”They Do It! Why Can’t I?” Lol!

Contributed by annita:

Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right? People DON’T have to reply “we don’t care!” Even better you don’t have to reply at all.

It’s funny how people don’t have to bash anyone, people don’t have to defend anyone. Ahh! The wonders of being a free and thinking human being. The luxury of having a time taking thought and being able to say it even though you know it’s silly. And the best part is you shouldn’t give a F*CK what anyone thinks about YOUR thoughts. I know I don’t!

So here is mine on. LOL!

Morals!. “Morals?” What ever happened to morals? I didn’t want my lil nephew (to think that all women are to be and act like these characters we see “entertaining” us in television) or my growing niece (to think she has to imitate what is being shoved in her face in television and in magazines) growing up in a time where their leaders and examples are lacking.

“I think it’s embarrassing. How can she not be embarrassed? It’s sad to see what greed and maybe insecurity does to a person. It’s a shame how her fears of being forgotten or overshadowed (in my opinion, remember that) don’t give her talent enough trust. She doesn’t have to show her need of worth because she’s famous and she doesn’t have to sell herself for fame. Her voice enough …if only she would realize it. I think she feels left out. (We are talking about here, but I’m sure we all knew that already).

I have no and I mean NO! problem with being sexy, that’s the fun of being a woman. The sensuality of it all(but one should try and be classy in the process), like Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Aaliyah and even Mandy Moore (why not?).

I’d bet she cries at night, lol! (< not laughing at anyone's pain, just laughing because I would) having grown males and little boys drooling over what I think is upscale trailer trash. (doesn't she stop and think,"my brother and my father are going to one day see this" ?) RED LIGHT!. And whatever, people may say, "It's her body... blah, blah, blah." "She's grown... blah and so on" To you I say "It's sad to see your world has come to place where that is natural, to see you actually believe that nothing is wrong with that". Really!.
*preach on! …lol!

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