There’s Something About Lindsay Lohan

Contributed Anonymously:

I read the article about Lindsay Lohan saying she was “pulling a J-Lo”. I’ve been trying to “get” Lindsay Lohan before judging her so quickly, but this is just what I think: Now I’m not trying to bring anyone down or hate on her, but I think she’s trying to be the hottest thing around. She all of a sudden is into Kabbalah because it’s the “cool thing to do” It’s a religion! It’s not a pair of Ugg Boots that go out of style. If she looks up to Demi Moore and that’s cool, but she really wants to show that she is in that league.

The girl just turned 18, she’s a good actress, I liked ‘Mean Girls’, she doesn’t have to be humble like Hilary Duff, but she does seem to think a lot of herself. It also seems like she wears the same dress shirt, you know the ones that make you look pregnant, just in different colors… what’s the deal? She knows people talk about her boobs and she’s showing them off, okay, cool? Also dating Wilmer Valderrama. Now at first I thought it was creep, cause isn’t he like Ashton’s age? I think she wants everything to come together all at once.

There’s nothing wrong with having a boyfriend, it shouldn’t be any different just because they’re celebrities, but she was talking to either Access Hollywood or Extra and she said, “it was cool, we hung out with Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz” I actually can’t remember if she just called them by their first names, but she must think that her and Wilmer are like the new hot celebrity couple. It just kind of annoys me. I don’t even know about her singing career, but I can’t really envision it. Well that’s just my opinion.

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