.000 (01/2008)
    42- Julio Iglesias = 89.500.000 (03/2008)
    43 – Stevie Wonder = 87.100.000 (03/2008)
    44 – Bob Marley = 86.600.000 (01/2008)
    45 – Backstreet Boys = 85.900.000 (02/2008)
    46 – R.E.M. = 83.800.000 (02/2008)
    47 – Eminem = 83.400.000 (12/2007)
    48 – Neil Young = 79.900.000 (06/2008)
    49 – Enya = 78.300.000 (12/2007)
    50 – Kenny G = 77.900.000 (03/2008)
    51 – The Police = 75.600.000 (02/2008)
    52 – George Strait = 74.400.000 (02/2008)
    53 – Shania Twain = 74.200.000 (02/2008)
    54 – Willie Nelson = 73.000.000 (03/2008)
    55 – Britney Spears = 70.200.000 (02/2008)
    56 – Red Hot Chili Peppers = 69.600.000 (02/2008)
    57 – Nirvana = 69.400.000 (02/2008)
    58 – Sade = 69.200.000 (02/2008)
    59 – Janet Jackson = 66.300.000 (12/2007)
    60 – The Who = 66.200.000 (11/2008)
    61 – Sting = 65.700.000 (02/2008)
    62 – Bob Seger = 65.400.000 (02/2008)
    63 – Lionel Richie = 65.300.000 (03/2008)
    64 – Andrea Bocelli = 64.200.000 (05/2008)
    65 – Journey = 64.000.000 (01/2008)
    66 – Bryan Adams = 63.600.000 (12/2007)
    67 – Def Leppard = 62.500.000 (12/2007)
    68 – Alabama = 62.000.000 (12/2007)
    69 – Meat Loaf = 61.500.000 (01/2008)
    70 – Deep Purple = 61.400.000 (11/2008)
    71 – Foreigner = 59.900.000 (12/2007)
    72 – Iron Maiden = 59.700.000 (02/2008)
    73 – Gloria Estefan = 58.800.000 (02/2008)
    74 – Pearl Jam = 56.700.000 (03/2008)
    75 – Reba Mc Entire = 56.600.000 (03/2008)
    76 – Marvin Gaye = 56.100.000 (11/2008)
    77 – George Michael = 56.000.000 (02/2008)
    78 – Simply Red = 55.900.000 (02/2008)
    79 – James Taylor = 55.600.000 (03/2006)
    80 – Linda Ronstadt = 55.300.000 (02/2008)
    81 – Michael Bolton = 54.600.000 (02/2008)
    82 – Green Day = 54.500.000 (12/2007)
    83 – Tina Turner = 54.500.000 (02/2008)
    84 – Kiss = 54.500.000 (11/2008)
    85 – Alan Jackson = 53.600.000 (12/2007)
    86 – Diana Ross = 53.300.000 (03/2008)
    87 – Alanis Morissette = 52.100.000 (02/2008)
    88 – Robbie Williams = 51.100.000 (02/2008)
    89 – B’z = 51.000.000 (12/2007)
    90 – Cher = 50.200.000 (03/2008)
    91 – Black Sabbath = 48.400.000 (11/2008)
    92 – 2Pac = 48.300.000 (11/2007)
    93 – Ray Charles = 47.800.000 (03/2008)
    94 – Boston = 46.700.000 (02/2008)
    95 – Ozzy Osbourne = 46.700.000 (11/2008)
    96 – Jackson 5/The Jacksons = 46.300.000 (12/2007)
    97 – Scorpions = 44.900.000 (11/2008)
    98 – R.Kelly = 44.800.000 (02/2008)
    99 – Tracy Chapman = 44.400.000 (12/2007)
    100 – Boyz II Men = 43.500.000 (12/2007)
    101 – Duran Duran = 43.400.000 (12/2007)
    102 – Oasis = 42.800.000 (11/2007)
    103 – Tim McGraw = 41.200.000 (03/2008)
    104 – Eros Ramazzotti = 41.100.000 (11/2008)
    105 – Spice Girls = 39.700.000 (02/2008)
    106 – Jay-Z = 39.600.000 (02/2008)
    107 – The Cranberries = 39.400.000 (12/2007)
    108 – N’ SYNC = 39.400.000 (02/2008)
    109 – Dixie Chicks = 38.700.000 (02/2008)
    110 – Ayumi Hamasaki = 38.400.000 (11/2008)
    111 – Norah Jones = 37.400.000 (01/2008)
    112 – Destiny’s child = 35.800.000 (12/2007)
    113 – Mary J Blige = 33.900.000 (05/2008)
    114 – TLC = 33.600.000 (02/2008)
    115 – Coldplay = 32.900.000 (03/2008)
    116 – The Corrs = 31.700.000 (03/2008)
    117 – Shakira = 31.100.000 (03/2008)
    118 – Christina Aguilera = 30.800.000 (03/2008)
    119 – Usher = 30.700.000 (03/2008)

  95. MEREDITH says:

    TO all album sales for popdirt and RIGHT
    Your sources lie in everything ,cause they decrease Whitney’s and Mariah’s sales while they increase Celine Dion’s and Madonna’s.About Whitney Houston and Celine Dion,the right list of their figure sales is :
    Whitney Houston Album Sales
    Whitney Houston 23 – 25 million
    Whitney 21– 23 million
    I’m Your Baby Tonight 10 – 13 million
    The Bodyguard 41 – 44 million
    (Waiting to Exhale) 12-14 million
    The Preacher’s Wife 6– 7 million
    My Love is your Love 12 – 16 million
    Whitney the Greatest Hits 8-10 million
    Love, Whitney 0, 5 – 1 million
    Just Whitney 2 – 3 million
    One Wish, The Holiday Album 1 – 1, 5 million
    The Ultimate Collection 1 – 1, 5 million
    I look to you 2 – 3 million
    Total: 139, 5 – 162 million
    Celine Dion Album Sales
    La voix du bon Dieu 40 000
    Céline Dion chante Noël 40 000
    Tellement j’ai d’amour 190 000
    Les chemins de ma maison 90 000
    Du soleil au cœur 90,000
    Chants et contes de Noël 40 000
    Les oiseaux du Bonheur 90,000
    Mélanie 90 000
    Les plus grands succès de Céline Dion40,000
    C’est pour toi 40 000
    Celine Dion en concert 40,000
    Les chansons en or 40,000
    Incognito 500 000
    The Best Of 300,000
    Unison 3 – 4 million
    Dion chante plamondon 1,5 – 3 million
    Celine Dion 5 – 6 million
    The Colour of my Love 17 – 19 million
    A l’Olympia 1 – 1, 5 million
    D’eux 7 – 9 million
    Falling Into you 30 – 32 million
    Live a Paris 1 – 1, 5 million
    Let’s talk about Love 29 – 31, 5 million
    S’il suffisait d’aimer 3 – 3, 5 million
    These are special times 9 – 11 million
    Au Coeur du stade 0,5 million
    All the way… a decade of songs 20 – 22 million
    The Collector’s Series 1,5 – 2 million
    A new Day has come 10 – 11 million
    One Heart 2 – 3,5 million
    1 filles & 4 types 0,2 million
    A new day, live in LV 0,5 – 1,5million
    Miracle 2 – 2,5 million
    Taking Chances 3, 5 million
    On ne Change pas 0,5 million
    D’elles 0,2- 0,3 million
    Complete the best 0, 2
    My Love Essential Collection 1 million
    ? TOTAL: 153 – 173 million albums sold
    ? For singles : Celine Dion’s global singles sales are approximately 40-50 million .Whitney Houston’s global singles sales are approximately 60-70 million.Therefore,Whitney Houston’s glogal sales surpass Celine Dion’s :
    ? Celine global records sales ( albums & singles ) : 193 – 223 million
    ? Whitney Houston records sales ( albums & singles ) : 199,5 – 232 million
    ? About Mariah’s Music Box ,as we already claim in popdirt entries,Music Box sold at last 30 million copies worldwide. Your list decrease the sales of Music Box in almost all the countries.Moreover ,it doesn’t put some countries in which Music Box was relatively successful ( Greece,Poland,Mexico,etc…).Moreover, I discover your tricks .You try to dissuade everyone by those falsified details figure sales,cause you think that nobody would spend their time to find out the sales and certifications in all countries respectively ! You know what ? You’re mistaken ! And when did you ever seen that Music Box sold at only 26 million copies ? It’s exaggerated ! let me tell you something just about Music Box :
    ? Music Box is 14 x platinum in Australia,only behind Shania Twain’s Come On Over (15 x platinum) and John Farnham’s Whispering Jack (18x platinum).Mariah Carey’s album Music Box became the first international female album to pass 500,000 legal sales in China.( Daydream, Butterfly, #1’s and Charmbracelet also sold 500,000 copies or more in this country).Mariah Carey is the only female artist who got albums reaching and surpassing 500 ,000 copies sold in China.Moreover ,Music Box was the biggest selling album of 1994 in : Japan (with close to 3 million units sold till today ) (Int.), Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece (int.), Poland, Italy (int.) South Africa, Korea (int.), China(int.), Taiwan, Israel, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil (int.) ,etc…

