There There Britney Spears

The Scotsman reports will be featured on the cover of the debut issue of There There, a free glossy quarterly coming next month to your doctor’s waiting room and covering all the ills the mind is heir to, from mild anxiety to schizophrenia. Writer Kenneth Wright says, “You can see the well-meaning thinking behind this approach: the message that if the beautiful and famous can get a bit fragile sometimes, then the humbler citizens of the slightly askew alternative world of mental illness need not be ashamed. But being a celebrity isn’t a detail; it makes everything different, especially the way the world sees you, which is a large part of the burden of being mentally ill. Even if that weren’t true, there’s something mildly demeaning in the suggestion that the ordinary mentally ill need their lives to be validated, or excused, by the fairy dust of a fellow sufferer’s celebrity.” Read more.

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