The Voice Within Premieres On TRL Next Monday

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According to the official I-Squad, the video for her new single ‘The Voice Within’ will premiere on MTV’s Total Request Live next Monday (October 13).

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11 thoughts on “The Voice Within Premieres On TRL Next Monday

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    I think it might be a live version or from the concert of her talking about how she’s grown up and than she’ll go into the song.

  2. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Man I hope this isn’t true I like the song but I wish she would do something like “get mine, get yours” or “Impossible” or “Walk Away” or even “Lovin’ Me 4 Me” that would be hot……….. I love the girl but no more inspirational anthem type songs we already had “Beautiful” “fighter” and “Cant hold us down” they are all great but, well never mind I personally would like to see the other songs listed

  3. XxmissyxX says:

    WOW. not one single Christina diss yet…. I am shocked! lol. anyhow, I hope she keeps this video is nice and simple and sweet, because her fighter video scared the hell out of me. lol… I honestly won’t watch that video if I’m home alone. But something tells me this video will be controversial..after all, Britney has got her new video coming out and there’s gonna be lots of competition going on. I hated doing that Christina/Britney shoot me

  4. grace_04 says:

    A video already??? When is the song released to radio stations?? I like the song and I hope people will accept it and request for it a lot.

  5. Daz76 says:

    It’s different, artistic and the concept is awesome! Only if you are a little kid you would get scared cause if you were an adult you would appreciate the concept.

  6. Tig says:

    Ok, Christina did a video wit Sisqo for impossible months ago…where is that video? Then the song Soar (which is ok, but enough with the old-school Mariah believe in yourself anthems)… the churchy (also Mariah/Celine like) Voice Within……RCA is having issues….What about “Loving Me 4 Me, Underappreciated, Get Mine, Get Yours”….just as “Can’t Hold Us Down” makes it onto the radio..they are releasing another single…what happen to the push behind “Can’t Hold Us Down”…..That single had a chance, and now radio promoters are like….”Which Single Do We Push”…some stations are just playing Fighter………Bad Management.

  7. amusicfanofsoul says:

    ^ it’s not bad management…it her being a mature artist. not everyone likes poppy songs. the only one who is still doing these sorry little kid cheesy songs is Britney. and we can tell she hasn’t matured! and their shouldn’t be competition between this song and “me against the talent”…i mean music… lol! one reason, Christina has a voice and Britney doesn’t. I mean who wants to hear bad singing and cheesy songs. I mean Dirrty was considered a pop song but Christina put a r&b edge and she used raspy force vocals that were never used by anyone before. Britney can’t be that original.

  8. Hell6 says:

    ^Um… stop bashing my girl Britney, OKAY!!! “Me Against The Music” is a great song and very original, by the way. Madonna and Britney are extremely talented, and have sold a lot of albums… Christina a mature artist??????? WELL, If you live in an bubble, than YES!… I mean, Christina get over this album yet, and start working in something new, this is kinda pathetic, a 5th single??? It would be logical if the ‘Stripped’ album have sold like 8x platinum, but NOPE! It only sell out 3x Platinum… ACTUALLY, that means is a BIG FLOP comparing to her self-titled debut effort, which sold 8x platinum or something like that.

  9. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    Great I can’t wait. one of my fave songs. can’t hold us down is kinda old now anyways. radio stations should be able to keep up with the flow man.

  10. luluvon_2000 says:

    If you didn’t notice by now, its logical that albums don’t sell like they used to…’, ‘Now days, its really,really hard to sell 3X platinum let alone 8X platinum…The music scene is not what it used to be and music don’t sell like it used to because of downloading and whatnot…If you pay attention to the music news, you’ll notice that there’s always an issue on how bad the music sells has dropped… Go on the billboard chart and count the number of albums that’s at 3X platinum (that’s been on the charts for like 40 weeks) I bet it won’t be all that much. These days, 3X platinum is really good. And the fact that Christina has sold much more than most of the female artist out today (minus Shania,Avril,and Norah) says A LOT! Most of the female artist that came out around the same time as Christina have fell off the charts or haven’t even gone 3X platinum yet; so I’d say Christina is holding her ground very well. Also, count how many albums on that chart that is 8X platinum or even diamond. Again, it won’t be much. Even one of the biggest artist (50 cent) is only at like 5X platinum. If Eminem would have released his latest album in like 1999 or 2000, it would be like at 13X platinum by now. And if you look at hits daily double, you’ll notice that the artist in the top 10 have relatively low sells compared to like 2000 or something. In order to be in the top 10 in 2000, an album probably couldn’t be below 100,000 because albums sold way more back in those days. You don’t have to sell that much to be in the top ten in these days. So, its logical that “Stripped” didn’t sell 8 million like her debut because of the downloading (which she was like #1 for)… And if you compared to Britney’s first album (13X platinum)to “Britney” (4X platinum),it would be considered an even bigger flop then you say “Stripped” was… Holla!

  11. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I like this song. Well mainly because it doesn’t sound like anything she has done before. I mean it’s something to add that shows her diversity. she’s actually singing soul. I like the choir background! so I guess she adds another genre. gosh she’s amazing. to bad Britney doesn’t have the talent to cover these genres…only pop! lol! what a waste of music biz space.

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