    * Music Box (Mariah Carey) sales worldwide :
    USA : 10.500.000
    Canada : 950.000
    Brazil : 260.000+
    Argentina : 80.000
    Mexico : 100 000
    Romania : 25 000
    Costa Rica 10 000
    Australia : 1.100.000
    New Zealand : 95.000
    Japan : 2.800.000
    Singapur : 220.000
    Korea : 1.300.000
    Philippines : 130.000
    Taiwan : 530.000
    China : 600.000
    Indonesia : 275.000
    Hong Kong : 160.000
    India : 70 000 Malaysia 90 000
    Thailand :40 000

    UK : 1.830.000
    France : 1.250.000
    Germany : 1.280.000
    Spain: 450.000
    Italy : 700.000
    Netherlands : 625.000
    Austria : 110.000
    Finland : 77.338
    Sweden : 220.000
    Switzerland : 225.000
    Norway : 45.000
    Denmark : 235.000
    Poland : 75 000
    Belgium : 70 000
    Greece 30 000
    South Africa : 120.000
    Israel : 60.000
    Global sales: 30.40.000
    About the list of top selling artists of all times that you gave,don’t be stupid.Everybody know that there are lists who claim everything,so it’s easy to just choose the one who favorise your favorites artists and which penalize the ones you don’t like.But,we didn’t make all the previous debates and deep analysis ,through popdirt entries just for swallow now what a doubtful list claim,We always knew the existence of these kind of lists,and could use them for a long time.But we wanted go further than that,and finding the truth by ourselves,from facts and detailed datas.It is much more reliable than many asserts coming from some sources.
    For example,your list can’t make it as it have many incoherences : Where is Cliff Richards? Since when Pink Floyd has sold more albums than Elvis Presley ? And how it’s possible that Elvis’s albums sales surpass Madonna’s with just only 1,7 million sales ? By which possible means did Celine Dion’s albums sales surpass Mariah’s ? It’s so stupid and silly !Since when did Barbra Streisand’s sales surpass Whitney Houston’s ? In fact,Barbra Streisand’s sales are even not close to Whitney’s ,she’s too far behind Whitney.And we could continue on showing that this list is very pedestrian !
    Fortunatelly,most of us already have an idea about the real top 20 best selling artists of all times ,and are in a position to refute these kinds of assertions.

  96. table says:

    Comparison of number 1 hits in different countries

    Madonnas number ones:

    Germany 4
    USA 12
    United Kingd. 13
    Canada 20
    Australia 11
    Switzerland 9
    total 69

    Michael Jacksons number ones:

    Germany 2
    USA 13
    United Kingd. 8
    Canada 6
    Switzerland 4
    total 33

    Mariah Careys number ones:

    Germany 1
    USA 18
    United Kingd. 2
    Canada 7
    Australia 2
    Switzerland 1
    TOTAL 31

    even Michael Jackson is less successful than Madonna in charts

  97. russian roulette says:

    Cher Singles sales

    All I really Want to do- 2,000,000
    Where do you go?- 550,000
    Bang, Bang- 5,000,000
    Alfie- 500,000
    Sunny- 1,200,000
    I feel something in the air- 100,000
    Behind the door- 100,000
    Mama- 150,000
    Hey Joe- 100,000
    You better sit down kids- 1,500,000
    Click song- 150,000
    For what it’s worth- 50,000
    Gypsies, tramps & thieves- 3,100,000
    the way of love- 1,300,000
    Living in a house divided- 500,000
    Don’t hide your love- 300,000
    Am I blue?- 250,000
    half-breed- 2,100,000
    dark lady- 2,900,000
    Train of thought- 500,000
    I saw a man and he danced with his wife- 300,000
    Pirate- 150,000
    Take me home- 1,500,000
    Wasn’t it good- 300,000
    It’s too late to love me now- 250,000
    Hell on wheels- 250,000
    Dead Ringer- 600,000
    I found someone- 2,000,000
    Skin deep- 200,000
    We all sleep alone- 1,500,000
    After all- 1,500,000
    If I could turn back time- 4,000,000
    Just like Jesse James- 1,500,000
    Heart of stone- 1,000,000
    You wouldn’t know love- 700,000
    the shoop, shopp song- 6,100,000
    baby I’m yours- 100,000
    dead ringer (re-release)- 100,000
    Love and understanding- 2,000,000
    save up all your tears- 1,000,000
    love hurts- 500,000
    Could’ve been you- 300,000
    oh no not my baby- 500,000
    many rivers to cross- 200,000
    whenever you’re near- 100,000
    Love can build a bridge- 800,000
    walking in Memphis- 1,300,000
    One by one- 800,000
    paradise is here- 300,000
    not enough love in the world- 200,000
    the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore- 300,000
    Belive- 12,000,000
    strong enough- 4,200,000
    all or nothing- 1,250,000
    Dov’e L’amore- 1,350,000
    music’s no good without you- 2,000,000
    alive again- 500,000
    song for the lonely- 1,500,000
    a different kind of love song- 1,100,000
    when the money’s gone- 50,000

    All I really want to do- 1,940,000
    The Sonny Side of Cher- 3,950,000
    Cher (1966)- 2,500,000
    With Love- 1,150,000
    Backstage- 600,000
    Golden Greats- 200,000
    3614 Jackson Highway- 650,000
    Cher (1971)- 3,500,000
    Foxy Lady- 750,000
    Superpak Vol.1- 500,000
    Superpak Vol.2- 500,000
    Bittersweet Whitelight- 800,000
    Half-Breed- 3,900,000
    Dark Lady- 5,000,000
    Greatest Hits- 1,000,000
    Stars- 700,000
    The Very Best- 500,000
    I’d rather believe in you- 1,800,000
    Cherished- 500,000
    Take me home- 4,500,000
    Prisoner- 3,000,000
    I paralyze- 880,000
    Cher (1987)- 7,950,000
    Heart of stone- 11,000,000
    Love hurts- 11,000,000
    Geffen greatest hits- 7,000,000
    It’s a man’s world- 3,400,000
    Believe- 20,000,000 (Billoard said in 2000 the album sold 10,000,000)
    If I could turn back time- 2,500,000
    Greatest hits- 5,000,000
    Millennium Collection Vol.1- 200,000
    Millennium Collection Vol.2- 200,000
    Living Proof- 8,400,000
    Very Best of Cher (1CD)- 2,500,000
    Live! The Farewell Tour- 200,000
    Very Best of Cher (2CD)- 5,000,000
    Gold- 200,000

    Argentina- Double Platinum (80,000)
    Australia- Double Platinum (140,000)
    Austria- Double Platinum (40,000)
    Belgium- Platinum (30,000)
    Brazil- Platinum (60,000)
    Canada- Septuple Platinum (700,000)
    Chile- Gold (7,500)
    Colombia- Gold (5,000)
    Czech Republic- Gold (3,000)
    Denmark- Quintuple Platinum (150,000)
    Europe- Quintuple Platinum (5 million)
    Finland- Gold (10,000)
    France- Double Platinum (600,000)
    Germany- Double Platinum (400,000)
    Greece- Gold (7,500)
    Hong Kong- Gold (7,500)
    Hungary- Platinum (6,000)
    Indonesia- Platinum (40,000)
    Ireland- Triple Platinum (45,000)
    Israel- Gold (20,000)
    Italy- Triple Platinum (210,000)
    Japan- Gold (100,000)
    Korea- Platinum (15,000)
    Malaysia- Gold (10,000)
    Mexico- Platinum (105,000)
    Netherlands- Gold (30,000)
    New Zealand- Double Platinum (30,000)
    Norway- Platinum (30,000)
    Poland- Platinum (20,000)
    Portugal- Double Platinum (40,000)
    Singapore- Gold (6,000)
    South Africa- Double Platinum (100,000)
    Spain- Quadruple Platinum (400,000)
    Sweden- Triple Platinum (180,000)
    Switzerland- Double Platinum (60,000)
    Taiwan- Gold (7,000)
    Thailand- Gold (8,000)
    Turkey- Triple Platinum (30,000)
    United Kingdom- Double Platinum (600,000)
    United States- Quadruple Platinum (4 million)

  98. STACY says:

    Everybody,don’t forget that here,the debate is about the 10 best selling female artists of all times,not the best selling male and female artists of all times. Meredith and Moff already put the 5 top best selling female artists,which are :

    2-Mariah Carey
    3-Whitney Houston
    4-Celine Dion

    If someone don’t agree with this list,just say why and bring arguments.Otherwise,we must continue,and search for the 6th,7th,8th,9th and 10th best selling female artists of all times.

