The Truth On Negative Comments

Contributed anonymously:

I would like to write this essay to describe why fans, along with myself, post demeaning comments on every pop star on this website. Myself, I could never be pretty, I could never have my own CD. I could never be on television, unless I was the “Before” picture on plastic surgery ads. This is why I have to hate on Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, etc. and so on and so forth… Because I, along with all the other negative posters on this sight are jealous. Why can’t we be the ones talked about on PopDirt? Why does it have to be me sitting at home day by day waiting for news on my favorite artist to come on so I can look cool by bashing them? If only the artists knew… I loved them more everytime I bashed them… This is dedicated to myself and every other person who constantly bashes other artists for no apparent reason except that the artists are HUMAN. So now everytime we post a negative comment over and over again, we can remember this essay. WE ARE THE JEALOUS NOBODYS! OUR BAD COMMENTS KEEP US HAPPY AND FEELING LIKE IF SOMEBODY OUT THERE CARES WHAT WE SAY! STAND UP! BE PROUD! BE A HATER!

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