The Veronicas Discuss LA, Australian Rock & Utah

Lisa and Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas are interviewed about Los Angeles, classic Australian rock influences, and wanting to experiment with the new album instead of copying their firstLisa and of recently sat down with for a candid interview. The Brisbane twins explained their love for Los Angeles – calling the city their home away from home, listening to classic Australian rock like AC/DC and INXS growing up, and performing before an unexpected fan base in Utah.

“It’s funny now that we go home, Brisbane is a lot quieter, obviously, so it will be a Wednesday night and we’re like ‘What’s going on?’ Everyone’s like, no we’ll just stay at home and watch the sport. Oh, let’s go out to LA,” Jess said about the difference in nightlife.

“We actually grew up listening to a lot of Aussie rock and roll,” Lisa said of their early influences. “So bands like Rose Tatto, Skyworks, AC/DC, INXS, those kind of bands we grew up listening to in our household and mom and dad always played that. As far as our live show goes, we like to bring that live rock and roll element to the show.”

As for their new record and how they’ve grown, Jess said, “With our last record, we knew what we wanted to do but we were more than happy to give ourselves the space and time. We didn’t want to make a record the same as the first, even though there was a lot of people that wanted us to. We were like no, no, no. We want to experiment and take our time and we kind of created this sound for us that became our signature thing.”

Watch it below.

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