The Trouble With Britney Spears

It’s become apparent to me that people around Britney Spears and her fans never seem to think she does anything wrong. That’s ultimately what the problem with her is. She has a mom that constantly puts the blame on paparazzi as to how her daughter is presented. Lynne has never once acknowledged that her daughter is the one making her self look bad. The paparazzi only takes the pictures they don’t force Britney to act the way she acts.

It seems to me that Britney’s handlers see Britney Spears as just a paycheck. No one around her seems to genuinely care for her. If they did they would’ve told her that the public’s opinion really does matter. I have proof that the public’s opinion matters, just look at her constantly declining record sales. With every album release sales drop dramatically, true she may have outsold her rival and my personal favorite Christina Aguilera but those days are over.

The only way Britney can fully regain her title and live up to the hype surrounding her is for her to take a real break. No going to public events just do what Christina did take time off get away from all the people around her and just try to find herself. Hopefully she can be strong and not let all the gloss and superficial things about celebrity overtake her.

F.Y.I.- I wrote this because I was bored and I wondered if anybody else was thinking the same thing

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