There’s Absolutely Nothing To Like About Britney Spears

What exactly is that certain something that has, that makes so many people worship, adore and respect her? This is a question that many people would love to be answered, but unfortunately, those who “worship, adore and respect” Ms. Spears couldn’t possibly deliver an answer that is satisfying, because when it all comes down to what’s real – Britney is not worthy of being worshipped, adored, admired or respected. Now, this is only my opinion, but there’s a lot to base this opinion on if you take a minute to read.

Britney has not written at least half of her back catalog. Britney does not sing live during performances that are crucial to her career. Britney pulls publicity stunts to get attention, because obviously, her music doesn’t garner any. Britney has turned marriage into a complete joke, by getting married once for 55 hours because it was something “fun” to do. Britney uses sex to sell records, but won’t own up to it – instead she uses excuses like, “I just wanted to be all sparkly,” when referring to her 2000 MTV Video Music Awards outfit. Oh, really, Britney? I believe you (right!). Britney is vocally challenged, or if you want to be blunt – she can’t sing! Britney trusts a man who lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to invade another country. Britney launches a fragrance for women, yet walks around looking like a trash bag (yeah, that’s a good way to market something that smells good!). Britney wants her privacy and tells everyone that it’s her prerogative to do whatever she wants without people butting in, yet she simply can’t resist talking to People magazine every two weeks, publishing her wedding photos and putting her unemployed husband in her new video. Britney loves to be everyone but Britney – sometimes she wants to be Janet Jackson and other times she wants to channel Madonna. Where’s the sense of individuality?

Those are the things her fans love about her? What else could it possibly be? My point is, there’s absolutely NOTHING admirable about what this young woman does. Musically, she’s a fraud. Visually, she’s a fraud. She should have the popularity of someone squeaking through old Joni Mitchell songs in a local Starbucks, but unfortunately, people prefer to put her on a pedestal when she’s done nothing to earn her placing. Can anyone name one thing Britney Spears has done, in her 5 years of youth-targeted existence? Britney is not an artist and within, she doesn’t hold one percent of artistic integrity. Once a puppet, always a puppet. Of course, I can’t change her fans’ minds about loving her, but I can laugh at the reasons. If you’re a fan of Britney Spears, you might as well be a fan of Milli Vanilli – the negatives outweigh the few positives by a long shot.

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