The Wanted Answer Fan Questions

British boy band answered several questions from fans on their Formspring page. Among the responses from Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes:

what made you guys want to be in a band?

(Siva) My family is very musical, everyone can play something or sing, or both, so when this opportunity came along it was sort of the next step.
(Tom) I always wanted to be in music but didn’t really know how, this was my first ever audition, if you asked back home I’d be the last person people would say would be in a boyband, but The Wanted’s just the sort of Boyband I’d be in!

Whats your inspiration for your music?

(Tom) Well usually the inspiration for the song is somewhere in the lyrics, we co-wrote a song with a guy called Jamie called “Golden”. He had a great idea for a song about a girl, but we really wanted to write one about struggling before the band and how it all turned out good (or golden). Which he was up for, and the song’s one of my favorites so I’m glad we did.
(Max) Yeah if we are co-writing normally they come in with an idea or chorus that gets the ball rolling, but if it’s just us guys you write about anything and everything really.

The rest at have since been removed.

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