This Is The Cherry On The Cake For Celine Dion

As Celine Dion’s ‘A New Day’ gets ready to kick off in Las Vegas, she tells the Los Angeles Times that this is as good as it gets. “This is the cherry on the cake,” Dion said. “If I want to eat it, it’s now or never. And it doesn’t matter to me if this town is called Las Vegas or St. Tropez. People take what they want from everything, from everybody, from places they go. Don’t go to a place and be eaten by it. Take what you need from it.” She was leaning forward now. “Vegas gave me an opportunity. Caesars Palace gave me an opportunity, Franco Dragone gave me an opportunity. I can’t do a show like this and move. It’s technically impossible. It’s been given to me, the opportunity, I accepted it, and when I go home it doesn’t matter what this town is called. I’m home. It’s amazing for me that I can be stable for three years, I can put my milk in my fridge and it stays there. Can you believe I’m going to be able to watch a movie in my bed with my husband?”

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