Tiffany Talks Candidly About Recent Troubles

80’s pop star was on Entertainment Tonight Wednesday to explain her recent arrests involving the collapse
of her turbulent marriage and her drunk driving charge. broke her silence to assure fans that she hasn’t flipped her lid nor is her child in danger. Read on for a transcript.

ET: You wanted to come to “E.T.” To set the record straight.

Tiffany: Yeah. I don’t want people to think I’ve flipped my lid, first
of all. And I don’t want someone out there to think my child’s in danger,
that I’m a bad mother.

ET: Reporter: When “E.T.” Visited and husband Bulmaro Garcia
in 1992, they were expecting their son, Elijah, and their marriage seemed
idyllic. But in February, Bulmaro — a makeup artist — learned his wife
was seeing another man, and the marriage turned into lurid tabloid headlines.

Tiffany: We were separated already before I started dating somebody.
And the separation led to dating other people, on both parties.

ET: Reporter: Tiffany was promoting her “Playboy” pictorial in Las Vegas
when she got his call.

Tiffany: At that point, there was no calming him down, and we hung up.
The next morning it was more chaotic.

ET: How so? Elaborate.

Tiffany: I think he’d been up all night drinking, and decided to, you
know attempt suicide, I guess.

ET: Bulmaro reportedly tried to hang himself.

Tiffany: I mean, thank God it all worked out okay, becaus every son
needs his father.

ET: Shortly after that, Tiffany had a run-in with the law when she was
stopped for driving under the influence.

Tiffany: It was a mistake, basically. You know, I mean, that’s just
the way that it is. And I’m taking care of it. And it’s not something I
will do again.

ET: She says elijah, now 9, brought them together early this month.

Tiffany: My son wanted both of us to go to lunch. And we thought it
was kind of harmless. It wasn’t harmless.

ET: Tiffany says both she and Bulmaro were drinking at lunch.

Tiffany: And he said some things that shouldn’t have been said to me,
in front of my child.

ET: An argument takes place?

Tiffany: Yes.

ET: To the point where you’re locked out of the house? It’s been said,
or printed, that you bashed in a window with a shovel.

Tiffany: I felt that I needed to get to my son.

ET: Police show up on the scene?

Tiffany: Yes. They did take both of us to jail, but I was not arrested.

ET: You were handcuffed?

Tiffany: I was handcuffed.

ET: E.T.’s attempt to contact Bulmaro Garcia were unsuccessful.

ET: You have a restraining order. Do you think he can harm you?

Tiffany: I don’t know what’s going on in his mind.

ET: You don’t want him near you. Why?

Tiffany: Because I don’t think we can act like normal human beings.
I don’t want to argue. And I don’t think it’s good for my son.

Thanks a lot, Mark. And Tiffany tells us her son now lives with her

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