This Is My Essay On Essays (Yes, It’s Hypocritical)

Contributed anonymously:

I noticed that every time some writes an essay, they never include their name. Why? Are you scared someone’s going to “bash” you online? Please, leave your name. If you have the balls to post an essay dissing someone, you should at least have the balls to post your name.

Another thing, can we all agree to disagree? Not everyone is going to like Britney Spears, not everyone is going to like Christina Aguilera, and not everyone is going to like Eminem. We are not going to always agree on the same beliefs. We just do not always agree. Can we not accept that? If you say you can, and have written an essay in the past month, then you’re probably lying. Because the only essays I’ve seen are ones dissing other artist, and it’s getting older than Joan Rivers.

My last point is, if in fact, you still feel the need to post a topic about an artist you dislike, then at least read the past month or so’s posts. Then, try not to repeat anything that has been already posted. Then, if you still have a point that has not been posted, and you still feel the need to post it, go ahead. That doesn’t mean I agree with it. But hey, that’s what this post was all about. We don’t have to agree. We don’t have to mesh. We don’t have to mix. We can be like water and oil, cats and dogs, pleather and Chanel….my point is, it’s ok to be different. I mean hey, didn’t make it big by being like everyone else.


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