They Did A Bad, Bad, Thing

Contributed anonymously:

I hate pop music, and this is an earnest confession, but I am not the kind who would deny that Complicated by Avril, or Everytime by Britney and My All by Mariah are great pop songs. I am just disinterested in the mass of pop music that could hardly be distinguished from one another, but yet their artists so vehemently claiming their artistic individuality!!!!

I work as a marketing executive for a music company, no further details necessary, and I have heard countless records before convincing stations to play them and ultimately people to buy them. And this is what makes pop music so terrible, and the so-called artists, guilty.

1) Mariah Carey is a technical singer who can hit notes. Period. That is the extent of her talents. I have never heard of any other artists who could make 10 albums that sounded all the same. Inviting 50 rappers to sing a song is just another way to earn her double-radio airplay. “Mimi” is a piece of junk. It had a great opening, but watch it tank as it’s really difficult to convince people to play her songs. If you guys knew how much she spent for promotion.

2) thrives on her fame. She has a big name and a big u know what . She copied Mariah’s Diva+rapper better than anyone else, but Lopez is right about as talentless as meets Paris Hilton. “Rebirth” is unlistenable.

3) Lindsay Lohan is a mini Lopez, meets an R-rated Christina Aguilera meets an over-ambitious brainless Madonna. She uses a “Pink” formula of combining R&B and rock, but she’s no Pink.

4) Christina Aguilera is the talented here, but she has no sense of who her audience is. Other than her fans, vast majority could only remember her “Genie in the bottle”, and her recent failure with her two singles are indication that her next album is being reworked — ever wonder why it takes Britney a year to release an album but three for Christina? Britney could sell without radio support but Christina couldn’t. Her next album will flop or just scrap through. Her record company is so weirdly silent about her which is a very bad sign.

5) Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore are in the same boat. They have an audience but their audience would rather watch their MTV shows or her movies. Simpson is in better shoes, thanks to Ashlee. Since Ashlee’s success, it has managed to raise Jessica’s profile and you ask why? Because the sisters are playing a cat and mouse game, generating more publicity than they would alone.. Mandy Moore is an actress, not a recording artist.

These are the better ones,

1) is the most surprising of all. Five albums in less than seven years and all of them turned out to be smash. I personally thought her “In The Zone” album would be the end of her, but it was actually bigger than “Britney” I think Britney’s appeal lies in the fact that she manages to surprise her audience but not alienate them totally.

2) Beyonce is the most successful one coming out of a group formation. Not Justin Timberlake, or Nick Carter or even Rob Thomas. She’s intelligent and knows what her strengths are. Just listen to “Crazy in love” and you will understand why radio stations can’t stop playing it.

3) Gwen Stefani is right beside Beyonce. I was personally shocked with “Hollaback Girl” ‘s success. Of all the artists mentioned, I like her the best. And I was disappointed that her first single, “What are you waiting” did not catch on, and “Rich Girl” only a moderate hit despite double radio play, but “Hollaback Girl” is Gwen in her fittest. I hope she will release another solo record.

4) Madonna may be old and crusty but you guys will not believe the kind off anticipation for her new album. People kept asking for it. Maybe it had a lot to do with a very successful summer tour.

5) Justin Timberlake is lucky. He used Britney’s name to help him launch a solo career. He has quite a broad fan base as women in their twenties would listen to him. He should forget about gaining a fan base among men, at least straight men.

This article will surely piss off a lot of fans, but hey, when you have to listen to crap like “charm bracelet” or “speak” , this would be my therapy session.

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