  99. Scott says:

    I think that the 5 last best selling female artists behind the 5 top are :

    Tina Turner
    Janet Jackson
    Barbra Streisand
    Donna Summer
    Britney spears

  100. MOFF says:

    I think I can agree with you, Scott.
    Brintey has sold a lot of albums and singles in just 10 years, that’s huge!

    Barbra streisand has sold over 100 million albums and plus single sales she’s sure sold over 120-150 million records.

    I heard that Donna Summer’s record sales stand at 130 million Janet’s, too

  101. DIVA’S TRUTH says:

    So now we have the clarification,the top 10 best selling female artists of all times are :
    1-Madonna 270 ( 200 million albums,70 million singles )
    2-Mariah Carey 250 ( 190 million albums, 60 million singles )
    3-Celine Dion 205 ( 175 million albums, 30 million singles )
    4-Whitney Houston 185 ( 145 million albums,40 million singles )
    5-Cher 140 ( 105 million albums, 35 million singles )
    6-Tina Turner 138 ( 110 million albums,28 million singles )
    7-Barbra Streisand 135 ( 105 million albums,30 million singles )
    8- Donna Summer 130 ( 105 million albums,25 million singles )
    9-Janet Jackson 128 ( 100 million albums,28 million singles )
    10-Britney Spears 102 ( 78 million albums,24 million singles ).
    Now that the question of sales is settled,let’s play with this 10 best selling female artists :
    – youth order :
    1-Britney Spears ( 1982 )
    2-Mariah Carey ( 1970 )
    3-Celine Dion (1968 )
    4-Janet Jackson
    5-Whitney Houston ( 1963 )
    6-Madonna ( 1958 )
    7-Donna Summer ( 1955 )
    8-Cher ( 1946 )
    9- Barbra Streisand ( 1942 )
    10- Tina Turner ( 1939)

    -The most beautiful ( at their 22-35 years old )
    1-Britney Spears
    2-Mariah Carey
    4-Whitney Houston
    5-Donna Summer
    6-Janet Jackson
    7-Celine Dion
    9-Barbra Streisand
    10-Tina Turner

    -The most sexy
    2-Mariah Carey
    3-Britney Spears
    4-Janet Jackson
    6-Tina Turner
    7-Donna Summer
    8-Whitney Houston
    9-Barbra Streisand
    10-Celine Dion

    -The best voice
    1-Mariah Carey
    2-Whitney Houston
    3-Celine Dion
    4-Barbra Steisand
    5-Donna Summer
    7-Janet Jackson
    8-Tina Turner
    9-Britney Spears

    -The taller
    1-Whitney Houston
    2-Mariah Carey
    3- Celine Dion
    4- Donna Summer
    6- Barbra Streisand
    7- Madonna
    8- Britney spears
    9-Janet Jackson
    10 -Tina Turner

    Now,why don’t we look for the 10 best selling artists overall ( male & female ).

  102. hello says:

    go Britney!! she’s still young so she has so much time to become more succesful!!! love her!!!!!!!

  103. Momo says:

    Mariah Carey rules in everything. She’s the best!!!!!!!!!!

  104. tom says:

    If you want to know who would be the BEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME

    I think it would go to Madonna, the sources say so
    She is mainly queen of pop

    If you would ask for the BEST SELLING female artist of THE DECADE

    then that would go to Britney Spears, she had officially sold 100 million in albums WW according to RIAA just recently. her singles sales as of today would reach around 50+ million. and the youngest to do so in success.

  105. pili says:

    Britney Spears has the guts of being one of the best selling artists. I see she did made 100+ million in album sales in just a short period of time. Minus the years she was absent when her life went bad.

    But I think she still has got the world in her hands, a lot still do love and support her. And nowdays she seems to get better and doing great.

    I would be really shocked if some1 here would say Madonna is not the ‘best selling female artist’
    cause everyone knows she is ….

  106. MOFF says:

    I am really curious about Madonnas next studio album.
    There’re so many rumours going around the globe and realease date is still unknown.
    I think it will be more successful then her last year compilation Celebration and hope it will sell more than Hard Candy …. :D
    Furthermorem I think Mariah won’t realease a new studio album because she realeased 2008 and 2009 one and realeasing studio albums every year sound weirdly…
    Yeah, Britney has still enough time to be the biggest selling female artist but in case of original CDs and records Madonna is on the top.. Britney can beat her in case of digital downloads anytime….

    But only the future can tell us whether Britney is able to bear up….

    So – Let’s see!

  107. Trish says:

    Moff,just talk about your Madonna and your wishes about her releasing albums,and let Mariah’s fans do the same with their favorite artist which is the best singer ever.
    we doesn’t like Mariah’s music because eccentricities,but because Mariah’s music is good !Mariah is the best,whatever she sing !No matter if she release 1 album every year or every month,what matters is the quality of her work. We’d love she release an album even every year,cause she ‘s really a great singer and doesn’t give elementary stuff,but great work and goo music !She doesn’t sell herself ( of her image ),but music.So,we interest very much in her music.
    Don’t dare

  108. Mandy says:

    I await Mariah’s next album impatiently,cause she’s the best female singer I ever know .when I listen Mariah’s music ,I always think that Mariah really deserve the incredible success she had in the world ! Her music proves clearly that Mariah is an exceptional musician.She do true music,music which deserve to called ART .
    Mariah is a true artist ,cause in spite of her big success in pop music since her debut,she chose in 1997 to sing another musical genre which is much less successful worldwide.She proves that she doesn’t make music just for reaching huge sales ,but for making something she want to share ,which come from her deep soul,from her feeling,her personality and her preference,That what a true artist is.Mariah is really the best.
    Can we imagine if Mariah made only Pop albums ? I am sure that she would have at least 5 others albums which would surpass 20 million sales worldwide and much more # 1 hits worldwide .
    But Mariah is not a business-woman who is motived by money.she’s an artist and is above all motived by the music.

  109. MOFF says:

    Yeah, Mandy you’re right.
    Mariah is a singer who does music with heart and she doesn’t care too much about image etc
    What’s your problem about me and Madonna?
    I just told the truth and I didn’t dare saying something which is false or hurtful to Mariah Carey.

    I think you actually didn’t understand my statement:

    I said that I thought that Mariah would not release a new album that year!
    That does NOT mean : I dislike her!
    Between releasing albums an artist takes normally 1,2, 3 years.
    eg The emancipation of mimi 2005 – E=mc2 2008 2 YEARS
    Charmbracelet 2002 – TEOF 2005 3 YEARS

    you understand?

    It is just a statement that has no hidden agenda!
    Trish, I have nothing against you (besides your insulting posts before) .. before you post, you ought to read one carefully!

  110. STEPHEN says:

    In the 2003 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records, set for a March 2003 release date, pop-diva MARIAH CAREY scores still another title. According to Guinness officials, the siren’s ethereal pipes hold the record for having hit the highest note in the history of recorded music. In a live rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” last year, Mariah hit a G7#-note, outdoing even the piano. Technically, the exertion of G7#-notes is “dolphin speak,” since, in theory, these are the only mammals physiologically equipped with the proper lung-structure to produce G7#-notes. So powerful are G7#-notes that these are capable of countering water and electric currents, and have even been known to outdistance space and range. In the world, Carey is the only other living creature to have ever generated a G7#-note. Clinically, Mariah’s voice is termed a medical wonder.

    But the “altisisima” Carey is no stranger to the Guinness Book, as the songbird is titleholder to dozen other titles. Correlating to Carey’s latest record, in a back edition of the Guinness Book, Carey is credited with possessing a 7-octave range, meaning she is able to go from an A2 (eight full-scaled keys below the lowest possible note on a piano) to a G7#-note without deviating from perfect pitch and all in the time-span of one breath. Behind vocal wonder Carey, who still goes un-championed, are Yma Sumac, ringing in at 5 octaves, and the late Minnie Riperton, with 4.5 octaves.

