Three Weeks Left For Varsity Fanclub’s Promo Tour

Varsity Fanclub

David Lei Brandt of checked in with fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Thursday (August 14) with the following message:

We are now in Connecticut!!!

What up everyone!!! So we started on Monday with a show in Knoxville, Tennessee.
It went very well. You know how we do. :) lol. Since then, we have traveled along the East Coast. We stopped in Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New York. We still have a whole 3 weeks left of travel!!! This is so much fun though. So far every Radio station has loved us. Future Love is getting played on FM finally!!! At least all over the East Coast. :) When we get some free time, we have tons of video and pictures to post on YouTube so you can see all the crazy things we’ve been doing. Oh!!! Check out There are some videos of us singing and dancing. Well, I’m off to sleep. We gotta get up early to hit up another radio station and then head to Boston. Catch you all later. :)

PS. Start requesting or listening for Future Love at all your fav. local radio stations.
And thank you for all your continued support. We really appreciate it. :P

-David Lei Brandt / VFC

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