“These Were Armed And Ruthless Men” After Victoria Beckham

Sky News spoke with Stuart Kuttner, managing editor of the News of the World on the plot to snatch Victoria Beckham. “This was not just an embryonic idea,” Kuttner said. “These were armed and ruthless men. It was frighteningly far advanced.” He added, “It became clear during the weeks and months that this was a serious plot by some ruthless criminals. They had been up to the house and done recces and they [the reporters] had seen premises in London where rooms had been prepared to hold Victoria. They had a plan about how to get away with the money.”

Arrests In Plot To Kidnap Posh Spice

Five people have been arrested over an audacious £5m plot to kidnap former Spice Girl and her children Romeo and Brooklyn. The group, Albanians and Romanians, including one woman, were detained following two separate police raids in London’s Docklands and Surrey on Saturday.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “Four men and one woman have been arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police Service Serious and Organized Crime Command for offenses of theft and conspiracy to kidnap, following information passed to the police by the News of the World. They are currently being held in custody.”

Posh described the plot as “terrifying”, telling News of the World, “I’m stunned by what has happened.”

Posh Spice Takes Credit For Gucci Success

The Sun reports former Spice Girl makes the claim that her Posh persona made Gucci a household name. “I raised the awareness of designerwear among the younger generation,” Posh said. “Mums come up to me and say ‘Thanks to you we are saving up for a Gucci dress for our daughter’.”

Posh Says No To Spice Girl Reunion

The Sunday People reports has poured scorn on Mel B’s bid to reform The Spice Girls. “She said Scary Spice was off her head to think the band would get back together,” a pal revealed. Victoria’s jibe comes as she is reviving her solo career with a £1m, three-CD deal clinched last week.

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