  111. Lucky Luke says:

    Be Objective guys ! Do you think people wanted to fool with us when they named Celine Dion as ”The Best Selling Artist of All Time” back in 2004 giving her the Chopard Award ? Do You really believe they ment to mislead everyone when they gave her the legend award in 2007 for her outstanding contribution to music ? Do you think it is a lie that Celine has 2 albums that sold over 30m,2 others that sold over 20 and 2 others that sold over 10m copies ? plus she owns the two best selling French albums of all time & she always tours to support them & she made the biggest contract ever back in 2002 for her Las Vegas shows that turned out to be hugely successful ! Can anyone of you deny that she was actually the best selling touring act of this decade ? Or somebody tries to mess with us again ? Plus Celine was the second best selling female artist in Us,behind Britney,for this decade ! Finally all these TV hosts (Oprah,Elen,Larry King) or radio hosts or the Prime Minister of France or Prince Albert to mention a few refer to Celine Dion as the ”Best Selling Female Artist Of All Time” ….Are they so wrong ? Are they just mean because they dislike all the other artists? Do they play a game ? I Think all these people plus facts just speak the truth !

  112. Michel 76 says:

    Yes… like Thriller has sold over 100 million copies..
    or better:
    Michael Jackson has sold over 750 million records!
    Hea.. funny..

  113. JASON says:

    Hahahahahaha! Celine The female artist Of All Times ! Hahahaha! Lucky Luke,you exaggerate.Celine isn’t worth enough for this title.This is Mariah Carey and Madonna who are worth to got this title.Besides,Mariah Carey got everything to deserve this title.She’s the real Female Artist Of All Times.There’s no need to be her fan to recognize it.

  114. Momo says:

    This is Mariah Carey who is The Best selling Female Artist Of All Times annd The Female Artist Of All Times.No question about it.

  115. MOFF says:

    Momo, after the big debate who is really the best selling female artist of all time – you’re wrong, it’s Madonna and you just want to provoke, like anyone else.
    The female singer of all tiem is Mariah, no doubt.

  116. Momo says:

    Madonna and Mariah Carey rules !!!!!!!!!


    Momo is right,Mariah and Madonna rules !
    There are three important and determinant fields which can determine whom among the 4 best selling female artists of all times( Whitney Houston,Celine Dion,Mariah Carey,Madonna ) is the GREATEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIMES : Success,Talent,Achievements. The one which combine these assets better is the Best Female Artist Of All Times.
    SUCCESS include Albums sales ,Singles sales,Concert Ticket sales,Amount of Hits worldwide,Popularity worldwide.

    TALENT include Voice quality,Sing skills,Diversity of Musical genres mastered,Part in the making of Music
    and Musical Mark,Originality & creativity

    ACHIEVEMENTS include Most Prestigious Records,Impact & Contribution on Music,Musical/Artistic Influence , More impressive Amount of great fulfillments .The one which would combine every of each respective assets and also the most globally,will be obviously the winner.
    Which among all is the Greatest Female Artist of all Times ?
    No doubt ,Mariah Carey take the crown ! She’s the undeniable winner ,the Best and the Greatest Female Artist of All Times. Mariah beat all other female artists in most of these fields. Let’ see :
    Albums sales Madonna -> 10 Mariah -> 9,5 Celine ->9,5 Whitney ->7
    Singles sales Madonna-> 10 Mariah -> 9,5 Whitney ->7,5 Celine ->7
    Concert ticket sales: Celine ->10 Madonna 9 Whitney-> 5 Mariah ->2,5
    Hits worldwide : Madonna-> 10 Mariah ->8 Whitney->5 Celine ->4
    Popularity : Madonna -> 10 Mariah ->9 Whitney-> 8-> Celine 8
    Results for Success : Madonna scores 49 points,Mariah scores 38,5 points, Celine scores 38,5 points,Whitney scores 32,5 points.So Madonna wins in success,Mariah and Celine are second to Madonna.

    TALENT :
    Voice quality Mariah->10 Whitney ->9 Celine->8 Madonna->4
    Sing Skills Mariah ->10 Whitney 9-> Celine 8 Madonna ->5
    Diversity of Musical genres Mariah-> 10 Whitney->6 Madonna -> 5 Celine-> 5
    Part in the making of Music Mariah->10 Madonna-> 5 Whitney ->4 Celine ->2
    Musical/Artistical mark,Originality & creativity Mariah-> 10 Whitney ->9 Celine->6 Madonna ->6

    Results for Talent : Mariah scores 50 points Whitney scores 35,5 points Celine scores 29 points Madonna scores 25 points .So Mariah wins in Talent,Whitney is second behind Mariah.

    Larger amount of prestigious Records Mariah-> 10 Madonna-> 9 Whitney-> 8,5 Celine ->9
    Impact & Contribution on Music ->Mariah->10 Whitney-> 6-> Madonna-> 5-> Celine-> 3
    Musical/Artistic Influence Mariah->10 Madonna ->8 Whitney->8 Celine->4
    More Impressive Amount of Fullfilments Mariah-> 10 Madonna ->10 Whitney-> 9 Celine ->9
    Results for Achievements :Mariah scores 40 points Whitney scores 31,5 points Madonna scores 32 points, Celine scores 25 points.Mariah wins,Whitney and Madonna are second to Mariah.

    Mariah Carey : Success = 39/50 ,Talent=50/50,Achievements=40/40
    Mariah’s Global points :129/140

    Madonna Success= 49/50,Talent=25/50 Achievements =32/40
    Madonna’s global points :106/140

    Whitney Houston Success =32,5 /50 Talent=36/50 Achievements = 32/40
    Whitney’s global points :100/140

    Celine Dion Success =38,5 /50 Talent =29/50 Achievements =25/40
    Celine global’s points =94,5/140

    As we see,Madonna and Mariah scores globally the most points,and rules over all others !
    Therefore,Mariah wins.Mariah Carey is the Best & Greatest Female Artist Of All Times.


    1-O Holy Nght ( Mariah Carey )
    2-Silent Night ( Mariah Carey )
    3-Do You Hear What I Hear ( Whitney Houston )
    4-The Christmas Song ( Luther Vandross )
    5-What Child Is This ( Vanessa Williams )
    6-Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley )
    7-O Christmas Tree ( Aretha Franklin )
    8-The little Drummer Boy ( Jackson 5)
    9-Joy To The World ( Whitney Houston )
    10-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town ( Frank Sinatra/Cindy Lauper )
    11-Hark! The Herald Angel Sing/Gloria ( Mariah Carey )
    12-The First Noel ( All 4 One )
    13-O Come All ye Faithful ( Celine Dion )
    14-White Christmas ( Michael Bolton )
    15-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ( Vanessa Williams )
    16-Sleigh Ride ( Debbie Gibson )
    17-Who would Imagine A King ( Whitney Houston )
    18 –I’ll Be Home For Christmas ( Frank Sinatra )
    19-Rockin’Around The Christmas Tree ( Jessica Simpson )

    Everyone who will try to listen all these Christmas songs will agree with this list !

  119. MOFF says:

    Yeah, they sound great!

  120. poo says:

    ? Madonna (400 Millions Of Albums Sold)

    – Whitney Houston (230 Million Albums Sold)

    – Celine Dion (200 Million Albums Sold)

    – Cher (180 Million Albums Sold)

    – Mariah? Carey (175 Million Albums Sold)

    – Britney Spears (63 Million Albums Sold)

    – Lady Gaga (8 Million Albums Sold).

  121. DIVAS says:

    Poo,you just posted your wish about sales of these divas ,or facts ? You must learn to don’t combine facts and fantasies,OK ? In accordance to the reality,Madonna sold 200 million albums,not 400 million ( even with singles sales,Madonna is very far behing this amount !).Mariah Carey is the Second best selling female artist behind Madonna,with more than 190 million albums ,OK ? The right rank of the 10 best selling female artists is in the post # 101.Wake up,you’re in the reality,not in your foolish daydreams !

  122. Emo says:

    I really think so too=] I have been looking around the web for a while this week, and its really hard to find something entertaining to read on blogs:P Maybe its because there are too much of those around =) But your site actually keeps catching my attention:P Great stories, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits from now on =)

  123. Yen says:

    lol why is Gaga in this list?
    trash newbie attention whore looking monster not included

    oh and btw, Britney Spears has already sold 100 million albums. I pretty much expect well of her upcoming album this 2011

    Best Selling Female Artist?
    that would go to Madonna ….
    highest grossing tours, around 200-400 records

  124. TRISH says:

    Mariah rules overall ! She got Talent Voice Impressive sales, huge contribution on music , several records and achievements. THE SONGBIRD SUPREME RULES!


