The Worst VMAs Ever

Contributed Anonymously:

I have to admit since 1999 I’ve been a fan of the VMA’s. All the musicians acting wild in one place, but this year’s was just bad! First of all, I’m not a fan (I’m not against her either), but I think that if she (at least) showed up the event would have been much bigger. Even if she never took the stage. I also feel that she deserved to win an award for one of the categories she was nominated in.

Beyonce wins something every award show she’s nominated at, just once Britney deserved something, ‘Toxic’ was a very good video. Probably her best. I also think that the fact that there was no host doomed the show from the beginning. I love Usher, but his performance could have been in the middle of the show, there was nothing exciting that said: “The VMA’s have started”. That goes for all the performances in my opinion.

Alicia Keys with Stevie Wonder was hot, but there was no standing ovation, probably because the venue was just too big. Also, no one really appreciated Chaka Kahn coming out and singing with Kanye West, I’m sure people didn’t know who she was. I thought the show being in Miami and celebs showing up in yachts would make this the BEST VMA ever, but that was pretty much the highlight of the show. It was hyped way too much. There were no surprises or shocks whatsoever. That’s what the VMA’s are known for, artists going wild both during performances and just throughout the show.

Now please don’t be mad… but Jessica Simpson’s performance was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Like ever… performance wise. I hope people who went to her concert didn’t pay to see that… so sorry. Also I don’t think that there were any really best dressed people there. Beyonce looked not good, and I know (or think) critics always want to praise her, but she was not working for me last night. I miss the good old days when there was a funny host, Britney was sitting with Justin and Beyonce was not sitting with Jay-Z. Practically no one was there this time around. No Justin, Pink, Britney… it was dominated by hip hop (which I love) and a little bit of rock.

It was a disappointment that I waited for all last week and spent an hour and a half (the pre show) plus the close to 3 and a half hours of the actual show watching, hoping it might get better.

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