The Truth Behind The Tours

Here’s an essay for those that don’t understand or believe the true meanings of the cancellations for Britney Spears’ and Christina Aguilera’s tours.

Some of you people are really mentally challenged for you to say Britney cancelled because of poor ticket sales. The Onyx Hotel Tour was rated the third most profitable tour this year. Plus we have proof Britney cancelled because of her injured knee. Look, we have pictures, doctor reports, and more. And that’s all supposed to be a lie? How lame of you to think that.

cancelled her tour because of poor ticket sales and we have proof. Christina was asked on MTV’s Movie Award Pre-Show, what she has been doing since she cancelled her tour and guess what her reply was? ‘I’ve been writing and RECORDING for my next album’.

So explain to me Christina Aguilera Lovers, how do you record if you have strained vocal cords? When you have a good answer I’d love to hear how because maybe next time I have a bad throat I’ll try.

I am not trying to bash Christina, I’m just trying to get through your heads, the real reasons for these 2 canceled tours.

I know you are going to bash me but hey at least I’m not making a fool of myself because what I told you was the truth.

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One thought on “The Truth Behind The Tours

  1. irene taylor says:

    u have doctors reports proving Britney had an injured knee? well, then case closed. there’s no way doctors would ever tell an untruth for their rich patients. Britney’s tour may have been 3rd most profitable of that year but Christina’s was the NO. 1 highest grossing according to rolling stone.

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