The Transformation Of Jewel

was on the Today Show on Friday to perform ‘Intuition’ and ‘Standing Still’ from her forthcoming ‘0304’ album and talk about her radical image makeover on the ‘Intuition’ video. “I’m doing things in this video that I never thought I’d do,” she admitted. “I’m dancing I’m getting sprayed down with a fire hose. It’s silly, and completely over the top and something you would absolutely see in a music video.” Video director Marc Klasfeld added, “My favorite is when our protesters, turn into dancers, do like a Britney-Christina type choreographed thing. So that’s the basic idea. So going to go from video to film, video to film, and it’s going to be this whole statement on what’s actually real in this culture of ours.” Read more and check out a video clip of her performances here.

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