The Triumph Of Christina Aguilera

This essay is to all those fans who say that fans of can’t write an essay without dissing Britney. Here is one. Back in the summer of 1999 two young, blonde and beautiful girls burst onto the musical radar. Both with catchy singles that helped them quickly ascend to the top of their game. But from the beginning one thing was clear, one of these girls had a tremendous talent that was overshadowed by too much production and a label pushing her to be what she wasn’t, a bubbly pop persona.

This girl, labeled by many as simply a shadow, has in fact accomplished more than that of the girl she was supposedly mimicking. She has went on to win 4 Grammy’s (3 Grammy’s and 1 Latin Grammy, the first artist to have both), she has won 2 MTV Video Music Awards, several Billboard Awards, a Radio Music Award, sang for the President, sold 22 Million albums with just 2 records, had 9 top 40 singles-6 of which were number 1’s, and 5 of those were consecutive. She’s the same girl that has the respect and admiration of her elders and her peers (Britney included). She’s the girl able to have all critics diss her then turn around and applaud her, she’s the girl with the versatility to release rowdy and aggressive songs such as “Dirrty” and “Fighter” then turn around and stupefy music listeners with songs like “Beautiful” and “The Voice Within”. She’s an artist that doesn’t need an elaborate stage set to enchant her audience, her voice alone is an instrument that’s awe-inspiring.

Is she perfect? No. Does she make mistakes? Yes. Can she speak her mind? Yes. Is she a trailblazer? Definitely. Does she have the ability to become a musical legend? Yes. Is she Britney’s shadow? No. She’s just Christina Aguilera, an imperfect person that speaks her mind and creates a path for herself to become a part of music history.

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