    Don’t get angry,Madonna’s fans !I put the same amount of sales for Mariah,Madonna and Celine as their respective fans claim that they are the best selling female artists .Otherwise,the right list will be :

    Albums sales:
    Madonna -> 10
    Mariah-> 9,5

    Celine -> 9,5
    Whitney -> 8,5
    Singles sales:
    Madonna-> 10
    Mariah -> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine -> 9
    Concert ticket sales:
    Madonna -> 10
    Celine ->10
    Whitney-> 9,5
    Mariah -> 9
    More successful Tours:
    Madonna -> 10
    Celine -> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Mariah ->9
    Hits worldwide:
    Madonna-> 10
    Mariah -> 9,5
    Whitney-> 9
    Celine -> 8,5
    Popularity :
    Madonna -> 10
    Mariah -> 9,5
    Whitney -> 9
    Celine -> 8,5

    Results for Success: Madonna scores 60 points, Mariah scores 56,5 points, Celine scores 55,5 points, Whitney scores 55,5 points. Madonna wins in success
    TALENT :
    Voice quality:
    Mariah -> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine -> 9
    Madonna -> 8,5
    Sing Skills:
    Mariah -> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine -> 9
    Madonna -> 8,5
    Diversity of musical genres:
    Mariah-> 10
    Madonna-> 9,5
    Whitney -> 9
    Celine -> 8,5
    Part in the making of music:
    Mariah -> 10
    Madonna-> 9,5
    Whitney -> 9
    Celine -> 8,5
    Dance and choregraphical annexation:
    Madonna -> 10
    Mariah -> 9,5
    Whitney -> 9
    Celine -> 8,5
    Madonna -> 10
    Celine -> 9,5
    Whitney -> 9
    Mariah -> 8,5

    Musical/Artistical mark, Originality & creativity:
    Mariah-> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine-> 9
    Madonna -> 8,5

    Results for Talent : Mariah scores 68 points, Whitney scores 65 points, Celine scores 63,5 points, Madonna scores 63 points . So Mariah wins in Talent
    Larger amount of prestigious Records:
    Mariah -> 10
    Madonna -> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine -> 9
    Impact & Contribution on Music:
    Mariah-> 10
    Madonna-> 9,5
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine -> 9

    Musical/Artistic Influence:
    Mariah-> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Madonna -> 9
    Celine -> 8,5
    More Impressive Amount of Fullfilments:
    Mariah-> 10
    Madonna -> 10
    Whitney -> 9,5
    Celine -> 9

    Results for Achievements:
    Mariah scores 40 points, Madonna scores 39 points ,Whitney scores 36 points, Celine scores 35 points. Mariah wins.
    Mariah Carey: Success = 56,5
    Talent = 68
    Achievements = 40
    Mariah’s Global points : 164,5
    Madonna Success = 60
    Talent = 63
    Achievements = 39
    Madonna’s global points: 162
    Whitney Houston
    Success = 55
    Talent = 65
    Achievements = 36
    Whitney’s global points: 156
    Celine Dion
    Success = 55,5
    Talent = 63
    Achievements = 35
    Celine global’s points = 154
    Mariah is the best ! So ,Mariah is the undeniable top female artist of all times,Madonna is the second,Whitney is the third,Celine is the fourth .Long live to the greatest divas !!!


  126. Alex says:

    You’re sure, that Mariah has the SAME Single sales?
    You’re sure that Mariah is a bigger part in music than Madonna?


    @ Alex.Of course! Mariah’s Singles sell better than Madonna’s worldwide although Madonna got most success on Charts.Moreover,Madonna release much more Singles than Mariah.Mariah is a bigger part in music than Madonna beecause Mariah’s sing style is emulate by most artists than Madonna’s.Besides,Mariah revolutionize Pop music by her style Pop/Hip Hop…Mariah is popular & successful in severall genres while Madonna is successful on Pop.

  128. Alex says:

    Mariah’s Singles don’t sell more than Madonnas!
    Apart from “All I want from Christmas is you”
    Like a prayer/Virgin, Vogue, Hung Up, Papa don’t preach, Music etc,
    sold more than: Honey , Always Be My Baby , Touch My Body Obsessed, When You Believe, Dreamlover , Endless Love , I Still Believe

    We can fight about who relolutionized Pop/Hip Hop …

  129. TRISH says:

    No no,Alex. All I Want 4 Xmas Is You,We Belong Together,Without You sold much than any Madonna singles.Only Hung Up Hung Up sold as much as Hero, One sweet day,When You Believe,Vision Of Love,Dreamleover and Always Be My Baby sold much worldwide than Vogue,Papa Don’t Preach,and Music.Don’t forget that Mariah is the most platinum Singles female artist ever in US (the biggest market of the whole world,bigger than the whole Europe).Moreover,Mariah’s Singles sold as much as Madonna in others countries around the world although Madonna got most # 1 in Charts.

  130. MARIAH S THE MUSIC says:

    Alex,you’re mistaken .Mariah’s We Belong Together and Without You sold more than the singles you mentioned for Madonna.

  131. Alex says:

    You don’t know anything about sales!
    Madonna’s single sales: 110-120 million
    Mariah’s: 50-60 !

  132. MARIAH IS THE ONE says:

    What ???? 110-120 million singles sold for Madonna while it’s 50-60 for Mariah ???? YOU’RE EXAGGERATED ! There is not such a huge difference between Mariah’s singles sales and Madonna’s ,for God sake !!!If Madonna’s singles sales would really be 110-120 million,Mariah’s would be 90-100 million ! Why don’t you try to compare their 15-20 respective best selling singles ? We’ll have an approximative idea for the truth .You must not confound or link up the amount of Madonna’s # 1 hits worldwide to the amount of their sales ! You’ll mistaken.

  133. truth says:

    Madonna best selling singles (phyical)

    1..Like A Virgin………………1984…..5.220.000
    2..Like A Prayer………………1989…..5.115.000
    4..4 Minutes………………….2008…..4.815.000
    5..Hung Up……………………2005…..4.395.000
    6..Papa Donâ??t Preach…………..1986…..3.770.000
    7..La Isla Bonita……………..1987…..3.660.000
    8..Into The Groove…………….1985…..3.410.000
    9..Crazy For You………………1985…..3.230.000
    12.Justify My Love…………….1990…..2.970.000
    13.True Blue………………….1986…..2.805.000
    14.Whoâ??s That Girl…………….1987…..2.675.000

    Mariah’s single sales (physical)

    1.All I Want For Christmas Is You 3,900,000
    2.One Sweet Day 3,400,000
    3.Without You 3,200,000
    4.Fantasy 3,200,000
    5.My All 2,250,000
    6.Heartbreaker 2,000,000
    7.Hero 2,000,000
    8.Honey 1,800,000
    9.Always Be My Baby 1,800,000
    10.Touch My Body 1,800,000
    11.Obsessed 1,700,000
    12.We Belong Together 1,600,000
    13.When You Believe 1,550,000
    14.Dreamlover 1,500,000
    15.Endless Love 1,400,000

  134. BrtineyLover says:

    all you guys stretch the data too thin or too thick. The place is Madonna at 300 million sales. then it’sCeline Dion with 250 million sales. after that it’s Mariah Carey with 200 million sales. after that it’s Whitney houstun with 170 million sales. after that it is tina turner with 150 million sales. then it’s Britney Spears with 130 million sales. after that it’s Janet Jackson with 100 million sold. these are the TRUE facts.

  135. ddmone99 says:

    Celine dion, Celine Dion, CELINE DION!

  136. Reba says:

    Mariah rules !

  137. MOFF says:

    Madonna, Celine, Mariah !

  138. MARIAH Is the one says:

    Mariah ,Madonna,Celine( Overall ).
    Madonna ,Mariah,Celine ( On success ).Mariah is the best.

  139. *****MARIAH says:

    the list of Madonna’s and Mariah’s singles sales is unfair and not correct.These Mariah’s sales are for the USA only whereas Madonna’s are for the whole world.

  140. truth says:

    Do you think so?

    I’m afraid to tell you that these are the sales of the whole world. Not only US.

  141. MARIAH IS THE TOP says:

    Do you joke ????Your sources are wrong ! Mariah’s AIWFCIY sold over 8 million ,Without You is the next with over 7,5 million,We Belong Together sold over 5 million.Just in Japan,AIWFCIY sells close to 2 million,in USA it sells over 2 million copies !All your Mariah’s data sales are decreased ! Let me remind U that even Mariah’s recent single Obssessed reached 1 million sales since 2009 (Nevertheless, Mariah’s popularity was the lowest ever at this period,and Obssessed ranked just at # 7 in Billboard ,besides it didn’t chart well in all other countries )!Mariah’s sales are far higher than what your sources say.Furthermore,Mariah got the most platinum singles ever in USA,as female artist !

