Thomas Fiss Departs Varsity Fanclub, Replaced By Thomas Carter

Thomas Fiss of Varsity Fanclub

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Thursday (May 28), announcing that Thomas Fiss has left the boy band on friendly terms, being replaced by Thomas Carter. They write:

VFC has been a group for almost 3 years. In those three years the 5 of us have grown to love one another as brothers. In life, everyone hits their own fork in the road where they need to decide if the road they’re traveling on is still the right one for them. In our case one of our brothers felt they were meant for something different. So for everyone who doesn’t know; Thomas decided to leave the band.

We want everyone to know that there are no ill feelings towards this move. It was something that the 5 of us had been talking about for a while. Thomas is an amazing person and we will miss him very much. We all knew he had that San Diego Breeze calling him from the start anyways. :) We support him with whatever he chooses do, as he continues to support us. Our hearts are broken, but we must continue on as Varsity Fanclub. Don’t worry.. you can still find all of our videos as the original group on YouTube.

With light of our sad news, our day does end on a happy note. The newest member of is TC (Thomas Carter). You can find him on our top friends. We believe he will bring a strong presence to the group, and we think you all will like him very much.

We hope that you all understand and will continue to support us. We promise that we will always continue to bring you the best that we have to offer. Look for a new Photos of the group in the next couple weeks, as well as videos and merch. We love you. Have an amazing day!!! :)


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23 thoughts on “Thomas Fiss Departs Varsity Fanclub, Replaced By Thomas Carter

  1. nalani barreto says:

    omg the minute I heard about this I started crying because I love this band so much you can’t even imagine I have posters of you guys all over my room and now I will miss Thomas no matter what . I know I will like TC too. Good luck!

  2. yeti b says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this is happening! You guys are such a great band and I watch your videos everyday! Even though Thomas is leaving I know that TC will b as great as he is! I love you guys! Good luck!

  3. liz says:

    Thomas is awesome he sent me an autographed picture on him to me and wrote me a little message on it for me
    but when I heard that he quit the band I was on the verge on tears!!!! I really wish that he didn’t but it was his choice and I will and am going to support him on anything that he does!!!!!!!!! I still LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jam says:

    I never thought that this would happen. I mean, the band was really perfect. the were so good and so great. I cried when I heard that Thomas left. I hope TC would do good. good luck to him. good luck to VFC. and good luck to tom! even though you’re not with varsity anymore we will always remember you as the funny and talented dude who loves red shorts!!! haha!!!

    ps. what’s San Diego breeze???

  5. cindy says:

    the minute I heard Thomas left I was in shock I cannot believe he quit:( but we will always remember him as the funny talented and hot dude from Varsity Fanclub

  6. cindy says:

    and I cannot wait until varsity fanclub make a song with tc carter I want to hear his voice 4 the first time also DON’T FORGET 2 WATCH VARSITY FANCLUBS YOUTUBE VIDEOS I THINK U WILL LOVE THEM

  7. Bekah says:

    I guess I’ll miss him but there’s not point crying over it! he’s a grown man honestly he can make is own choices!
    My friends and I love Varsity Fanclub lots!
    Welcome Thomas Carter!!!

  8. Kristijade says:

    I wish Thomas didn’t leave but there’s no point crying over it he can do what he wants but I’ve seen T.C he’s SO CUTE…

  9. Jasmyn says:

    I’m so mad that he did that. That was the stupidest thing he could have ever done. No one can replace Thomas Michael Fiss! EVER!

  10. mari-ella says:

    oh I love Thomas & Varsity Fanclub very much. I support Thomas in whatever he does. I still love him :) TC is super cute and really nice. I met him twice at a meet and greet. Except they were all hot & sweaty. . . lol.
    I HEART VFC! ? ? ?

  11. vfc grl from the start says:

    I saw them in concert and thought something was different, and apparently there was. At the meet and greet they had I hung out with them and we walked around everywhere for a bit. I hate that a lot of people all of a sudden are dissing on VFC they think that the made Thomas quit or they just didn’t want him. Really Thomas just decided (ON HIS OWN) that he should go his own way. And don’t be blaming TC either hes a sweet guy and he said himself quote “I am only in the band because the guys wanted me in and I thought it would be fun. I am not in any way trying to replace Thomas Fiss, I am just the fill in for him because he left.” So really nothing is wrong its just different, so all you haters who blame VFC and TC for this, STOP!!!!

  12. Jamie and Sam says:

    I WANT THOMAS IN THE GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT LISTEN TO VFC EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!SORRY GUYS BUT THOMAS COMPLETES THE BAND…………………….goodbye kinda still love you (not really)

  13. DMoney says:

    OMG I just found out about Thomas breaking up with the VFC. Really I loved the whole group but Thomas Fiss was my favorite and I literally cried because he left. Thomas has amazing that I will never hear again in VFC and I could never listen to Varsity Fanclub again. Sorry Thomas Carter but you will never replace Thomas Fiss…..EVER EVER NEVER. I dislike Varsity Fanclub now. And Thomas if your reading this I have one thing to tell you why would you do this to all the fans that loved you in VFC. You broke my heart and a thousand others who couldn’t share their feelings. I don’t hate you for that but seriously the band will never be the real VFC again. Tell me your feelings towards this true sad message I gave you. my real name is Domonique am a thirteen year old who will always have a broken heart for VFC. Seriously my 2 year old niece loved you guys with Thomas Fiss. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT.

  14. DangaGurl15 says:

    Ok I’m sick and tired of all you haters hating on VFC and TC 4 what Thomas decided to do. I love Thomas and I will always support him no matter what his decisions are. TC is cute and he’s really talented. True he can’t replace Thomas, but it’s not like he’s trying to. And if you stop listening to them, then that’s your choice… but it’s a stupid one at that. If you’re reading this VFC, I love you and will support you even if you all decide to quit and go solo. TC hugs and kisses… I know you’ll do just fine, just be yourself and they’ll all love you.

  15. JessiGirl16 says:

    OK I’ll be nice I think TC will be an ok addition to the band but I still love TMF. no offense TC.

  16. angie says:

    when I first listened to this band all I ever noticed was Thomas…
    I’m sorry you left; you were the best part to VFC
    good luck TC!

  17. thuyvy says:

    i was so sad I cried for two days because my cousin met him asked him out and he said yes and I got to meet him at la but they broke up because she only liked him for being a star but I still met him again because he wanted to be alone so yea so I am still crying right now. I will miss him for acting the a really cool and nice he would buy something I really liked and he acted like a bro to me and I really missed him!!!!


  18. lindacress says:


  19. Kristijade luvs VFC and TMF says:

    I miss Thomas Fiss but T.C is great he’s cute,funny and and awesome singer and dancer and Thomas Fiss is the same… TMF has made his decision I love Tom but I accepted T.C I still love Varsity Fanclub and I always will no matter what!!! VFC 4 EVER!!!

  20. kassie says:

    just an FYI, it’s Tommy Carter not Thomas.

  21. Brittany says:

    I LOVE TC CARTER AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!!… Thomas will be ok lol :)

  22. Lola says:

    I have to say TC Carter is very sweet and I think he sings well I’ve seen the first 4 live and I thought oh my god but I’m going to find the great and love her now I buy the album ..
    I love the 4

  23. Mary says:

    I found out about this band a few weeks ago, and started to listen to them all the time now, and when I found out that Thomas Fiss was no longer in the band i was so upset, but then I listened to T.C sing and it was amazing, even though he can’t replace Thomas he is still good:)

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