The Trend Setters And The Followers

Contributed anonymously:

It takes a leader and a dozen of followers, and it has always been so. We see it everyday of our life. The vast majority is just happy to be paddling in the pool while the one brave soul takes a different turn and swim up stream. Here is a list of who started what!!

1). Nirvana – when the legendary Kurt Cobain which fronted the band, Nirvana released “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, it was the last nail on the coffin for big hair bands. Conflicted, frustrated but at the same time unpredictable and fresh, Nirvana couldn’t be better for tired America. NIN, Silverfish, Bush, Matchbox Twenty and a dozen other bands all try to recapture some of the magic.

2) Eminem – Rap never actually needed rejuvenation since it was the simmering heat that fueled the music industry throughout the nineties but this white heat certainly blasted all doors open for everyone else. Now pop=rap=hip hop. Where once conventional radio stations refused to play hip hop, it is now the hip hop stations that refuse to play pop. Anyhow, Eminem is a one man rhyming dictionary with a ton of narcissism thrown into it. 50 Cent, Chingy, Ja Rule and Nelly are pathetic in comparison.

3) Backstreet Boys – Hate them or love them, but either way, they are the reason why Nick Lachey is still employed and why people care about the talentless Justin Timberlake. Boy bands are sweet candy, pre-pubescent sexuality and a dose of good old American funfare music. N sync wished that they could sing half as well, and 98 degrees!!! What’s a 98 degrees? Enough said.

4) Britney Spears – From the fully clad Alanis Morrisette and Jewel, sprung another feminine force where shaking a pair of great booty is more important. Britney Spears is stupid, intelligent, American, exotic, predictable and contradicting all rolled into one. No one is sure why she’s around, but everyone knows that she will be in another ten years. Christina Aguilera is porn Britney, Jessica Simpson is Virgin Britney, Beyoncé is Black Britney and Hillary Duff is baby Britney.

5) Michelle Branch – She plays the guitar, writes a whole song herself without asking 50 other co-writers to help her but with a boring mug, featureless voice and boring lyrics, Michelle Branch is better non-existent. Avril pretends to write, pretends to play the guitar and better still, and pretends to have a point of view.

Here you go … For every original, there exists 10,000 counterfeits.

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