  142. MARIAH IS THE TOP says:

    One Sweet DAy is Mariah’s best selling single In USA and it sold over 3 million there ! 3 million sold just in USA ,see ?

  143. truth says:

    These are physical sales …

    Madonna has the bigger selling singles!

  144. Stephanie says:

    No, Mariah has bigger selling singles than Madonna !

  145. MOFF says:

    I really think “Al I want for Christmas is you” has sold more than any single of Madonna.
    But the reason is: All I want for Christmas is you is every year successful because we all have Christmas every year.

    After that, we must say that Madonna’s got better selling singles than Mariah.

    Mariah’s single sales are around 50-60 million

  146. Stephanie says:

    No,there is also Mariah’s Without You and We Belong Together that sold more than Madonna’s singles.And Mariah’s singles sales are around 80-100 million.

  147. truth says:

    They never sold more than Hung Up, Vogue …

  148. Momo says:

    They sold much than Hung Up and Vogue.Check the 100 best selling singles of all times and you’ll see that.We belong Together sold close to 3 millions in USA alone.Mariah’s Singles are around 90-100 million,Madonna’s are around 95- 105 million.

  149. truth says:

    You surely mean that Mariah’s sales are around 50-70 million.

  150. Rikki says:

    I am gay n I love JUSTIN gayer yea
    omg omg

    Love Rikki

  151. Brian says:

    @ Rikki.Congratulations ! So find him and let you fall in love with him and let you fu**ed by him.Here we talk about best selling female artists OK?

  152. Mimi says:

    No one can’t put Mariah down..she has the most number 1 songs than other…!! from Phiippines here

  153. MOFF says:

    Do you mean the UK ? Or Germany?
    Or rest Europe?
    Or south America?

    MMhh does Mariah have more number ones there … ??

  154. MARIAH is says:

    Mariah sold much more singles than Celine Dion .
    There is Mariahâ??s multi-platinum singles worldwide :
    All I Want For Christmas Is You
    We Belong Together
    Without You
    One Sweet Day
    When You Believe
    Vision Of Love
    Iâ??ll Be there
    Always Be my Baby
    My All
    Endless Love
    Love Takes Time
    I Know What You Want
    Touch My body
    Total of multi-platinum singles : 20

    Mariahâ??s singles reaching at least 1 million sales worldwide :
    Itâ??s Like That
    Someday ( Platinum in US alone )
    Anytime You need A Friend
    Through The Rain
    Total Platinum singles worldwide : 6

    Mariahâ??s Gold singles worldwide :
    I Donâ??t Wanna Cry
    Make It Happen
    Open Arms
    The Roof
    Against All Odds
    Thank God I Found You
    Bye Bye
    I Want To Know What Love Is

    Total : 9 gold singles worldwide
    All this prove that Mariahâ??s total singles sold surpass 80 million mark worldwide

    Celineâ??s multi-platinum singles worldwide

    My Heart Will Go On
    Because You Loved Me
    All By Myself
    The Power Of Love
    Total of Celineâ??s multi-platinum singles worldwide : 4

    Celineâ??s singles reaching 1 million sales worldwide :
    Itâ??s All Coming Back To Me Now
    I am Your Angel
    To Love You More
    Think Twice

    Celineâ??s Gold singles worldwide :
    Dâ??Amour Et Dâ??amitie
    I Drove All Night
    Thatâ??s The Way It Is
    Iâ??m Alive
    Total : 4 Gold singles worldwide
    All other Celineâ??s singles sold lower than 500 000 marks worldwide.As we see,Mariah has obviously much more than 10 million singles sold over Celine !Mariah sold close to 3 times Celineâ??s total singles worldwide.Mariah got different singles certified Platinum in US ( 13 till 2006 ).Moreover,All I want For Christmas Is You,We Belong Together and One Sweet Day are certified each,3 times Platinum in USA alone.Hero,Without You,Vision Of Love are certified 2 times Platinum in USA alone. Without even including Mariahâ??s gold singles in USA,Mariah already got more than 25 million singles sold in USA alone ( with platinum certified singles only ) whereas Celine just have â?¦ 3 million singles sold in USA ( by platinum certified singles only ).How Mariah would have just 10 million singles sold over Celine ? Celine got only 3 singles certified Platinum each in USA.Besides,Mariah sold more singles than Celine in the rest of the world.So,Mariah sold more than 50 million singles worldwide over Celine..
    About Madonna.She is neck and neck with Mariah on singles sales worldwide. although Madonna started her career 7 years before Mariah,she got her first Platinum single in USA only since 1990 with Vogue,while Mariah got Vision Of Love (2 times platinum in USA alone) and Someday which reached Platinum sales the same year.USA is a highest buyer of single than all other countries combined .Thatâ??s why successful singles in USA usually sold more than successful singles in all other countries combined.Non-USA countries are more interested in album than in singles. Besides,Madonnaâ??s 5 best selling singles sold lower than Mariahâ??s.So,Madonna doesnâ??t sold more singles than Mariah worldwide

  155. MOFF says:

    Mariah sold less singles than Madonna.
    Madonna is the best selling female album artist.


    Before 1989 Singles in USA were certified 1xGold for 1 million in sales, not 500.000.
    After that 1x platinum meant 1 million in sales.

  156. Mariah says:

    Anyway,Madonna got her first single selling 1 million in USA in 1990 with Vogue.No matter if gold certification meant 1 million sales there formely.The fact stay that Mariah Carey sold most singles than her as RIAA recognize it.

  157. klaudyu says:

    Britney Spears it’s the biggest selling female artist and I’m not the only that say’s it , also The Recording Industry Association of America….think about it Madonna has 270m albums in 31 years (almoust 9 m / year ) …and Britney has something like 105m in 11 years (9,55 m / year ) and thinking that Britney was missing the music industry for a couple of years , divorce in front of the world , problems with alchool , her kids an d a lot , you know it from the papers …so think about it .

  158. MOFF says:

    yes we think about it, but in total sales Madonna is ahead of all other female singer.
    Britney is the one and only female singer who surpassed Madonna in the 00s decade because she sold more records in total than Madonna, but Madonna is second, jund behind Spears in total sales of the last decade.

  159. MOFF says:

    Well, for those who still think Mariah has sold more albums and records, here is list by “right” and this list is 100% right!!
    Look at these amazing figures:


    1. The Immaculate Collection 29 million
    2. True Blue 23,5 million
    3. Like a Virgin 21 million
    4. Ray Of Light 16 million
    5. Like a Prayer 13 mill
    6. Music 11 million
    7. Confessions on a dance floor 11 million
    8. Madonna 9,5 million
    9. Something to remember 8,5 million
    10. Bedtime Stories 8 million
    11. I ‘m Breathless 7 million
    12. Evita 6,5 million
    13. Erotica 6 million
    14. GHV2 6 million
    15. You can dance 5 million
    16. Who’s that girl 5 million
    17. American Life 4 million
    18. Hard Candy 3,8 million
    19. Celebration 2,1 million
    20. The Confessions Tour 1 million
    21. I’m going to tell you a .. 0,8 million
    22. Sticky and Sweet Tour 0,7 million
    23. + DVD sales: 5 million

    TOTAL: 203,4 million albums ONLY + single sales 100 million = 303,4 million records

    Average: 8, 84 million per album
    Average: 10, 84 million total sales

    Mariah Carey

    1. Music Box 29 million
    2. Daydream 25 million
    3. Number Ones 17 million
    4. Mariah Carey 16 million
    5. Merry Christmas 14 million
    6. Butterfly 14 million
    7. The Emancipation of Mimi 11 million
    8. Rainbow 10 million
    9. Emotions 8 million
    10. MTV Live 6 million
    11. Glitter 3 million
    12. Charmbracelet 3 million
    13. Greatest Hits 3 million
    14. E=MC2 2,9 million
    15. Memoirs of an.. 1 million
    16. Remixes 1 million
    17. The Ballads 0,5 million
    18. Merry Christmas 2u 0,5 million

    TOTAL: 164, 9 million albums ONLY + single sales of 60 million = 224, 9 million records

    Average: 9, 16 million per album Average: 10, 71 million total sales

    Best selling female is Madonna

    This list also agrees with the Award Mariah got for 150 million albums sold by 2002.
    So . Any questions ?

