The Truth About Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Fans

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A message for every fan of the ultimate princess of pop. We defend Britney no matter what. We keep on telling the world her uniqueness but we never fail to recognize her weaknesses. We’re consistent in telling that she will always be the no. 1 and Christina will always be the second best.

On the other hand, Christina’s fans are more firm and aggressive. They don’t want to give Britney a chance. They keep on telling that Christina is the best and Britney is the worst. They log-in on, MTV message boards 24/7 posting degrading essays about Britney (telling she cant sing, she’s slutty, but forgot to tell how great performer she is and how successful she is) and some make-believe essays praising Christina (telling she’s a powerful vocalist, but forgot to tell that she’s ugly, a way more slutty and less successful than Britney).

Well, we accept the fact that Christina is one of the best, but how come Christina’s fans keep on denying Britney’s irresistible presence? Well, that’s what makes us Britney’s fans cool. We know how to recognize things of worth.

One classic scenario for this was the one that happened on the 2004 VMA Viewer’s Choice Poll. I’m certain that most of the Britney fans voted Christina just to make the two compete for the final round and it’s because also of some fans of Christina who find some dirty tricks. They actually voted out Britney, I can tell that. How the hell in the world can a nobody YELLOWCARD could win over Britney?

Well, sometimes it’s dangerous to be cool. I think it is time now for the Britney fans to rise. A true Britney fan should never apologize to what a single Christina’s cruel fan does.

I’m ready to receive dozens of hate-mails. Well, that would not change anything, I will always believe in the power of BRITNEY SPEARS in changing the world.

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4 thoughts on “The Truth About Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Fans

  1. Ina says:

    This site rocks. I couldn’t agree more. Britney is a truly talented icon and people should admire her for that. I recommend the book entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT BRITNEY SPEARS, Untold Secrets And Her Ultimate Betrayal. It was the very first time I ever saw anyone in the world stand up for the poor girl. She never deserved any of what she got and I think people who read this book are gonna see the REAL truth instead of what the paparazzi made us all think. I also read Britney’s mother’s book entitled THROUGH THE STORM. It’s brilliantly written and you can clearly understand right away that the mom should never be blamed the way she has been. If people want to know the truth about the Spears family, these are the books to read. Both are great, both really tell the truth in an honest way. They both left me feeling guilty for all I’ve done to contribute to the madness like buying tabloids. I realized how life is really precious ad that people are not here to be made a mockery of.

    People, please help Britney and see her side, buy one of these books at either or you’ll be glad you did!

  2. Jhon says:

    Childish Britney fans…

  3. ?ol??od?l says:

    Britney Spears and Aguilera are both extraordinary talents. Both are great at different things, there’s no comparison.

  4. lindsay says:

    yes Christina can sing-but Britney has got the whole package! that’s why she’s a FAR bigger star than Christina!shes super sexy, can dance her ass off,has stage presence and charisma and is a phenomenal performer! (she can dance and perform circles around Christina) plus Britney has got that sexual allure that makes her more lusted after than Christina and Christina has been jealous of that for years! that’s a known fact! she went through her whole Dirrty phase to try to compete with Britney-who doesn’t know that! she can don assless chaps and get all the piercings she wants-she is not as naturally sexy as Britney! I was watching a documentary about the mickey mouse club and they were saying how all the boys had crushes on Britney and how she was sexy even at 11. Britney is THE pop princess of all pop princesses and was born to be a performer! she has sparkle and the the whole world loves her and Christina-no mater how hard she tries will never be able to compete with that!

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