Therese ‘Feelin’ Me’ Video & Myspace Update

Therese 'Feelin' Me' single cover checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday. She writes:

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine was great. I was in Sweden recording, checking some clubs out. I must say that Sweden is about to recover little bit when it comes to their nightlife, I mean there was reasons I moved… But now after a few nights out, I really like what I’m seeing. Good DJs from all over the world flown in mixed with our own really good ones. I must say I’m proud to be a Swede pop tart sometimes, although I’m getting more and more English? Is that a compliment? I hope so. So this weekend we went down to Matine and it was fabulous, they reopened Colosseum for the special event. I was dancing all night nonstop. Crashed to bed around 9 in the morning, and as a little nice mail in the post the day after I got a nasty throat infection. Was it worth it? I think so. So what else? Oh yeah single release has now been moved to 7th May. Still waiting with excitement for my official website to be out very soon if Mr Thomas Amadeus (You know who you are!) will get his arse moving. And I’m gonna do some changes MySpace wise as well, with new video and da da da.

Flowers and love

Check out the ‘Feelin’ Me’ video at DailyMotion.

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