  160. Bear says:

    Everyone on here is TOTALLY WRONG ! Globally speaking,
    Nana Mouskouri is the Highest-Selling Female Artist of ALL TIME! Fluent in multiple languages — Greek,French,English,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese –enabled her to reach audiences all over Europe, the Americas,North,Central & South and all of Asia. Having a very distinctive angelic soprano voice having been born with only one vocal cord, she has been decsribed as Europe’s answer to Barbara Streisand. Universal Music, owners of Nana’s current and past label, PolyGram,states that Nana has sold mnore than 250 Million discs worldwide, recorded 1,500 songs in 15 languages on 450 Albums with more than 250 Gold & Platinum Albums Worldwide with a Total record sales to be in excess of over 300-400 Million, sanning a career that lasted over 5 decades! She retired in August of 2008. She gave her final farewell concert on July 24, 2008 at the ancient Herodes Attic us theater in Athens,Greece.She resides with her family in Geneva, Switzerland and is the appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

  161. Bear says:

    Everyone on here is TOTALLY WRONG ! Globally speaking,
    Nana Mouskouri is the Highest-Selling Female Artist of ALL TIME! Fluent in multiple languages — Greek,French,English,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese –enabled her to reach audiences all over Europe,the Americas,North,Central & South and all of Asia. Having a very distinctive angelic soprano voice having been born with only one vocal cord, she has been decsribed as Europe’s answer to Barbara Streisand. Universal Music, owners of Nana’s current and past label, PolyGram,states that Nana has sold more than 250 Million discs worldwide,recorded 1,500 songs in 15 languages on 450 Albums with more than 250 Gold & Platinum Albums Worldwide with a Total record sales to be in excess of over 300-400 Million, scanning a career that lasted over 5 decades! She retired in August of 2008. She gave her final farewell concert on July 24, 2008 at the ancient Herodes Atticus theater in Athens,Greece. She resides with her family in Geneva, Switzerland and is the appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

  162. MOFF says:

    @ Bear!

    YOU are totally wrong.
    There are no proves.
    There are not enough certifications to surpass Celine, Mariah, neither Madonna.

    We first need a list of all album sales of Nana for showing us, that she is the highest selling female artist of all time.
    I also know that Nana was just ranked behind Madonna by IFPI for being the best seller of over 250 million records sold (more than Celine and Mariah) but its not clear.
    There are no awards, no proves to show it.

    Nana is probably far behind all of them. Because she probably doesn’t have a single album which has sold more than maybe 5 million of copies.

  163. TRISH says:

    @ Everybody : The list posted in the post 159 is biased and falsified cause it was made by a Mariah hater.This hater decreased all Mariah’s sales.Mariah’s total album sales surpass 190 million worldwide.

  164. MOFF says:

    Trish . Then give us your sources for Mariahs album sales.
    you said its your opinion. And you have to prove it ?
    Can you ?

  165. Mariah4ever! says:

    Moff,about this list you gave here.You said that it’s right at 100% because its done by your allies haters on the blog best selling artist Madonna or Mariah.Can you prove it ? Can you?

  166. MOFF says: Madonna has sodl 200 million albums!

    Wanrer Bros Press release: True BLue 24 m copies sold etc

    And of course: Guinness World Records: 200m albums

    I don’t want to mention Wikipedia, but Wikipedia is sometimes really close to good estimations!

    Do you have proves ?

  167. Mariah4ever ! says:

    Yes I do.Just consult the list of,add the Asian + rest of the world sales to RIAA and IFPI sales and you’ll get over 17 million for butterfly.I don’t think Ray Of Light sold over 11 million worldwide.It’s impossible ! Wikipedia? Oh yes,sometimes its really close to good estimations,since Lucky Luke claimed it !

  168. MOFF says:

    Mariah 4 ever:
    Ray of Light has sold more than 7 million in Europe alone!
    And 4 times platinum in USA — so it surely sold more than 11 million worldiwide
    17 million !!

    And Butterfly hasn’t sold more …
    Dont lie to us.
    Child .

  169. Tal says:


  170. MOFF says:

    No, Madonna is the best selling female followed by Celine and Mariah Carey.

  171. Mimi & Madge lead the game ! says:

    No,Moff Mariah Carey is the best female artist followed by Madonna , Whitney, then Celine !

  172. MOFF says:

    no. Give me proves. Give me sources. Give me a list of Mariah and Madonna album sales. Then – its your turn.

    Madonna is the best selling female artist

  173. Fiji says:

    Fiji love Mariah & Celine Dion then Madonna. We all know that donna is known to strip off to sell on stage.. I hardly hear any Madonna song on the radio.

    When IWKWLI released last year it so popular in Fiji and also recently 2011 billboard it says that MC is the leading female in term of sales in the US then Celine and Madonna is after… So MC takes it..

  174. Fiji says:

    TOP TEN SELLING ARTISTS (1991-1/02/11)
    Title/Artist – Units Sold
    1. Garth Brooks – 68,513,000
    2. Beatles – 62,066,000
    3. Mariah Carey – 53,185,000
    4. Metallica – 52,672,000
    5. Celine Dion – 51,162,000
    6. George Strait – 42,396,000
    7. Eminem – 39,643,000
    8. Tim McGraw – 39,396,000
    9. Alan Jackson – 38,275,000
    10. Pink Floyd – 36,429,000

  175. Tane says:

    Mariah, Celine and Madonna have all been named the worlds biiggest selling female artists of all time…Mariah Carey is a bigger selling artst because in her 20 year carrer and celines and Madonnas 30 year career Mariah would be a bigger selling aritst…meaning starting from the 1990s she has sold more albums than madoona and Celine Dion alone…. 200 million as of 2010… and Celine 200 million from 1981 to 2010 and Madonna 250 I think 220 million from 1979 to 2010 so Mariah is a bigger selling artist out of the two…but Celine and Madonna are just as big so they can all be equal in album sales……..and barbera please where did she come fomr she hasn’t even sold over 150 million albums worldwide so keep her out of it!!

  176. Tane says:

    @moff you are correct in those sales to they are near equals….but you have figures wrong…music box sold 32 million not 29….so in me being a huge MC fan I’m being fear

    madonna 1
    mariah 2
    celine 3

  177. MOFF says:

    Tane, sorry for saying you are TRISH, but I’m not really sure.
    1. Nope. Madonna has sold more albums than MAriah and Celine. Madonna: 200 million, Celine 185 million, Mariah: almost 170 million
    No sales are decreased.
    The sales of the female singers are proved by Guinness and IFPI (Madonna), IFPI (Celine, Diamond Award 2004) and Mariah (IFPI/Diamond Award 2003).

    So why do you claim 200m albums sold for Mariah ?
    This is not true.

    32 for Music box don’t effect on Mariahs total album sales (160-170m).
    Soo ..

    Everything is ok.

  178. TRISH says:

    This debate is called top 10 best female artists.
    1- Mariah Carey
    3-Whitney Houston
    4-Celine Dion
    5-Tina Turner
    6-Barbra Streisand
    7-Britney Spears
    9-Donna Summer
    10-Janet Jackson

  179. MOFF says:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

    then it will be difficult:

    Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Enya could follow.

    Trish, Tina Turner HAS NOT sold more than Barbra or Britney, she has sold around 60 million albums so far. Barbra has sold 130-140 million yet.
    Dont take numbers from Wikipedia.

  180. TRISH says:

    1-Mariah Carey
    3-Celine Dion – Whitney Houston (same amount of records)
    5-Barbra Streisand
    6-Tina Turner
    8-Donna Summer
    9-Janet Jackson
    10-Britney Spears

  181. MOFF says:

    Trish, prove it. (ooops YOU did it again – you play with my nerves, but keep insisting)

    This is the right “list”:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

    then it will be difficult:

    Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Enya could follow.

    Trish, Tina Turner HAS NOT sold more than Barbra or Britney, she has sold around 60 million albums so far. Barbra has sold 130-140 million yet.
    Dont take numbers from Wikipedia.

  182. TRISH says:

    How dare you put 200 million albums sold for Madonna and 170 million albums for Mariah Carey? Then 140 million for Whitney ? Mariah Carey surpass Madonna and I assume that Whitney equals Celine on records sales.
    The right list is (be carefull and don’t try to change it again ok? )

    1-Mariah Carey 200 million albums 90m- 100m singles
    2-Madonna 170 million albums 70 million singles
    3-Celine Dion – Whitney Houston (same amount of records) Celine sold more albums than Whitney and Whitney sold more singles than Celine.
    5-Barbra Streisand 140 million albums 40 millions singles.

  183. MOFF says:

    Trish, you’re wrong.
    THis is right:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

    then it will be difficult:

    Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Enya could follow.

    Trish, Tina Turner HAS NOT sold more than Barbra or Britney, she has sold around 60 million albums so far. Barbra has sold 130-140 million yet.
    Dont take numbers from Wikipedia.

