‘The X Factor’ Australia Edition A Ratings Disappointment

Ronan Keating is finding that hopes to star as a judge in the Australian version of ‘The X Factor’ aren’t going so well, with the show only drawing 1 million viewers in its debut. “Ronan was meant to be the star attraction on this show along with Natalie Imbruglia, but the public just have not responded,” a television insider told The Sun. “It has cost the network [$21 million], but it’s just not working.” The show features the Boyzone star, Imbruglia, ‘Australian Idol’ season one winner Guy Sebastian and radio and TV personality Kyle Sandilands.

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7 thoughts on “‘The X Factor’ Australia Edition A Ratings Disappointment

  1. Jo-Dee says:

    Don’t tell me – you read this somewhere and decided you’d just slightly rewrite it. One night and ‘it’s not working’. There were 25% more viewers on the second night and it won it’s time slot. The talent on the 3rd night was excellent and something tells me the water cooler effect will push it up even further.

  2. aussie-in-hk says:

    As a long time X-Factor (UK) fan and as an Australian (working in Hong Kong), I can only say that the season 2 X-Factor in Australia is more interesting, funny and talent studded than this season’s X-Factor UK.

    Just listen to Sally Chatfield!

    If it is true that Australians are NOT supporting this, then they are bloody stupid.

    Nowhere will they get better entertainment than this show.

    Good luck X-Factor Australia!

  3. Chrisse Feros says:

    Oh Dear! Isn’t it sad when we see the young male singers of The X-Factor totally sabotaged by judges choice selections of songs to sing.
    As a vocal coach in the record industry and a music producer, I would invite Kyle Sandilands to touch base with me as to why Rhianna tracks cannot work with young male voices. I would say that Kyle’s edge is superficial, and that he is a realist, and that he cares very much about his group, however the downward spiral for some of the singers will continue if “voice savvy” isn’t taken on board.
    Is the song within the singers capability? Does the song embrace what these new young singers already have tied up as talent? Is their confidence shot to pieces by the choice of song? There are so many factors associated with being seen as a champion of voice in such programs.
    So, Kyle, call me?
    Chrisse Feros
    M.Mus, B.Mus, badbubbarecords.com

  4. The Truth says:

    The reason why people didn’t watch this show or care for it was because it was goddamn boring and the ‘talent’ subpar. If you honestly thought this was good… you should probably shoot yourself in the head. Truth.

  5. Australia says:

    How is this show boring, its a fun show dancers fog fireworks singing how is that boring

  6. cc says:

    How is this show boring? Ronan’s in it. ;)

  7. Chrisse Feros says:

    Subpar vocals, plus a loss of $21 million – due to what?

    You know that programs such as this fail so very very badly when poor performances are either critiqued as “you rocked” by a judge in la-la land or with hearing that no longer works.

    This is exacerbated by squabbling and childish unprofessional behavior of “the judges”. Also adding to the loss factor is the fact that the auditioning process is crazy.

    Glitzy lights, smoke screens, firework displays, dancers – none of this matters if the equation for the “putting together” of the X-Factor team and artists is WRONG.

    Why would you have a judge who says that the performer has done an awesome job when their singing is out of tune, their tone is weak, resonances are unknown, they are singing a song completely out of their capabilities….the list goes on!

    I watched the program as a professional vocal coach, singer/songwriter and music producer and truly some of the show saddened me.

    Altiyan is a deserving winner, where it will take him I don’t really know but he is a truly passionate man and an extraordinary artist. There were no others in the race in my opinion.

    Badbubba Records auditions and mentors/develops several artists a year and the screening process is a rigorous one.

    Ronan was a gracious, courteous and perhaps some manners could be learned from him…. In summary the program lacked cohesion, and professionalism.

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