The Veronicas Discuss Boys, Bands & Taylor Momsen

The Veronicas chat with Buzznet

Buzznet got to hang with Lisa & of The Veronicas after their show in Los Angeles. Watch their new video interview chatting about everything from boys, bands, their favorite thing about summer, advice for tourmate Taylor Momsen and what they have in common with The Pretty Reckless singer (probably not questions Jessica wanted to answer), theme songs, and more.

“We’ve had many posters in our rooms of celebrities,” Jess said. “In my bunk right now I have a poster of the Jonas Brothers, above my bunk so they sit right (above).”

On advice for Taylor Momsen, who opened for them, Lisa said, “The advice we give to any new artist is just to enjoy the ride. Things don’t always go smoothly. You learn a lot, be humble, embrace it and have fun.”

Watch it below the cut.

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