  184. TRISH says:

    No,liar.Mariah is the top selling female artist,not Madonna.And I don’t give a sh** about your Tina/Barbra topic ! The right rank of the 4 top selling female artists of all times is :
    1-Mariah Carey
    3-Celine Dion & Whitney Houston ( same amount of records sold )
    4-Barbra Streisand

    End of story !

  185. MOFF says:

    Trish is a liar. End of story, yes you are.

    This is right:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

    then it will be difficult:

    Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Enya could follow.

  186. TRISH says:

    Moff,You are a PIG !.Mariah is the top selling female artist,not Madonna.LIAR ! If I could only slap your idiot and ugly face ! You become so creep since Lucky Luke owns your stupid heart ! And I don’t give a sh** about your Tina/Barbra topic ! The right rank of the 4 top selling female artists of all times is :
    1-Mariah Carey
    3-Celine Dion & Whitney Houston ( same amount of records sold )
    4-Barbra Streisand
    Moff,get a life like other normal guys instead of spend your days on crazy posts for female divas.Be a REAL man ! pathetic and Delusional Mariah hater !

    End of story !

  187. MOFF says:

    According to many sources, this is the right list. Trish is a big liar.

    This is right:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

  188. Mariah4ever ! says:

    The five best selling female artists of all times !

    1-Mariah Carey
    3-Whitney Houston
    4-Celine Dion
    5-Barbra Streisand

  189. MOFF says:

    According to many sources, this is the right list. Trish is a big liar.

    This is right:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

  190. TRISH says:

    The five best selling female artists of all times !

    1-Mariah Carey
    3-Whitney Houston
    4-Celine Dion
    5-Barbra Streisand

    Moff is so delusional !

  191. MOFF says:

    Trish is a big liar. A very big one.

    This is right:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

  192. TRISH says:

    Moff is so idiot that he even doesn’t try to bring something by his own.He just brought the same lies that he’s allies ( Lucky Luke , Shut Up , etc) brought in the other popdirt blogs.liar.He’s so pathetic,so delusional !

    This is right:

    1. Mariah Carey, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Madonna, 170m albums + 70 million singles
    3. Whitney Houston,163m albums + 60 million singles
    4. Celine Dion, 165m albums + 30 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 35m million singles

  193. MOFF says:

    Trish is a big liar. A very big one.

    This is the right list:

    1. Madonna, 200m albums + 100 million singles
    2. Celine Dion, 185m albums + 40 – 50 million singles
    3. Mariah Carey, 170m albums + 55 – 60 million singles
    4. Whitney Houston, 140m albums + 50 million singles
    5. Barbra Streisand, 140m albums + 45m million singles

  194. ReksaCarey says:

    Go Mariah, you’re the best female,,

    go, go, go,,,,

  195. Kathleen says:

    Mariah Carey is the best female artist.She’s followed closely by Whitney Houston ( in the 80 and 90 decades ),then Celine Dion.They should be the #1,#2 and # 3 on sales cause they are the true quens of music and the greatest singers of all times.i love them…

  196. BUTTERFLY says:

    Only haters try to say Madonna and Celine sold more than Mimi.Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all times and the queen of music ! Long life to the VOICE !!!!

  197. MOFF says:

    Long live the Queen of Pop, Madonna.
    The best selling female artist of all time with 300 million records sold, followed by Celine (240) and Mariah (220).

  198. BUTTERFLY says:

    Long life to Madonna? Unfortunately,she’s already 53 years old and so wrinkled…Lol !
    Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all times and the queen of music overall at just 41 ! The best singer ever ! Mimi is followed by Whitney Houston,Madonna,then Celine Dion on sales.
    Long life to the VOICE !!!!
    Go,go Mariah you are THE VOICE FOREVER AND EVER !!!!!

  199. MOFF says:

    Long live the Queen of Pop, Madonna.
    The best selling female artist of all time with 300 million records sold, followed by Celine (240) and Mariah (220).

  200. Jenna says:

    Mariah sold at least the same number of records than Celine.

  201. MOFF says:

    Celine has sold more albums, but less singles.

    Celine Dion: 185 million album sales, 50 million singles
    Mariah: 165 million albums, 55 million singles

    1. Madonna
    2. Celine Dion
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. Whitney (190 million records sold)

  202. TRISH says:

    Mariah has sold more albums than Madonna and more singles
    Mariah Carey : 191 million albums, 85 million singles
    Madonna :167 million albums, 66 million singles
    1-Mariah Carey
    2-Celine Dion
    3-Whitney Houston

    Mariah Carey is the top selling female artist of all times

  203. TRISH says:

    Whitney has sold more albums, but the same amount of single than Madonna
    Whitney Houston : 185 million album sales, 70 million singles
    Madonna: 165 million albums, 55 million singles

    1. Mariah Carey
    2. Whitney Houston
    3. Celine Dion
    4. Madonna (190 million records sold)

    Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all times

  204. TRISH says:

    Whitney has sold more albums, but the same amount of single than Madonna
    Whitney Houston : 185 million album sales, 65 million singles
    Madonna: 165 million albums, 65 million singles

    1. Mariah Carey
    2. Whitney Houston
    3. Celine Dion
    4. Madonna (190 million records sold)

    Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of all times

  205. TRISH says:

    My typing mistake : I meant Madonna has sold 200 million records( 140-150 million albums,40-50 million singles ).

  206. MOFF says:

    I noticed some mistakes Trish made.

    This is right:

    1. Madonna
    2. Celine Dion
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. Whitney (190 million records sold)

  207. TRISH says:

    Mariah Carey 190 m albums 85 m singles : best selling female artist of all time

  208. MOFF says:

    Why did you change this number you said?

    200m albums and 100m singles?

    Now: 190 m albums and 85 m singles?

    Why a change?

  209. Nikos says:

    I don’t know why you are all fighting . There is no question that Madonna has sold more than anyone else. You must fight for the 2,3,4 … place but not for the 1st .

  210. Greece says:

    You guys don’t know thing…
    The Greek singer Nana Mouskouris is the best selling female singer ever…
    She has sold more than 400 million records world wide

  211. Nikos says:

    Madonna is first. Then Mariah or Celine and then Nana. It’s a Wikipedia mistake.

  212. Nikos says:

    Nana is 220-250 100% . Specialists from her label have told me.

  213. anthony says:

    Ok after reading everyone’s comments there is truth to all of your opinions but i anyone did the correct research then you would know the correct answers. I’m not a huge fan of any if these singers but according to all of the record books including The Guinness Book of Records Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time and that’s actually a fact. Many argue it’s because she has more albums than Celine Whitney or Mariah but there is a simple answer to that. Shes the only female artist who can still sell records. Whitney is done she had a good run but she could never sell millions of albums anymore. Mariah peaked and although she has the best voice ever she can’t sell albums like she used to. I would love to see if any of these female singers can still sell millions at the age of 50 or over like Madonna does. As much as this kills me to admit but Madonna is a legend and she will always remain relevant no matter her age unlike the rest of the list of female singers. I do have to give credit to Britney cause she has had the shortest career so far out of anyone else on the list and she has sold an impressive amount for her short career. If at 50 like Madonna she is still relevant than she has a good chance of outselling them all. Not bad for someone with mediocre talent.

  214. anthony says:

    I would also like to add that none of these female singers can even compete with. Madonna when it comes to touring. She has the highest. 2 grossing tours of all time out of any male or female singer. There is a reason mariah doesn’t tour. It’s because she could never sell out stadium’s around the world like Madonna does. Celine does Vegas cause that’s the place singers go to when they cant sell concert tickets. Madonna is like the female version of the Rolling Stones no matter the age she is the ONLY female.act who can sell out concert tours around the world just like the Stones. They both have the highest grossing tours of ALL TIME. If celine whitney or mariah ever went on a world tour their sales would not even come close. BRITNEY can sell out more concert.venues than celine whitney or mariah. Being an entertainer is not just about singing its about singing and putting on a show which madonna dies with ease the rolling stones do it with ease as doe’s brunet. Nobody wants to watch mariah whitney or celine.just stand and sing cause that’s boring and if that’s hat u want to see on tour than u can watch it on youtube for free.

  215. Lucky5 says:

    The Best selling female artist of all time is Celine Dion. She got the Diamond Award for it at World Music Awards. They are not that fool to award that to a wrong person. So accept it.

  216. Jan Billy Pedersen says:

    Interesting discussion, You seam to forget someone like Wei Wei from China, latest numbers i have is from 2008, albums alone (no singles counted) was + 250 million albums. Try to get Your worldwide facts right, artists not only originate from the americas and UK :)

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