Timbelake & Aguilera Are So Embarrassingly Contrived

Contributed by elgato:

Rashod D. Ollison of the Sunspot.net had some harsh things to say about and , calling them “two of the most unfocused acts in pop right now” and “so embarrassingly contrived.” He accuses the star of “style-jacking” and calls him “one of pop’s biggest pimps.” He simply calls Aguilera “one of [pop’s] saddest whores.” Rashod also question’s Brian McKnight’s statement that Timberlake is the “blackest white guy around.” Rashod says that “means absolutely nothing coming from McKnight since he’s one of the lamest black guys around.” He calls Justin on trying to reap the benefits of being black but “absorbing everything but the burden.” Rashod not only trashes Justin’s image but his vocals as well, saying they “often sound like a cross between a dog whimper and on helium. The lyrics are laughable, too, as he tries to come off as a suave supafreak…his blue-suede hip-hop shoes don’t seem to fit.” He suggests Timberlake do acoustic pop/rock and hopes “one of these days he just might have something to say.” Christina gets it too. He says, “Aguilera could be so much more. But as she struts around using dental floss as a shirt and a napkin as a skirt, the pop tart expects us to take her seriously.” He slams ‘Stripped’ by saying, “The album as a whole is inconsistent, leaden and grossly self-absorbed.” He admits, though, that Aguilera “is far more talented than her tour partner. Of the two, she is more of the artist.” Either way, he accuses both artists of being fake and finishes off saying, “We’re waiting, JT and Xtina. For the real thing.”

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9 thoughts on “Timbelake & Aguilera Are So Embarrassingly Contrived

  1. Diablo27 says:

    That was harsh. It’s just an opinion from a critic. He wont chance the mind of Justin and and Xtina’s fans so. Who cares what the guy thinks. Doesn’t change my mind about Justin

  2. Stallion says:

    Gato is just bitter because it took him a long time to find something negative about Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. He had to go through some many article praising Justin and Christina until he finally found one. Don’t forget the famous producer team behind Janet Jackson called Justin Timberlake the blackest white guy so are they going to bash on him. Nick Carter is gay and his album now or never was a big FLOP.

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    An article by a nameless f**? Who would take this seriously?

  4. elgato says:

    muhahahahahahaha!!! muhahahahahahaha!!! muhahahahahahaha!!! that guy should get a raise, FOR TELLIN’ THE TRUTH!

  5. XXdirrty_xtinaXX says:

    This dude just talks bull*****. I went to the concert and they were awesome! And Christina did NOT look like a slut. So obviously whatever this dude is smoking on that makes him think and say this ***** needs to get his head straight because only the fans speak the truth. Its sad that there are so many haters I mean its ok to speak your opinion but that is totally going over board. But I don’t want to lecture so yeah I just want to say I totally disagree.

  6. rachel says:

    yeah this dude is very harsh but that is his opinion. We should accept it and move on. And for sure he does know the truth that Christina is way more talented than Justina.

  7. Ecrirbling182 says:

    What that guy meant is that Brian McKnight is the whitest black guy around. Yeah, he’s talented. And, cmon, Justin fan or not – he IS trying to be black. Whatever that says about him its true. Media whore? DEFINITELY! Have you turned around and NOT seen him lately? He wanted to bare his soul on his album and its full of pick up lines and hidden Britney slams. If that’s all he is I laugh. I thought he was all about the music and not the glam but his concert is just like No Strings Attached minus 4 guys plus 4 dancers. The stuff about Christina I don’t agree with though. But whatever – doesn’t matter what I think – its all just floating opinion.

  8. Stallion says:

    That is pretty sad dissing Brian Mcknight for taking up for his friend. Brian Mcknight is a well respected artist in the music industry and you won’t get far by bashing him just because he took up for his friend. Brian Mcknight is the man and his album U-Turn is the best. I can’t stop listening to it. I favorite track is where do we go from here because that boy can sing.

  9. BlackQueen says:

    (who are, by the way, sounding tired and uninspired these days) That’s about the only thing in that article that I agree with. Other than that, this guy is just stating his opinion. I’m not at all surprised to see that Elgato posted this. Glad to see your keeping up on all the JT news, to filter out that article.

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