This May Shock You

On the April issue of YM, they decided to have an MTV issue. It included the 12 most shocking events that occured on MTV. At number 10 was the fact that Beyonce was grinding and slithering around with Jay-Z, but refuse to confirm their relationship. At number 8 was Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera having a catfight at the Europe Music Awards on MTV2: Christina didn’t want to be there if Kelly was there. They reportedly insulted each other lamely. Mandy Moore said the “s” word while getting ‘Punk’d’, is at number 7. At number 5 is Seann William Scott wearing underwear with pics of Justine Timberlake on it. At number four is Hilary Duff kissing Damien Fahey on New Years, forgetting about Aaron Carter, and most important, her non-steady boyfriend Jordan Masterson! At number 2 is the fact that Jessica Simpson thinks that buffalo wings are actually made of buffalo, on Newlyweds with her husband, Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. Of course, at number 1, is the Britney Spears and Madonna kiss.

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