The Worst Of All

Contributed Anonymously:

I’m a huge Britney fan, so don’t say “Ohh another fan tryin’ to pull Britney down” because it’s not true. But I think Britney’s new song and video “Do Somethin'” is the worst of all. I mean, she’s not even singing she’s moaning all the time and if she sings (well “whatchu gon’ do when the crowd goes ejo” aren’t sophisticated lyrics either) her voice sounds like a baby. I respect her as a person but this track is the proof that she really needs a break – and that very soon. And if her new record “Original doll” sounds like this one I don’t spend my time listening to it. Britney – please go back to ya roots and don’t try to be more edgier or something like that. I think it harms her career if she’s always changing her style and that she always says “This record is one of my best and it’s very cool because I am finally able to do my own thing” and the music sucks. Be true – “In the zone” wasn’t a masterpiece. Even if I don’t like Christina that much – “Stripped” was one because she established herself as an artist and she is more respected in the music business as Britney. If Britney continues to make such music like “Do Somethin'” she will quickly history. I hope that her times aren’t over.

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